Drew Barrymore is one of those people whose garments are a bit tough to judge, because whether they’re good or bad, they’re almost always super, super her. This one is no exception. She likes things that are floaty and caftan-adjacent and which make her look a bit like the Island of Misfit Incense Vendors, and this checks those boxes. But lately, she’s also gravitated toward open-shoulder stuff. First there was a formal wing-off with Keri Russell at the Golden Globes, at which her gown fluttered and flapped and had shoulder holes, and now we have this.

The Turtle Conservancy's Fourth Annual Turtle Ball

It’s like the first one was Glinda the Good Witch starting to shed her hoop skirts and get playful, and this is the cousin she kind of idolizes — we’ll call her Sarah the Saucepot Witch of the South — who has a signature cocktail and knows the names of all the bartenders in Oz and has a Friends With Benefits relationship with the guy who runs the Emerald City gates (because sometimes she needs to sneak in undetected and replenish her herb cabinet, if you get what I’m saying). I’ve decided every morning she wakes up and looks to see what Sharpie tattoo someone doodled on her through the arm windows.

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