We had the first big group photocall, but now all the ladies are getting fanned out for press appearances before… well, whenever the big premiere is. Anne Hathaway is now working with Law Roach, or at least she is for this press conference, and these are the dividends, beginning with a great gold number and sexy Grecian shoes. I want a vixen-ish pedicure with this — blood red or something else very dark — but otherwise I think she looks fab. Very sparkly. It has a kind of luxe sex appeal that she doesn’t always muster, and it suits her.

Celebrities Visit The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Next, a total Celine of an outfit: heavy patterns, bright colors, eye-catching shoes. That blouse is A Lot — an expensive scarf writ ever so large — and the cut of the skirt feels ever so slightly less retro than simply dated, and yet I ALSO love this ensemble on her. The pieces fit together to form a very pleasant picture. I will take delivery of those shoes once you are bored with them, Anne.

Celebrities Visit The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

We also have to clap for her tiny purse. It’s veering very Markle, in a good way. And yes, I know she’s the Duchess of Sussex now, but it’s going to take awhile. Much like with Kate, she’ll always be “Meghan Markle” to me. It’s not meant as disrespect toward their station; just a tip of the hat to how we knew them originally. Besides which, I sometimes flippantly call Kate “DuchCam” and I can’t really use “DuchSex” for Meghan without creating a flap. You guys, I am so tired. I took a plane from the U.K. and then had to wait and work from the bus station while I wait out a manhunt that has closed my street. I haven’t slept in 24 hours and counting. By the time you read this EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE, but that’s why my train of thought is even more bananas than usual.

And hey! I’m not even done. Here’s Anne again:

Ohhh, that Boomerang video is making me dizzy. Does she look cool or am I just sleep deprived? Is my suitcase moving on its own or is that me tipping over? Blue. Is a word I just thought of to describe the things in this photo that can be described that way. Perd Hapley, signing off.

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