I’m on board with this in the abstract.

But does it seem like the devil is in the details here? The front of the blazer looks… fine? … but the cut of the sleeves, namely the one on the right, is Janky Supreme. The pants aren’t much better. They’re bunchy and creased and imprecise, like it’s the first time the designer had ever even TRIED to understand how trousers work. Priyanka Chopra’s first Time 100 Gala doesn’t seem like a place where you want a suit virgin to have a First Time.

And speaking of the devil, and details, can we talk about how bad Quantico is? The first half of the season was pretty weak — like, why didn’t they make the present-day stuff five years in the future instead of just nine months, so that they had more TIME for all these Where Are They Now scenarios to play out? Why was all the hair on that one actor’s face — including stubble — EXACTLY the same length? Why does that one character wear SO MUCH MAKEUP and HUGE FALSE EYELASHES for all her training? Why did no one have chemistry? But it got even worse at the midseason break. What school suddenly has a new class that’s ONE MONTH ahead of the new recruits (especially when Wikipedia can tell you they do classes in ten-week bursts only four times a year)? Worse, a class our idiot-heroes had never heard of, with people none of them had ever seen or spoken to before? And what show goes to that lengths of absurdity to introduce new characters, only to make those characters THE WORST and so boring and terrible? Why is Alex ACTUALLY DOING A TERRORIST’S BIDDING? What the hell is even happening on it anymore?

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