Let’s be clear: This is not the $15 flea market find. It’s archival Halston, but given that Anne has been working the whole sustainable-fashion angle on her Colossal press tour, it could also believably be a recycled bedsheet from an old Oct. 31 toga party called Roman Hallowday.


That, or a Lady Liberty costume. Either way, her head is once again writing checks her outfits can’t cash.

Well, except for this one. It turns out the ballyhooed $15 flea-market vintage find — courtesy of her stylist — is one of the best things she’s worn in a long time.

Celebrites On 'Good Morning America' In NYC

She looks, in this, the way I wish I felt pretty much all the time. Oh, the rooms I would breeze into, the complimentary Champagne that would be bestowed upon me… I imagine it would feel like being one of those razor commercials, where the woman is strolling down the street and everyone around can just tell she’s uncommonly, enviably, smooth of leg.

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