Supposedly, all Anne’s outfits on the Colossal tour are enviro-friendly and/or archival, but I don’t yet have the details on this jumpsuit beyond it being Vivienne Westwood. I do think she’s 0-for-2 on these at-bats, though (except for how her hair looks fabulously tousled and full). The first one was extravagantly batshit, and with this one, she’s dialed it back and landed on Mildly Artistic Frumpitude. The neckline is okay, but the shape of the pants is doing her no favors. This feels a bit like her “No Really, Guys, I’m So Relaxed Now, I Can Even Joke About Hatha-Hate Without It Eating Me Up Inside Very Much Okay Maybe A Little HA HA JUST KIDDING TOTES FINE” clothes.

Also, if we may sidebar: I admittedly was no big Anne Hathaway fan, professionally speaking, at the onset of her career. But, even though she’s a public figure and has been for years, I cannot imagine how it must tear at her to be reminded via reporter questions time and time again that the world hashtagged its hatred of her. I also sympathize with the fact that what publications probably want is a bunch of pithy sound bites from her about how loathed she has been, but can you imagine being the person that sits down with a seemingly nice if overly earnest actress like Anne Hathaway and saying, “So remember THE HATHAHATE?”

Having said that, I actually think the Jezebel writer who chatted with her did not ask the question as insensitively as it could have been (EDITED TO NOTE: Those are the only parts of the piece I read; I’m just now catching up on the comments and so I wanted to clarify that I had only seen the parts about the Hathahate, and not about his past Anne Hathaway posts, etc). The whole thing brought up an interesting point about the celebrity cycle of love and life: Anne Hathaway has never been an Amy Adams, a.k.a., one of those celebrities about whom everyone’s feelings generally remain casually positive and always the same. People don’t have tepid thoughts about Anne, for the most part. They have strong swings, but then, so does she. Anne does have a knack — as Jezebel discussed with her — of bouncing back into a sort of underdog role every time the bad stuff surges ahead. Remember when, right after Devil Wears Prada when her career was soaring but her character was so annoying — and so were her character’s friends and boyfriend — that it rubbed off on Anne? Boom: Her Italian boyfriend was convicted of being a con man and they broke up and she had to do the Get Smart tour and put on a happy face. And got bangs for good measure. Underdog Hathaway was Popular Hathaway. That wore off, though, once she was in more truly irritating movies (Bride WarsLove and Other Drugs), and then her Batman press tour was dominated by the Les Mis talk, and THEN the Les Mis tour was dominated by awards inevitability; suddenly she was such a frontrunner that she seemed to overcorrect in all her speeches, and aim for “What, Little Old Me? I’m Ever So Humble” and miss and land in “Wow That Seems Artificial For Someone Who Just Won An Acting Award.” Top of the Heap Hathaway is not the one people dig. So she vanished and had a baby, and made the curious and interesting Colossal, and now she’s back to being the scrappy upstart. I don’t think she does it on purpose, either; it’s almost like this is just the cycle she was born into, and the universe is going to make her follow the path. I wonder if it will continue thusly, or if Anne Hathaway and the fan universe will settle into a kind of grudging, permanent casual fondness.

I will never settle into that with her outfit, though. See? Full circle.

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