Fugs and Pieces, December 16, 2011


Please take a break from making your list and checking it twice to enjoy:

– This piece, about Winona Ryder’s shoplifting case (ten years ago this week), and the Marc Jacobs piece she stole, might be my favorite thing I read this week. (The Awl)

– Ever wonder what to give Paula Deen? Wonder no more — Flavorwire’s got you covered. (It’s a pretty great gift guide for other people, too.) (Flavorwire)

– Next time you’re in NYC and you have to pee, you’ll be happy you read about the city’s best store bathrooms. (Racked)

– Speaking of New York, the apartment from Breakfast at Tiffany’s is for sale and I WANT TO GO TO THERE. (Gawker)

– This story will make you happy. Anonymous donors are randomly paying off the Kmart layaway accounts of strangers. Seriously, I think I have something in my eye! (Yahoo)

Prince Harry, just because. (Lainey)

– I LOVE this piece about the Year In Band Names. THESE ARE TERRIBLE BAND NAMES. Except Salem Bitch Trials, that’s awesome. (AV Club)

– You clearly want to read about the auction of Elizabeth Taylor’s jewels. (Telegraph)

– Hamley’s, a UK toy store, no longer has a section for “boys’ toys” and “girls’ toys,” but rather has stuff grouped by interests. Rock on, Hamley’s! (Noted crank Toby Young hates it, but change must come to us all.) (Time)

THE YEAR IN LEGOS. Wow, with a few exceptions, this year was grim. (The Guardian)

– This will cheer you up: A speculative list of Jay-Z’s 99 problems. (Thought Catalog)

– Britney is engaged! Third time’s a charm, y’all. (Celebitchy)

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  1. Zuzzie

    This will sound stupid, as this is no concern of mine and I didn’t know the woman, but the Elizabeth Taylor jewellery auction makes me so sad. She loved those things so much and they each had a story and a special meaning, and now they’re just being sold to the highest bidder, not even a year after she died.
    Oh well.
    Does anybody know who is selling them? Couldn’t see that info anywhere.

    • Jessica

      Christie’s was the auction house; I think they were actually auctioned per her will. A considerable portion of the proceeds is going to her AIDS Foundation, if that makes you feel better. It’s raising a LOT of money for a very good cause.

  2. Libby

    OMG I love that Lego Christmas tree!

  3. GingerLover

    Dear Prince Harry,
    Please drink less, you are hot now, but looking a bit less hot than you used to, I think it’s the bars/pubs.

  4. AQ

    “Toby Young hates it” is like a seal of approval to me. What an utter douchebucket that man is.

  5. Charis

    The piece on Winona’s forever sweater is my favorite thing I have read this week. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Jen

    Aww I think Britney’s new fella is kinda hot in a geek-chic sorta way…

  7. RT

    I read the Winona post (twice) a day after it was posted and almost sent y’all the link…but I knew you would have already read it. Best piece that I read all week.

  8. Chris

    I saw the layaway story linked over on Gawker, and it’s actually one of the best things I’ve seen in years.

    As for the gift list: I am shuddering in terror at what Paula could do with that thing. It’s like a WMD that’s based off of butter.

    The fact that thing exists is even MORE terrifying than the fact that there’s a coke slab worth 2 large. (And, apparently, that Mariah Carey gave birth listening to a recording of one of her own live performances. I mean, I love me some Mimi – the crazier, the better – but this is a bridge too far.)

  9. Lindy

    Loved that Kmart layaway story! So touching. It makes me want to go pay off someone’s layaway bill.

  10. dee cee

    I think this was the late mid ’90s. It might have been 2000. I do remember that at the time my favorite joke (stolen) involved looking downtown, pointing to the World Trade Center, and saying, “Hey! I thought somebody blew those things up.” possibly one of the crudest things ever spoken.. I quit reading her cutsie article after that..

  11. dee cee

    I think this was the late mid ’90s. It might have been 2000. I do remember that at the time my favorite joke (stolen) involved looking downtown, pointing to the World Trade Center, and saying, “Hey! I thought somebody blew those things up.” possibly one of the crudest things ever spoken.. I quit reading her cutesie article after that..

  12. Amanda H

    After reading the Kmart story on Friday some friends and I went out to our local Kmart and were able to pay off 8 people’s lay aways! It was all done with donations from friends, which kept coming in via texts, as we stood at the lay away counter with the manager while she went through delinquent accounts to look for one’s with children’s items.

    The manager said that someone had come in the day the story broke and paid off a large layaway for someone. Another woman and her young son also came in to do the same thing while we were there. Also, my friends 8 year old daughter had brought a friend with her. He had been given $10 by his dad and had a .01 to add on his own. The beautiful thing about this strange amount is that one of the orders that had been paid off the day before had a remaining balance of (yep, you guess it) .01 cent, so he was able to pay off one, too.

    When we were done I asked if the manager could call someone while we were there, which she did. It was amazing to listen to her tell someone that her lay away had been “paid by angels” and that she could come and get her things. She had tears in her eyes as she listened to the woman, who had also begun to cry on the other end of the phone. Let me tell you, there wasn’t a dry eye in the lay away area when she got done with the phone call.

    We were also there to witness a woman who’d been “angel-ed” come in to get her things (part of one of our orders had gotten separated and we were there for a while until it was all together). She walked by us to go up to the counter and said, “I think I got one of the angel calls.” I didn’t quite understand what she was saying at first, then as I heard the manager tell her that she’d go and get her things, she turned to us with tears streaming down her face and quietly said, “Thank You. Thank You for doing this. One day I will be able to do this for someone else.”.

  13. Sam

    RE: Winona piece

    Does anyone have pictures of the hideous Susan Sarandon 1994 Oscars dress?
    I can’t seem to find any. She wore something with silver in 1993 and a beautiful black number in 1995. But no 1994.
    Did he mean the ugly silver thing? I’m intruiged by a dress so hideous you’d call your friends about it.

  14. jerkygirl

    Can I suggest maybe an NSFW tag for the AV Club article? No nekkid pics or anything, but let’s just say I’m REALLY glad my boss wasn’t walking by when I scrolled past some of those band names. O_o I completely agree, those are TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, NO GOOD, VERY BAD band names. And maybe I should have known better, but to tell you the truth it really didn’t occur to this old hag that anyone would ever name their bands some of those things. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go rinse my eyes with bleach and tell anyone who’ll listen that the music these kids are listening to these days is nothing but devilnoise.

  15. Jay Ell

    Your Fugs and Pieces links are becoming some of my favorites! Good finds, especially the KMart piece — so nice!!!