Yesterday, Law Roach posted this magnificent shot of Zendaya replicating a famous Venus and Serena photoshoot that appeared in Vogue, right down to having the folks at Carolina Herrera recreate the gown (but, perhaps fortunately, not including having Annie Leibovitz take the pic).


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I can’t tell for what, exactly, this was done; it doesn’t seem to be for a publication and she didn’t wear it out of the hotel room, that we know of. Maybe this was an outfit they wanted to use on a red carpet and just couldn’t pull it all together in time, or something else went awry behind the scenes, like maybe secretly the zipper broke and they had to punt. Frankly, I would have SCREAMED WITH JOY seeing this at the U.S. premiere, especially with Venus in attendance, although it doesn’t sound like Zendaya knew Venus was going to be there. Regardless: What a gorgeous tribute. Or… maybe it was just for fun? There’s something touching in the idea that maybe they did this just to do it, because they wanted to, because they recognize the shoulders on which the fictional Tashi Duncan would have stood. Regardless, I love it; to me, THIS is thematic dressing at its finest.