I think it’s possible I am just not generally responsive to Rosie Assoulin. I know a LOT of people are really into her, especially when she plays with volume, but I feel like nine times out of ten I’m either on the fence or just fully out on her designs.

This one is a fence-dweller:

Conceptually it’s interesting, but not necessarily also attractive. The cutout on her shoulder makes her look like she’s bulging right there. And the flower on her legs might’ve been cuter or more impactful if it were revealing a bright backing color, like hot pink or turquoise, rather than just her legs. Her knee poking through there is really distracting. Not that there is anything wrong with her knee — I’m sure it’s very friendly — but it gives the impression of peeking through prison bars, which isn’t the vibe people generally associate with the red carpet unless said carpet is at a prison talent show.

[Photo: Getty]