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I Heart Radio Awards Mostly Well Played, Taylor Swift (and Bonus Madonna)

To quote Heather’s email to me about this, “her hair color has a Mannequin Sheen to me somehow.” I’d just like to suggest to Hollywood (the entity, not the Meschach Taylor character, although I’d ALSO like to talk to HIM, especially given that Meschach Taylor is sadly dead) that perhaps a reboot of Mannequin is exactly the project that Taylor Swift has been waiting for, in her long search for an acting follow-up to Valentine’s Day. That SOUNDS quite mean of me, but seriously Taylor Swift is actually one of the best parts of Valentine’s Day, which is a terrible movie. (She may also be one of the best parts of Valentine’s Day, the holiday, if you are single and spend the entire time listing to 1989.) In other news, I like her dress.

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Fug or Fab: Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss at the BRIT Awards

I decided these two sat down as a pair and decided to wear Long Dresses With Interesting Backs to this event.

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Unfug or Fab: Taylor Swift in Julien Macdonald at the Elle Style Awards

Never let it be said that T.Swift isn’t savvy: She is in the UK to accept an Elle Style Award, and so she’s wearing a Welsh designer.

taylor swift elle style awards 2015

And this is pretty clearly an attempt to walk on the wilder side, especially on the heels of that exceedingly wholesome apple-pie Vogue photoshoot, where she and Karlie Kloss channeled their best Niki and Krissy Taylor impressions, as if it was YM and the year was 1992. I don’t think Taylor does anything that isn’t meticulously planned and whose effect is thoroughly mapped, and this must be to remind us all that she’s not JUST pop and love and light, but also in her mid-twenties and ready for us to take any forthcoming Dark Times Depicted In Song very seriously. I get it. She can’t just be one thing, but she also can’t go full Miley and start making sex toys out of My Little Pony memorabilia.

I just think the whole isn’t the sum of its parts here. What I like: the green, the dark pedicure, the shoes (more dramatic and less vintage-y than she normally picks), the slicked-back hair, for a change. What I could live with: the dress from the waist down, even though it’s still not my favorite; it’s the part I would salvage if we needed to keep something. What I am not sure about: the makeup. I do think I get the thinking that a purpley vampy lip would’ve taken this too costumey, but the lighter approach seems mismatched. What I really don’t like: the big exposed zipper, and the rest of the bodice. It sits too low, and the straps seem to draw attention to it rather than hold up the whole thing.

Have at it, Fug Nation. How would you adapt this, but still try to keep the more adult vibe Taylor clearly wants to create? Also, someone please introduce her to some more boys, because I think we’re all just about ready for her to have more song fodder. Failing that, she should just leaf through Us and write songs mining the pain of OTHER people’s breakups. I’m eager for her interpretation of, say, whether Common and Serena are having trouble letting each other go (called “Deuce (Advantage: You)”), or of course the pressing issue of Hilary Duff divorcing her Hockey Mike. She could call it “Penalty Box,” or “Two Minutes For Roughing (My Heart).”

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Well Played Cover: Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss on Vogue

Many of you predicted this, and to you I say: WELL DONE:


Which actually is also what I say to Vogue. This is charming, and fun, and they both look great, and while I’ve seen a variety of jokes circulating the internet joking that it’s also the cover of a reboot of Single White Female, and I laughed at them, I also think it’s groovy that Vogue is (at least ostensibly) celebrating girlfriends this month. A good friend is invaluable and I suspect these two have a lot in common (tallness, people taking cell phone pictures of them when they’re just trying to buy kombucha, etc).  Additionally, I guess they share a great hairstylist and a good no-makeup makeup look. Which actually is a great bonding commonality also.


SNL40 Fug or Fab: Taylor Swift in Azzaro

I’m sure the red carpet area was covered and heated, even secretly indoors, but given that it was subzero windchill in New York on this particular night, this — among many others — was jarring:

taylor swift SNL40

It’s okay? A little wrinkled, and then deliberately crinkled in ways that aren’t super flattering. But mostly, I wish it were a little saucier, a little more glamorous. This was Saturday Night Live’s big anniversary show, and she went very “Live From Los Angeles, It’s a Saturday Afternoon in April.”

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Fugs and Fabs and WTFs of Grammy Pre-Parties


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