Over the years, Vera Wang has been, to me, more of a My How The Mighty Have Fallen brand. It’s been mediocre-to-miserable more often than not. Nabbing Zendaya for what I assume is the last leg of Challengers feels like a pretty significant get for them, and I admit I’m a little surprised. Good for Law and Zendaya for casting a wide net — and certainly she’s had enough outfits that they’ve had to — but I did not predict this one. (Personally, though maybe it’s not feasible, I’d have loved to see her reunite with Zac Posen, who made her light-up Met Gala gown.) Ultimately… I confess to looking at this dress and thinking, “Really? THIS is our finale?” I do not think this is a particularly worthy ending, and I wonder if by this time after Dune and Challengers, everyone was just TIRED.

[Photos: MICHAEL TRAN/AFP via Getty Images, Monica Schipper/Getty Images]