Diane is nothing if not committed to trippy fashion choices, and if nothing else I admire her consistency. I’m always relieved when I see her on a red carpet, because I know that no matter what — glorious or ghastly or even weirdly mediocre — we’re going to be excited to cover it. Such is the benefit of a person who, it feels like, will wear absolutely anything and not even care what it’s doing to her. Case in point: It is hard to embiggen Diane Kruger, and yet these pants are doing it — they’re like a high-fashion chastity belt. But my main beef here, and the headline may have tipped you off, is the shirt. Or, velvet bustier, as it more accurately seems to be. It is PROFOUNDLY unflattering from the front…

Montblanc & UNICEF Gala Dinner

… but when she turns to the side, suddenly those cups turn into widened cartoon eyes bugging out to the dulcet tones of, “A-HOOOOO-ga.” Maybe they are reacting to the sight of her face, which is as lovely as ever, but I just wish she hadn’t turned her chest into  a reaction shot.

[Photo: Getty]