There was nary a dull outfit — and barely an unsparkly one — in Tracee’s hosting arsenal. The monologue was not great, but it was brimming with goofy enthusiasm, and zero cynicism that I can recall, which is always unusual at these things. She just wanted to have a good time and wear a shit-ton of clothes, and I respect that.

I wish we’d had more shots available of this:

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She also documented her wardrobe changes on Twitter all night, and here are a few that aren’t featured up top:

She wore that glittering masterpiece during Pink’s performance, so basically, that entire stretch was a festival for the eyes.

I never got a better look at this one, but it doesn’t seem different enough from the collection of others to justify its presence? Still, when someone wheels in a rack of sequins, it’s probably tempting to be like, “There are 20 commercial breaks. LET’S USE THEM ALL.” Edited to add: Holy cats, it’s styled like pantaloons. She’s like a formal paratrooper. I’M IN.

[Photos:, Chelsea Lauren/REX/Shutterstock, Invision/AP/Shutterstock]