Fug File: Unfug It Up

Unfug or Fab: Hailee Steinfeld

Every time I glance at this thing, I have to do a double-take on whether it’s off-the-shoulder.

Hailee Steinfeld

It’s the type of thing Forever 21 would knock off — er, pay homage to — by actually MAKING it off-the-shoulder and then sewing a t-shirt into it. Sometimes I think Forever 21 is what Donna Martin would have done with Now Wear This!, if she had made it far enough. It would be all fast-fashion, and all basically one-ply and itchy.

Anyway, enough about that old sadsack. Let’s talk Steinfeld. I do love this orangey-red, and I don’t even know that I HATE it with the pale pink — it reminds me of this Prada on Audrey Tautou, from Cannes 2013 — but the cut and shades create an optical illusion that throws me off my already-shambolic game. So let’s get tweaksy: Would you shorten it? Would you ACTUALLY make it off-the-shoulder? Would you try a different color up there? Or would you leave it? Throw in a more orange lipstick? And what of the shoes? All of which is also then considered through the lens of her being a 17-year old girl, so she’s careening right into the “Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman” territory that Britney so movingly poeticized. Is the length too adult? Or is it the perfect amount of sophistication for someone who, by all appearances, is not steering herself into Gomez City or Mileytown?

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Unfug It Up: Juliette Binoche in Fausto Puglisi

This bob is oppressive on her. I hope it’s for a role, because I think it’s aging her.

Juliette Binoche

However, I embrace that skirt enthusiastically. I just wish the top were a little less “I am the stern French headmistress of an academy of contemporary dance.” Black turtlenecks can be severe. So let’s redesign the bodice. Is it as simple as being a short-sleeve turtleneck, or a long-sleeve scoopneck? My preference for these things tends to be a deep, narrow vee, but if I know Fug Nation — AND I DO — y’all can come up with something more creative than I just did. So here is your canvas. Allez!

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Unfug It Up: Jess Weixler in Prada

Let’s take this in stages, slowly zooming in on her face. Because in the end, that’s the best part.

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Unfug It Up: Bellamy Young

I want to love this. From the waist down, it’s totally serviceable:

Bellamy Young at if I Stay premiere

Like, that lower half just had a really nice day at the Country Club, and is sad summer is almost over, but also wants to get the hell out of there before the dipshit in the blouse with the synthesizer starts performing.

The top part, though… I feel like the whole Sternum Knot thing should be in the back somehow. Because it’s doing terribly unflattering things to her chest from the front — like, fairly graphic things — and it’s even worse when shot from the side. I couldn’t bring myself to use the close-up photo I HAVE from that angle, but suffice to say, you can see STRAIGHT into the keyhole — it’s gapping — and it’s a clear view of 80 percent of her breast, at a premiere for a movie based on a young adult novel. It’s… not great, Bob, any which way you slice it, because it just looks like something nobody took into account. Show your cleav if you want — I have NO problem with cleav, real boobs, etc. — but sideboob/underboob combos are never as sexy as anyone wants them to be, ESPECIALLY when they are accidental. Maybe Boob Wrangler as a career really IS the new frontier, but frankly, I feel like it should be included in a stylist’s job description.

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Unfug or Fab: Jessica Alba

At first I thought I was going to like this a lot. And if we’re talking strictly about her hair, it’s fab, and making mine wilt with unfulfilled purpose.

Jessica Alba

But then I got this proper look at the outfit, and that bustier might as well be made out of old shoulder pads. And then I decided the shoes with the giant safety pin aren’t my thing (although at least they’re WHIMSICAL, which yesterday’s Mary Janes on Steroids were not). I like the clutch, but it looks discordant here, and I LOVE the blazer, but the proportions seem wonkus. I want to liberate it and the skirt and try again. Even a simple tank top would suffice — maybe a white one with some funky necklaces, to go with the blazer and jeans, or with the skirt on its own.  Basically, a lot of this needs a new context. I keep thinking of Martin Short in Father of the Bride saying, “I love it. We’ll change it all.” WWFD, y’all: What would Franck do?

OH BUT WAIT: At the last minute, I found a second bustier that she wore later this day:

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Unfug It Up: Helen Mirren

It goes without saying that Helen Mirren is an extremely dishy dame, and that if my face and body can pull off those miracles at fifty-nine, much less sixty-nine, I will renounce my crabapplecism and devote my life to hugs.

But here’s the thing. That’s not great. It just isn’t. Not the sweater, not the lampshade, not the shoes. (I’ll give her the tights. Girlfriend is almost seventy. Do what you need to do, Helen.) I want her to be this unerring bastion of cool, but when it comes to her wardrobe, Dame Helen is mortal.

I cannot believe I’m about to say this, but: Would this be BETTER with a nude shoe that plays off the dress and — if we must keep it — the cardie? I definitely would prefer it if the overskirt were all blue, and not simply a landing strip, and if the underskirt poking out looked less twee. Speaking of twee: this movie. Her accent is distracting in the previews, right? And Of COURSE It’s from the director of Chocolat. Apparently Lasse Hallstrom really enjoys Small-Town Denizens Drop Their Prejudice Through Orgasmic Mouthfeel.

I was going to segue by writing, “Speaking of orgasmic mouthfeel,” but that’s just a lie. Really, I just wanted to share some Mirren Sass.

honesty in segues is important