I want this movie to be good, but honestly, I don’t know if I even care either way — I am still going to go see it and hand money over to a film that’s lady-centric, because anytime one of these does poorly Hollywood decides women are simply trend that is over, and the movies dry up. I want there to be more of them. TAKE MY CASH, LADIES.

Sarah Paulson (in Kors) looks very cool and vaguely like an olde tyme school teacher, in a way that I respect. I like a dose of prim every now and again, and hers is balanced very nicely. Awkwafina looks like she picked her ruff off the Elizabethan tree before it was ripe. Sandy’s Elie Saab jumpsuit is too long but the color is perfect, and of course Cate’s purple-blue Ferragamo suit is everything; she is next-level. Anne looks like she showed up for a parent-teacher conference with Kate Middleton at which they’re going to discuss how the child is affected by Anne dressing like a low-level Miss Havisham all the time, and Mindy is in a robe. It’s a rock-and-roll robe — I feel like a Hard Rock Hotel would have those hanging in the bathroom — but a robe nonetheless. It’s to her credit that she looks good in it, but it’s also a little shlumpy. It’s Stella, so… fit issues definitely track.

Anne’s bodice is janky when you see it up close, which is a shame, because her head looks even BETTER when zoom in.

And Sandy’s jumpsuit has a CAPE. This photo makes me laugh. It’s as if Awkwafina just said something really wackadoo and Sandy and Cate couldn’t control themselves,or maybe they just suddenly got Awkwafina/Aquafina and Sarah is like, “Uh, welcome to a year ago, ladies.”

[Photos: Rex/Shutterstock]