We’ve had not one but TWO little skits in which Emily and Ryan, while promoting The Fall Guy, rib each other about Barbie vs. Oppenheimer (one at the Oscars, and one on SNL). I understand the temptation to remarry those two movies, but also, this movie looks amusing and so I am excited for them to talk about THAT instead. They both look pretty good here, Ryan in Gucci and Emily in Jenny Packham. I am undecided whether I wish Emily’s were a dress instead of (I think) a jumpsuit; the length somehow feels more awkward to me as flared pants than with a skirt? And now that I’m staring at this again, I do think her gold belt… situation… sits in the wrong spot. It should sit where the seam is, right? Maybe it was a pelvic afterthought, which is also the name of my next album.

[Photo: Tristar Media/WireImage]