Here’s a fact that may cook you: Sexy Tennis doesn’t come out until this coming weekend. This press tour really has felt like a five-setter, and accordingly, I should have known better than to imply the Venus/Serena tribute was Lendaya’s Last Stand. They will be dropping outfits for this until the end of time. The world will be on literal fire, with humanity in its last gasp, and Law will release a photo of Zendaya dressed as the Wimbledon championship plate with the hashtag TashiMadeMeWearIt — which, by the way, is an actual one people are using to earmark their tenniscore outfits (Tashi is the name of Zendaya’s character). Love it or not, this branding is strong. I haven’t disliked it as much as some people — it’s been weirdly comforting, and humanizing, to see that even they are not able to bat a thousand, to mix sports for a second — but I am not the biggest fan of THIS. Granted, Jacquemus is almost never my cup of tea, but I don’t fully understand the custom cocktail here of Barbie + Polo shirt + Julia Roberts in the early Pretty Woman scenes. Josh O’Connor may not have either; he seems to have chosen chaos, challenging (har) people to decipher his sweater so that they’re not hung up on how Zendaya’s skirt is itself hung from her shirt. Meanwhile Mike Faist up there looks like he’s grateful Uncle Aidan stopped dating Carrie Bradshaw again so he can finally finish learning how to make furniture; if he does REALLY well, he’ll get all those turquoise rings in the will.

[Photo: Eric Charbonneau/Getty Images]