If you’re willing to carve time out of your day to show up at the People’s Choice Awards, and give out an award or even accept one, then it feels like the least you could do is walk the red carpet. Ahem, winners ScarJo and Simu Liu! Et tu, Tom Hiddleston? Why not trot those fine jewels out for the photo pool, Tracee Ellis Ross? Cardi B went to a lot of trouble! Xtina accepted Music Icon of 2021 (and wore chaps), which… I have a lot of questions about the legitimacy of these awards and that choice does not help, but she is an icon IN GENERAL at least, so sure, but why isn’t SHE willing to walk the crimson walk? And the Kardashians won several! SINCE WHEN do the Kardashians reject a red carpet? Is this because of Pete Davidson and Tristan Thompson and not wanting to answer any questions? Can’t they just pull a Clooney and breeze past whomever the equivalent of Giuliana is now, with a coy wave?

I realize these folks can get into the magazines with those backstage and in-show pictures, too, but it doesn’t seem a lot to ask to walk the front-of-house rug as well. It’s like sitting front row at a fashion show in a free outfit and then refusing to talk to any press. Give the people what they want; give the publications (and the bloggers without huge photo budgets; inside pics are premium) as many options as possible! Give the companies who loaned you free clothes and jewelry the most exposure! Give the organization that INVITED YOU THERE, and may or may not have rigged it in your favor, the courtesy of your presence for an extra 30 minutes! You don’t have to give THAT much more of a shit in order to achieve this! THINK ABOUT IT.