Pardon the apparent randomness of the headline, but honestly, there is rarely a moment when I can’t bastardize a Back to the Future quote. Or at the very least burst out with, “ONE POINT TWENTY ONE GIGAWATTS?!?”

The point is: The Miu Miu dress isn’t great. The dress, in fact, looks like Diana Barry went to trade school and then designed a line for the Spiegel catalog. But what if she’d added a cute red shoe? It would STILL be a very average outfit, but with a little friendly spice. Like how asparagus is really… you know, present, and green, but of dubious satisfaction until you grill it and maybe wrap it in some prosciutto. This dress needed some fashion prosciutto to distract from the stringy texture and bitter undertones. I’m pretty sure that when this whole shebang began, Naomi Watts did not anticipate being both a Marty McFly proxy AND asparagus-adjacent, but… well, the world is full of surprises these days.

[Photo: Getty]