Fugger: Taylor Swift

Fug or Fab the Waxwork: Taylor Swift

It’s so lovely of Madame Tussauds to give us a new human candle right in time for¬†the holidays.

Taylor Swift Waxwork

Her outfit is horrible. I don’t know how a blue sequined jacket manages to look frumpy, especially when paired with a beaded bralet, but… it does. However, that face is actually pretty good, no? Let’s zoom in for a less-terrifying-than-usual close-up:

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Fugs and Fabs: Celebs Wearing Things to the Airport

So! Recently, LAX announced they’re going to build a new, super-private VIP entrance for celebs, to which I say: BORING. How am I supposed to judge people’s cute luggage now?!? WILL NO ONE THINK OF MY PAGEVIEWS? (Also: yes, by all means, totally get on building a secret tunnel from LAX to Calabasas for the Kardashians but don’t even worry about the fact that the JetBlue terminal only has a Burger King and like three toilets for women, total.) Let’s enjoy this while it lasts!

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]


Fug or Fab the Covers: Taylor Swift, Recently

She is vaguely unrecognizable in these, am I right? Not in a way where I think she’s been overly Photoshopped. More in a way where she’s just been styled and photographed in a way that’s different enough from her usual that it warrants a second look.

[Photos: Australian Vogue, GQ]


VMAs Fug Carpet: Taylor Swift in Ashish

You know what? I have a high tolerance for Taylor, but I just can’t with this, to use MTV-appropriate vernacular:


Those shoes are great, but she’s wearing sparkly houndstooth sweatpants that she kept pulling up all night (so as not to violate the Taylor Swift Anti-Bellybutton Guidelines) with a matching cropped top. There is no human alive who can really wear sparkly houndstooth sweatpants without looking slightly absurd, but definitely not when that human also makes the choice to go really matchy-matchy with that particular life choice. Okay, wait, that’s a lie. Gwen Stefani could wear this. But Taylor is no Gwen Stefani (although if she starts making her squad wear harajuku outfits, then we might need to revise that) — not even at the VMAs.

[Photpo: Getty]


Well Played, More Or Less: Taylor Swift on Vanity Fair

With the caveat that this is so 80s, it could be outtakes from a secret project where T.Swizzle reboots the collective works of Judith Krantz. OMG TAYLOR, PLEASE DO THAT.

[Photos: Vanity Fair]


Fugs and Fines: Taylor Swift

Oh, man, T. Swizzle:

Taylor Swift Steps Out In New York City

I love you, but this is not a reboot of Singles. Wait, IS IT? No, no — the 90s had nearly no side-ab, unless your name was Marky Mark. Phew. The crop-top/overalls combo threw me off for there for a sec. A long, terrifying second.

This is better:

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Well Played: Taylor Swift

Yes, it’s that time of year again.

taylor swift candid nyc summer

We’ve officially entered the season of Taylor Swift Wears Tiny Things Around New York In Such A Way That Makes Me Swear I Will Break Every Bad Habit I Have And Do So Many Lunges Always and Juice Everything Even Though Who Are We Kidding Pass The Cheeseball and Don’t Skimp On The¬†Crackers. Such a wonderful annual tradition. I MIGHT not have work those shoes with this — I can’t decide — but that’s hardly the point.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]