This was a week of designer-focused events, no? First the Vivienne Westwood-tinged Art of Elysium, then Stella’s fashion presentation, and this Louis Vuitton-sponsored UNICEF gala. The good news for LV is, the outfits on display at this one are WAY less objectionable than most of what we saw at the other two.

Then again, they weren’t universally GREAT, either.

The skirt is cool, but let me count the things I question: The ruffles, the chest dart that legit looks like a nipple from a distance (which is IMPOSSIBLE because you CANNOT see nipples through leather, AND YET), the zipper all down the front, the belt tied off at her navel and puckering the leather. When you add up all those elements, I almost think it’s crazy that this ISN’T a bellbottom jumpsuit. Not that I’m hankering for one — I’m sure I would have fugged that, too — but it just feels like there’s a point where they should’ve gone all the way, and didn’t.

[Photo: Getty]