I have no real interest in This is 40 — despite being on the wrong side of 35 myself, the concept of having been in a very long-term marriage with a teenage kid at this point, complete with a giant house and a pool and a big-ass fantastic yard, doesn’t feel that relatable to me (obviously, plenty of 40 year old couples do have teenagers; I just don’t personally know any of them). It seems more like the movie should be called This Is What It’s Like for Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann at 40. Like, are you guys bored with each other in your fancy fancy house? Because that’s okay, but let’s just make it a Nancy Myers movie so I can get my house porn on and get it over with. And the last few Judd Apatow movies have left me sort of cold. HOWEVER! That being said, whoever is dressing Leslie lately is WORKING IT.

[Photos: WENN, Splash]

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