I am deeply on board with this tactile, bright, funky dress on Anne, whose tastes sometimes veer into the ridiculous for me. It’s like wandering through a Cost Plus World Market on a day when you are finding EVERYTHING you want there: stocking stuffers, English candy bars and Fruit Pastilles, silver picture frames, Christmas Crackers, and some holiday napkins that don’t go with anything else you own but who cares because they’re worth it. It’s a kooky good mood, for me. But she very nearly ruins it all with those shoes, which are the YSL Tributes that every fashionista was wearing at the New York shows in like 2006, and every cast member of The Hills had in beige. I don’t want to look at Anne Hathaway and think of Lauren Conrad crying about Heidi and Spencer, or… yup, there it goes: The Natasha Bedingfield song is in my head. The earworm has burrowed. Repeat: The earworm. Has burrowed.

[Photo: David X Prutting/BFA/REX/Shutterstock]