Fugger: Anne Hathaway

Fug the Cover: Anne Hathaway

Well. This isn’t going to win anybody over, is it?


Anne Hathaway: A Fugstory

Now that Anne is the Supporting Actress awards favorite, a pet project of Valentino, and basically writing her own checks in this town, it’s time to take a look back at whence she came. Remember Get Real? Did ANYONE watch a single frame of that show and think, “Wow, if Anne Hathaway and Jesse Eisenberg don’t get nominated for Oscars someday, I will eat my VCR remote”?

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Well Played, Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried

Seriously, I don’t think Hathaway merely made lemonade out of her Les Miserables hair lemons; she made a rich, tangy, citrus-infused champagne punch.

It’s gotten to the point where I see old pictures of her with long hair and I think, “Eh, yeah, I remember that. Whatever.” The sass level of this cut really works for her, and I think it cuts through some of that overly saccharine energy she sometimes oozes (see: the Oscars). As for the dress, I like it. It’s floral, but it looks more like science. Blood science.

Her movie daughter also looked cute in Letterman Dumpsterville:

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Played, Anne and Hugh and Amanda

I’m sure these three are tired, but it’s the Walk of Fame! So what if the stars are bought and paid for; it’s still kind of fun (I assume) to have your name on the ground.

Seyfried actually looks adorable in the boots and tights and trench; Jackman looks strangely rumpled, as if he just woke up an hour ago and still hasn’t quite shaken off the whiskey. And Anne Hathaway… is also there. Her hair looks great, but the dress apparently does not take kindly to things like “sitting down” and so it gives off the aura of having fallen off the hanger in the dress bag and nobody had a steamer. So it’s not… all bad? But it’s not the knockout I wanted. Hopefully they’re saving that for a big Los Angeles Les Mis event at which everyone will look suitably glam and/or winged.

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Fug or Fab: Anne Hathaway

Man, she occupies so much real estate on this site lately that we should start collecting rent.

I want to hear the people sing:

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Fug or Fab the Cover: Anne Hathaway on Glamour

We’ve gotten a lot of requests from Fug Nation that we address this cover, and we hate to disappoint.

Let’s start with the good: Anne’s face looks gorgeous and fabulous, especially compared to the droopy dullard Vogue made her out to be. This is actually, energy-wise, the exact opposite. This person has been drinking carrot juice spiked with Red Bull; that other lady hasn’t stood up in three days because her servants are really good at peeling her grapes and giving sponge-baths. Second, her tank top is in support of Eve Ensler’s One Billion Rising campaign to educate people about — and call them to arms to fight — violence against women, and no one can argue the nobility of that message. So good for Glamour and Anne for getting the word out.

However, the rest of this seems like she’s about to pop on those giant headphones, put on some candy-pink legwarmers, and go for a jog that ends with impromptu jazzercise in the park, before maybe getting pulled on-stage with Bruce Springsteen during his “Dancing In The Dark” video. So essentially, she’s 1980s Courteney Cox right now. And that’s not necessarily bad. It might even be Fun. But full of Sex and Style it isn’t. Particularly when I can see her bra — it’s like a dark shadow undercutting her cause’s logo — and those granny panties are bunching all over her stomach. I don’t know. If she’d put on some pants, though, I’d kind of like to hang out with this genuinely smiley Anne. I could even deal with it if she didn’t put on pants, I suppose, as long as she bopped around all day with a Sports Walkman connected to the end of those headphones, because that would be hella entertaining. But I can’t help but wonder why they went to those weird styling extremes when that head, the tank top, and better decorations around it would’ve been appealing without the feeling of being a) in a time warp, or b) being too exhausted by her incomparable oozing energy even to heave the magazine off the newsstand.

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