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NYFug.com: Fashion Hits and Misses

Jan 14, 2013 by Jessica at 5:00 AM
Once again, Heather and I tackle some of last night's most memorable looks. Including the dueling Ben Affleck lovers:… Read More »

Golden Globes Live-Blog

Jan 13, 2013 by Jessica at 3:03 PM
...it's happening. And it's at Vulture. Pour yourself some champagne and join us! Read More »

NY Fug.com: The Good, the Bad, and the Awkward: 27 Memorable Girls Style Moments

Jan 10, 2013 by Jessica at 8:45 AM
Have we mentioned that we like Girls now? Somehow it won us over during the course of the season. HOWEVER. Read More »

NYFug.com: The 25 Best Red Carpet Moments This Year

Dec 13, 2012 by Jessica at 12:53 PM
We thought we'd be nice this time. Behold, our 25 favorite looks of 2012. There are capes! There are duvets! Read More »

NY Fug.com: Iconic Style Moments for Five Years of Gossip Girl

Oct 8, 2012 by Jessica at 9:48 AM
In honor of the end of Gossip Girl, Heather and I picked some of the show's most iconic looks. I… Read More »

NY Fug.com: Red Carpet Reality: Inside the Emmys Hustle

Sep 26, 2012 by Jessica at 9:59 AM
Ready to read about what it was like for us to actually be on the Emmy Red Carpet in Sunday? Read More »

NY Fug.com: 2012 Emmy Superlatives

Sep 24, 2012 by Jessica at 10:58 AM
In which we call out such important winners as The Best Break-Up Cleavage and the Saddest Hair, and note of… Read More »

New York Fugshion Week, Day 6

Sep 12, 2012 by Heather at 7:00 AM
Oh, Jo-Bro. No. NO. We saw this shirt on him at Badgley-Mischka and promptly tried to… Read More »

New York Fashion Week, Day 4

Sep 10, 2012 by Jessica at 8:15 AM
BECKHAM!!! This fashion week has been all about hot athletes, but I don't know if it can top… Read More »

New York Fugshion Week, Day 3

Sep 9, 2012 by Heather at 8:57 AM
Look how lovely My Girl grew up to be: I imagine that Natasha Bedingfield is hissing something… Read More »

New York Fugshion Week, Day 2

Sep 8, 2012 by Heather at 8:00 AM
It was Olympians day for us in New York -- first I had a brief encounter with Ryan Lochte at… Read More »

New York Fugshion Week, Day One

Sep 7, 2012 by Heather at 7:00 AM
YES. I knew model Jessica White would deliver at Fashion Week, and we've only been here for 24 hours and… Read More »

NY Fug.com: Red-Carpet Report Card: Summer Blockbusters

Aug 27, 2012 by Jessica at 9:45 AM
In which we look back at what everyone wore to their big press junkets and premieres and graded them, harshly. Read More »

NYFug.com: Celebrity Style Stockholm Syndrome

Aug 17, 2012 by Heather at 11:30 AM
For the brand-new The Cut (check it out, if you haven't yet -- they did a fancy redesign), we did… Read More »

NY Fug.com: Katy Perry’s Style Evolution

Jul 3, 2012 by Jessica at 9:30 AM
...it will shock and amaze you. For example: " Real talk: This is ridiculous. It's too tight, she's got… Read More »

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