I spent all of Sunday outside, at my kids’ school’s spring fair, so I can’t look at this without wanting to pass out from sunstroke.

But aside from how seasonally intense this dress is, I think it’s way, way too much for her. It’s swallowing her whole, and worse, it’s SO dominating that it overshadows what are some truly saucy shoes. At the very least I would like to make this knee-length. And maybe sleeveless? Or just reconceive the top altogether so that she looks less like she’s about to ride into battle, sword aloft, in an ad for Game of War.

See? This is already better, except for the booties, and the fact that I can’t entirely figure out what’s happening from the neckline all the way down to her knee (is it a wrap dress that’s been pinned shut, and doesn’t like it?). She really should’ve left the armor at home entirely.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]