Fug File: Jenny Packham

London and New York Fashion Week: The Kate Edit

Well, if the former Miss Midldeton is hoping that London or New York Fashion Week are going to fix her problem of never knowing what to wear to a cocktail party, she’s out of luck. Maybe Paris and Milan will prove more fruitful?

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High Fugshion: Jenny Packham Fall 2015

Just for fun, I tried to rank these from Most Kate to Least Kate, but a) it totally fell apart on me somewhere, and b) I promise the one that’s first is contingent on a lining.

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New York Fugshion Week: Jenny Packham Spring/Summer 2015

This show was a gorgeous treat — interestingly, some of the dresses I loved in person didn’t photograph as well, and ones I felt neutral about look fab on film. Regardless, just let it wash over you and bring you joy. Also, let’s pick out things for celebrities to wear on the red carpet, and something for Kate to squeeze her bump into. (Actually, she’ll have had the baby by Summer 2015, so we don’t even have to worry about that if we don’t want to. I’m not going to tell you what to worry about.)

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Vanity Fair Oscar Party Well Played: Leslie Mann in Jenny Packham

Jenny Packham is having a good Oscars outing.  Leslie here, plus Julie Delpy and Elizabeth Banks all went for her, and they all looked, if not uniformly AWESOME, certainly not objectionable. And Leslie Mann looks — I think — really great in this:

She traditionally LOVES a color, and we all know she looks great in yellow. I’ve got a weakness for blondes in yellow with a red lip — probably because I will never be one — but it’s also nice to see that women are adopting this sort of slouchy top on their formal gowns more often. When it works, it really works: it looks elegant in a way that’s also easy, which is ideal when you’re not actually attending the show itself. You don’t REALLY care but you also just happen to look fantastic. Which is kind of what we’re all going for half the time anyway.

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High Fugshion: Jenny Packham, New York Fashion Week Fall 2014

Kate just rewore a Jenny Packham, so obviously her love for the label has not diminished (although between you and me, I think she could stand to be a little less frugal about the re-playing thing… then again, she’s probably spending a wad of cash on a brand new Australia wardrobe so in this case it’s likely for the best). Let’s look at the latest runway show through the lens of what Kate is likely to choose; I’ve listed them in a rough order from Middleton’s Most Likely to the least. Spoiler: There are more leasts than mosts, I think.

And as a fun treat, we got a video of the runway show, which we’ve placed after the jump. Mute your computers if you’re at work, or somewhere that demands quiet, because there is music. It runs for just shy of fifteen minutes.

The first song is Rufus Wainwright


High Fugshion: Bridal Week

Start your Pinterests, it’s Fall Bridal Week — aka the Fashion Week Where Everyone Shows Their Bridal Lines, and it’s hard not to ooh and ahh a little, no matter how hard you try.

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Emmy Awards Who Fugged It More: Julianne Hough vs Lena Headey

When this came down the runway two weeks ago, Jessica wrote that it’s what Kate Middleton would wear when she decided to mess with everyone and give the Queen a coronary.

I’ve decided that’s exactly right, then, because at times Julianne Hough’s style is totally “Kate Middleton, If She Were Trying To Give The Queen A Coronary.” Her head looks tremendous, but the rest of her looks like she’s living a Katy Perry fever dream.

But at least the gown has pretty DNA. I have no idea what the heck is going on with Lena Headey’s:

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