When Beyonce’s Renaissance Tour film premiered in the States, Taylor Swift — whose movie Beyonce supported on the red carpet — was performing in Brazil and couldn’t be there. So she did the next best thing and swung by the London premiere, along with her pal Blake Lively. I’ve decided Blake and fam were in town on important Wrexham business, and although I know it won’t happen, I would LOVE if all these universes converged into one banger of a Welcome to Wrexham episode.

Also: Beyonce, much like in the States, did not walk the carpet with everyone else but did pose for a pic apparently in some custom Thom Browne:


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There was enough furor over how she looked in the States that her mother, Tina, posted some pretty fed-up comments. The lighting and makeup are a bit warmer here, and Thom Browne helpfully stuck a flower right over her, er, flower (is that a lotus?), so that should help give people something else to discuss.

[Photos: Gareth Cattermole, Kevin Mazur/WireImage]