Ah, yes. Parties specifically to fete the youths! Nature is healing. When I was young, in the 90s and turn of the century, Vanity Fair did not really care about the youths unless the youths were (a) royal (b) RICH (c) art thieves/maybe did a glamourous murder (d) sincerely like a real art-artist (e) lived in a really great loft.  We didn’t have as many things to read then, but I didn’t look to VF for Hot Young People From TV. I looked to VF for Rich People Murdering Their Spouse to Steal a Yacht. Anyway, I’m not complaining about content — throw all your parties! Invite people from Netflix shows about hot people with problems! — as much as I am making the argument, perhaps, for another party called Vanity Fair Hosts Vanities Party: A Night For Glamourous Former Criminals and Rich Old Ladies.

[Photos: Earl Gibson III/Shutterstock, Matt Baron/Shutterstock]