This was probably the closest Twitter came to breaking during the AMAs, excepting MAYBE Christina Aguilera’s and Pink’s performances. And far be it from us to let anyone change their hair without dissecting it endlessly. See-through dresses or too-short skirts are a dime a dozen at these things, but a surprise bleach bomb? SIGN ME UP.

Overall, I prefer Selena’s original coloring, but many of us have done way worse harm to our heads after a life change. In her case, she and The Weeknd just broke up (I think if this was a post-transplant carpe-ing of the diem, it would’ve happened sooner), and she’s begun hanging out with Justin Bieber again. This is, let’s be real, not a good idea. But perhaps she’s rationalizing it by saying Blond Selena hasn’t made that mistake before and therefore everything old is new again.

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