I bet the stylists actually rather enjoy this “archival” trend that’s cropped up among celebs who are promoting sustainability. In my imagination, going through a rack of recent deliveries from designers — or even fresh runway shows — is a less expansive challenge than being able to pick from… well, anything, from any season. Penny Lovell did it here with a vintage YSL blouse and a resale Stella McCartney skirt, and they go pretty well together. The skirt is really striking, but I can’t quite shake the urge to grab it and swivel it around, as if she was doing the twist and the skirt slid with her.

Celebrities On 'Watch What Happens Live' In NYC

This is vintage Givenchy (with shoes she wore elsewhere on the tour) with an old Gucci belt, and it is… less successful. Shoving any old thing around any old tent dress — even if the belt is recognizably designer and can claim to match your shoes — is not always a winning answer. Anne looks comfortable enough, but also like she should be wearing Birkenstocks and wandering into her local bodega to grab deodorant and soup, rather than hitting up a TV appearance where she’ll be seated (it was Watch What Happens) and potentially look billowy in a prairie kind of way. Between the two outfits, I might… I can’t believe I’m saying this… prefer the Stella. I KNOW. I didn’t see that coming, either.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]