Fug File: Unfug It Up

Elle Style Awards Unfug or Fab: Katy Perry

This is Vivienne Westwood, whose gown I think did not fail Katy as much as her wig wrangler did (and if it’s not a wig, then… please fire your hair person, Katy, because it LOOKS like one, and a bad one at that). But let’s discuss.

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Unfug It Up: Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld looks like she is seriously rethinking this on the fly:

I suspect she’s also thinking, “I can’t believe I agreed to going bare-legged today. What’s WRONG with me? PLEASE LET ME GO INSIDE.” That being said, I feel like this whole look is a wee depressing for her, and might need some color. Or some sparkle. Or some texture. Or something that doesn’t make me feel like I’ve never been colder a day in my life. What do you think? Please weigh in!


Unfug It Up: Miranda Kerr

I weirdly kind of like this, but I keep staring at the top and thinking that it just looks like a Hanes t-shirt with grand aspirations:

In fact, I feel like this whole look aimed for Timeless Simplicity and landed in Kinda Half-Assed. The good news is, I think that with a little bit of work, we can wholly-ass it. I’d start with…well, a drink. And then maybe a some color. A jacket? Different shoes? You make the call.

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SAG Awards Unfug It Up: Amanda Peet

This is nowhere NEAR her worst, but it does look like a feverish fabric store dare.

Why are there seventeen different things happening here? It looks like a rented costume for a high-school play that someone tried to adapt, but couldn’t find any matching patterns. Can anything be done? Do we ditch the sleeves first, or are they worth keeping if we figure out a different bodice? Is the fabric on the front of the skirt acceptable, or is the one on the top better? Can you even form a coherent thought about this? Is there a hero out there whose can translate the bizarre native garb of Planet Samples? Please step forward, friend.

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SAG Awards Unfug It Up: Edie Falco

The good news is, I like this way more than the wine bag she wore to the Globes:

The bad news is, I feel like it still kind of looks like she dug it out of the sale rack at Chico’s, and I am not nearly as into Chico’s as Drake is. And yet, I think this is fixable….somehow. What would you do? Fix the hem? Make it into a top, worn with a simpler skirt? BURN IT WITH FIRE? Wait, that last one is too easy.

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Critics’ Choice Movie Awards Unfug It up: Jessica Chastain

I WANT to like this. But I want to like a lot of things: whatever I’m cooking up for dinner in the slow-cooker, the next few episodes of Revenge, what my hair is doing right now. We don’t always get what we want:

I mean, the color is good….? I think my issue is that I don’t understand what it is about this dress that is just leaving me cold. I just stared at it for ten minutes and then announced to the empty room, “This dress makes her head look small.” Which makes me wonder, is it her HAIR that we need to be blaming? Would this be better if she did this hair with it? Does she maybe just need a belt and some sunglasses? Should she go up half a size? Should she start over? Or am I just totally off my rocker, as usual?

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