Fug the Show: Hart of Dixie recap

Poor Lemon. Poor Lavon. Poor George, for having to witness Tim Matheson sexing up Laura Bell Bundy on a bear skin rug.

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  1. Andrew S.

    Before anyone feels bad for Ruby, it should be noted how horrible she was about shoving her relationship in Lemon’s face the whole time & picking on her for being alone this year. I would’ve used another phrasing for it but this is a family blog after all ;3

    Still, major props to the writers – I still really adore everyone even if they are in the way/I hate their characters (truthfully I’m not sure if I still only like Rudy because she’s played by Golden, who I still love from ‘Girlfriends’, or because the character is compelling but well acted either way). I can’t wait for more! And I’m torn between wanting Lemon & Lavon as a couple or as just friends so she can move on with that cute new guy.

    Also – Zoe’s shorts are super amusing – if they wanted her in short shorts all the time then they should’ve set the show in FL – it’s definitely still shorts weather here ;3

  2. Louise

    Can we talk about how fantastic Lavon’s outfit is in the opening scene? The color combo is out of this world! I pointed at the screen and told my husband “Wear that!” He declined.

  3. Reg

    I love this show. I love Zoe. I love HNW. And I love Lavon. Awesome recap as this is the highlight of my week.
    btw, I didnt even notice the outrageous shortness of Zoe’s shorts until I read the recap. I suffer from a major hair envy, and Rachel Bilson’s head looked tremendous in those scenes so everything else just dissappeared. I’m not sure even what happened the first third of the episode LOL

  4. Sandra

    I think I want to move to Bluebell, if only so I can vote for Lavon in every election.

  5. Jess

    We also need to note how Ruby made a big deal when breaking up with Lavon about how he could never live in the city and she could never live in Bluebell because she’s a city girl…yadayada…WHY DID YOU RUN FOR MAYOR THEN?!?!?!

    • Sarie

      I picked up on that too. If she never wanted to be mayor and clearly does not actually care about the town, then why did she run? It’s a good thing Lavon won. For many reasons. Not the least of them being that he is a very snappy dresser.

  6. Erin

    Lemon’s unflattering pants outfit is something I swear I’ve seen one of my BFF’s mom (a true Southern belle) wear. I agree with Andrew S. — one of the most satisfying parts of Lavon and Ruby breaking up was how absolutely ugly she was Lemon about the whole situation. Revenge!! (Wait, wrong show…) Love this show!!

  7. Alisa

    The moment I saw Zoe’s shorts, I exclaimed “Jessica is going to FUG those shorts!” and then she proceeded to wear them 50% of the show just to ensure you had enough pictures for the recap :)
    This show is so cute, I adore it.

  8. Liz985

    Yeah….I think “Hart of Dixie” costumers are just messin’ with you now. Those shorts, and the accompanying butt cheekage, was like waving a red flag in front of the Fug Nation. I have to give kudos to the show’s writers and actors, though. They’ve slipped in a few lines here and there that acknowledge Dr. Zoe Hart’s work attire is not exactly what you’d expect from a physician. All very tongue in cheek and in good fun. It’s one of the reasons the show has grown on me.

    • Liz985

      BTW, I also like to think that your recaps are read diligently by all of the HOD cast and crew and that they get a great kick out of it. :-)

  9. ceecee

    I am picturing my doctor wearing dressy shorts shorter than his lab coat and getting a major case of the giggles.
    Also, who throws away wicker (assuming it’s real and not that plastic stuff)? If you have no wicker, you can’t sit on the front porch and drink gin and lemonade.

  10. Liz

    Lemon’s “lounge” pants were the worst thing I’ve ever seen on this show. C’mon! What girl doesn’t have some black yoga pants?

    • Sondra

      I know! So unflattering. For a second I thought they were stirrup pants from the 90′s.

  11. Ody

    Love this show and love these recaps!! It’s the only place where I feel less alone in my affinity for this show. I totally agree that Lemon and George are so much better apart than together. I kind of thought Lemon insufferable and George boring before but now they’re so silly and entertaining. Good job, writers!

    Also – Merry Christmas to the wonderful Fug Girls! :)

  12. Vandalfan

    Does Zoe see her patients in the public library? In her examining room photo, there’s a nice glass front bookshelf and a lovely oak card catalog case, uber Dewey Decimal, with a table lamp and ordinary framed print on the wall behind them.

  13. Blair

    I lost a lot of my affection for Lavon this episode. FIrst off he was absolutely insane proposing to Ruby to keep her in Bluebell because they have been dating since the presidential election so since early november so around 2 months give or take, secondly he was a jerk to Lemon when it is obvious that she has feelings for him and he essentially broke up George and Lemon’s engagement by kissing Lemon in plain sight so it seemed incredibly hypocritical for him to chew out Lemon for telling Ruby a truth that Lavon should have told her when Ruby was being incredibly mean spirited to Lemon and Lavon had the nerve to ask Lemon to be nice to her. He just really irked me and came off as an insensitive, oblivious and immature jerk, but great clothes so there is that!

    • Jessica

      I concur with all of that, actually. But I feel like Lavon has a lot of goodwill built up that I can hope he will pull himself together.

  14. Suzie

    Yeah, I hope Lavon pulls it together too– maybe it will be he realizes he was awful and still has feelings for Lemon, but she is so hurt that he has to do wonderful things to atone. Also, before this episode, I was like Ruby isn’t that bad (I know a lot of you here didn’t like her leading up to this episode), but then how she acted at Santa’s Workshop, rubbing her relationship in Lemon’s face…I finally got what you all were saying about her character. Glad her and Lavon broke up! And yay to Zoe and Wade being bf and gf! And I kind of want a reindeer skirt now (I am that cheesy holiday person). Thanks for the fun recaps Fug Girls and Happy Holidays Fug Nation!

  15. beingpissy

    I have a question for anyone. Does anyone other than Lemon, Lavon and George Tucker himself know that Lemon cheated on him? Because Tim Matheson is always so mad at George Tucker for “breaking his little girl’s heart and leaving her at the altar” and I get so mad at my tv. I’m like “Ugh! Your little girl cheated on George Tucker, fool!” and then my brain remembers that I don’t think he knows? Only I can’t remember because I am an old lady? And my dvr hates Heart of Dixie and randomly skips 1-2 minute snippets of the show.

    • gav

      She confessed to Tim Matheson and Magnolia when George (briefly) broke up with her the first time, and I think possibly to Zoe at some point or other too.

      Considering where she started off, I think the writers are literally miracle workers in turning Lemon into a character you root for this series, well played all round HOD writers.

  16. Emma

    Does Lemon’s dad just give her like a HUGE clothing budget? Because I’m about her age and my dad gives me NOTHING. It’s like he doesn’t even care if I have to wear the same outfit twice.

    • Sara

      I’ve had quite a few “Ok, how much money does a small-town doctor actually make, and how can he afford to keep his daughter in Marc Jacobs and her own apartment?”

      • Athena

        I’ve thought the same. But the wardrobe designer says that a lot of Lemon’s clothing is vintage. I think with the size of their house and other things, it’s implied that the Breelands are old money or old enough anyway.

  17. house mouse

    Yay, Zoe and HNW! Also, Tansy Forever.