Reviews have been as mixed for The Plaza Suite in the West End as they were for it on Broadway, but apparently people are so stoked to see SJP and Matthew Broderick together that they’ve forgotten themselves; The Guardian reports SJP had to break character at an early performance to ask someone to stop using their phone. I can’t believe that “Well, at least they didn’t throw anything at her” is the bar that’s been set lately by audiences, but still, using phones in the theater to take pictures or record or generally tell people, “LOOKIT, IT’S CARRIE AND FERRIS,” is a patently obvious no-no and it feels like everyone truly has forgotten how to behave. None of which has any bearing on this lovely Jenny Packham that Sarah Jessica is wearing, but I needed to rant. I guess they’re lucky she came to the after-party in something this pretty, and not just sweatpants. I also love and appreciate that she wore a British designer, and this is my favorite thing she’s worn in a few moons. Now, everyone, keep it together over there and stop aggravating the actors. We need her energized and ready to get back to work on And Just Like That, so that we in turn can slip back into our rage comas.

[Photo: Hoda Davaine/Dave Benett/Getty Images]