Fugger: Taylor Swift

Casual Fuggerday: The Latest in Taylor Swift

She puts more effort into being seen leaving the house (or “the gym”) than a lot of celebs put into the red carpet.

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Recent Fabs and Occasional Fug of Taylor Swift

Half of these photos were captioned as her coming out of “a gym.” Did they mean, like, Soho House, or one of its ilk, which also has a gym? Because I have never looked like that coming out of the gym. I have never looked like that coming out of my house.

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Met Gala: Well Played, Karlie Kloss, and Reasonably Played, Taylor Swift, both in Oscar de la Renta

They’re besties now, they got ready together, and they’re wearing the same designer. We might as well roll them into the same post.

And for good measure, cruelly pit them against each other. Who wins?

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Casual Fuggerday: The Recent Fugs and Fabs of Taylor Swift in the Wild

In which a woman who used to mostly get photographed with whatever dude she was dating is now more often photographed with a friend.  I was going to make a crack that model girlfriends are the new boyfriends, but you know what? I actually love seeing female friendships out in the wild. Friends are important and good! I support you, Taylor!

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ACM Awards Fug or Fab: Taylor Swift in J.Mendel

Full disclosure: I actually really like this. I’m so thrilled to see her keep moving past the shiny, spangly, short thing — and you guys KNOW I love shiny AND spangly. It’s just that for a couple of years she looked really PREDICTABLE and, truly, aren’t we all like sharks, in that if we stop moving, we die and also everyone is very excited for the week devoted to us on Discovery Channel? Exactly. That being said, I will not be surprised if some of you have NOTES, and indeed I welcome them, so LAY ‘EM ON US in the comments.

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Oscars Night Fugs and Fabs: Women Wearing Black

All of whom are angling to steal away the honorific of The Widow.

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