The longest royal marriage in history seems like enough of a milestone for a retrospective, no? As ever when it comes to a royal flashback, you are in for some very unusual hats.  This time, you’ll also get to revisit a lot of former US presidents, assorted Royals of Old, some corgis gone by, and various tiny princes.

While we’re on the subject, I linked to this in Royals Round-Up, but Order of Splendor did a great post about the Queen’s wedding gown — I didn’t know that the inspiration was Botticelli’s Primavera (thank goodness it wasn’t Birth of Venus) — and there’s been a ton of other coverage that you might enjoy as well, like this piece about their wedding cake, which was INSANE. Mazel tov, you two. May you mark…well, seventy more years seems optimistic, but let’s root for a nice fat handful of years yet, anyway.




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