Only the skirt here is actually Alberta Ferretti:

And while I LOVE the color, I don’t think it’s being used to its most elegant advantage (wrinkles notwithstanding). I approve of the vixenish manicure and stunning earrings, although I’m not sure I’d have paired hot-pink lippy with a blood-red manicure. Still, she’s Helen Mirren, so she’s making that part work. The purse is too random a shade of sky blue to feel relevant here, though, and let’s be honest: the top comes off like she just bought it at Talbots and couldn’t believe her luck that it was a color match.

A crisp white button-down, Sharon Stone-style, could’ve taken this where I believe she intended to go with it. And further: Should that skirt be LONGER? Meaning, should it drag with a bit of a train, rather than just parking itself on the red carpet and tenting a little? Nip and tuck this whole thing in the comments. I think Fug Nation can fix it.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]