Fugger: Taylor Swift

Recent Fugs and Fabs: Taylor Swift

Don’t worry! Even as winter’s grip tightens, Taylor Swift continues to leave the house. (And sometimes visits Los Angeles so she doesn’t have to wear a coat all the time.)

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Golden Globes Fugs and Fabs: Taylor Swift and Friends

Taylor Swift looked great on this night. Taylor Swift also neglected to pose solo — at least per our photo sources — so we have to roll Lorde and Jamie King and others into the whole affair. Like a human chain.

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Mostly Fabs: Taylor Swift’s Holiday Candids

In which Our Lady of Cute Coats continues to coat it up.

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Bad For Your Budget: Taylor Swift’s Year of “Leaving The Gym”

If Reese swanned around like the most enviable lady at the office this year, then Taylor Swift turned “leaving the gym” and “going to the gym” into a thing of lunatic splendor. She also went other places, of course, but with every caption that proclaimed her on her way out of a workout, my entire concept of what happens inside fancy New York gyms became more and more insane.

Having said that: They’re not ALL quite as buzzy and delightful as I remember, although she does at least usually have one piece in each outfit that gives me fits. And frankly, the effort she’s putting in to look classy — in a world that rewards Miley Cyrus for the opposite — was one of 2014′s most welcome treats.

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Taylor Swift: A Red-Carpet Fugstory

This was the year Taylor Swift took a very large step into the fashion spotlight, largely due to her habit of waltzing out of nondescript New York City buildings looking as perfect and polished as if she were leaving her stylist. But we’ll take a look at her casual clothes later; she’s also come pretty far on the red carpet from her humble booted beginnings, and that’s a fun evolution to see. Enjoy.

*Note: We’re having weird issues with our slideshows occasionally wherein only half the title shows up, cutting off the date of the outfit in question. While this is getting fixed on our end, you can see the complete title if you refresh the page.

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Mostly Well Played, Taylor Swift

Let’s see what T Swift’s got up her sleeve. Or what sleeves…you know what? I’m not going to be able to pull off the u-turn required for that bit of wordplay. Just ignore me.

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