I am very fond of Emma Stone and I think she is tremendously talented; I once had a literal argument with a friend who announced he felt she was “overrated.” (In retrospect, I think he was trying to get a rise out of me. And he did!) I love this coat and I think her head looks great here. HOWEVER (you knew that was coming), to date this Poor Things press push has been so anemic and weird, stylistically. This was weird, this was meh, and this was eh. We’ve seen her look great in the past and we know Louis Vuitton can do amazing custom work, which this is. Is it just time for her to mix up her styling team? (They say you should change your hairdresser every seven years.) Is everyone sort of playing creative and emotional catch-up since the strikes? (Fair!) I’ve heard she is great in that movie, and as of yet, there is no clear frontrunner for Best Actress — so I don’t get why she’s being styled like the Person Who Everyone Knows Probably Won’t Win. Dress like you might win!

Photo by Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty Images