First, and most importantly, I feel that I must inform you that Brie Larson’s Instagram is amusing. Her photo from this event noted,I laughed, I cried, I ate bread,” she posted a snap of herself with 7th Heaven’s Beverly Mitchell from a Disney channel movie where they appeared to be teen girl racetrack drivers, and then there is this:

Yes, that’s Shailene Woodley limboing under Brie’s leg at the Met Gala. I am glad I won’t be going through life without having seen that.

All that said, let’s see what Brie wore to the Palm Springs Film Festival over the weekend:

I like it. The color is great, and I think she’s really working that cut (which is A HIGH LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY), and, best of all, it’s pretty low-key while still being appropriately festive. You cannot bring out the really big fashion guns in the first weekend of January, and I salute that kind of forward-thinking restraint.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]