Jennifer Connelly is arguably the celeb most married to Louis Vuitton, with the possible exception of Michelle Williams. Even Alicia Vikander diverges sometimes. I think this is because Connelly — and Williams, actually — doesn’t appear in public often enough lately to NEED to diverge, and when they do, half the time it’s at LV-sponsored events. As with this one:

That’s striking and all, but I get the sense that if she wasn’t standing there with her hand clamped on her hip, it’d also be shapeless — like, she’s giving it something that it doesn’t offer without human intervention. I also don’t fancy the shoulder holes too much. What’s the point? Close those up, or cut them off and decorate the waist with that leathery detailing, and call it finished.

Also, I think she is addicted to booties.

[Photo: Getty]