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Fugs and Pieces, January 31, 2014

Everyone, keep warm. Unless you’re in California with me, in which case: PRAY FOR MORE RAIN. Do we need to do some kind of ritual sacrifice? While I look into that:

– Mental Floss tracked down the Olympians who are the sole representative of their country for Sochi. (Mental Floss)

– You’re going to enjoy this: A Brief History of Harvey Weinstein’s Oscar Campaign Shenanigans. (Vulture)

Here’s a virtual Lego Set. Say goodbye to the rest of your afternoon! (Lego)

– It cracks me up that both Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Middleton are secret closet fans of The Only Way Is Essex. So am I! Can the three of us get lunch? I actually have a lot to tell both of them. (Celebuzz)

– I am in the midst of a major lipstick obsession, so it’s nice that The Cut went out and test-drove some of the really, really expensive ones. (The Cut)

Lainey has the trailer for The Fault in Our Stars and if you ugly-cried at the book, you will bawl at the trailer. I am not kidding when I say that I don’t know if I can see this movie in public. (Lainey)

– Sometimes, you just want to look at a slideshow full of sunglasses. Everyone looks better in them. (Refinery29)

– You will not be surprised to see that Jessica Simpson’s mouth is open in all of her new ads for her clothing line. (Although she does look cute in them. Just open-mouthed. Consistently.) (People StyleWatch)

Here’s your Weekly Hiddleston. Don’t say I never did anything for you. (Celebitchy)


Fugs and Pieces: January 24, 2014

You need to know that I originally dated this post “2012.” That’s not even LAST year. So I think I need a nap. While I take one, please enjoy the following:

– If you missed this in our awards coverage, I invite you to check out the in-depth interviews Heather and I conducted with Kristin Burke, the costume designer for Sleepy Hollow. Here is Part 1, and then Part 2.

– Speaking of, our friends at Vulture compiled a list of all the modern things that freaked out Ichabod. (Vulture)

– And on the subject of costumes: This piece on the funniest Star Trek: The Next Generation costumes contains a man who’s essentially in a combination of Borat’s bathing suit and a diaper (sorry, Sacha Baron Cohen, you didn’t do it first). Jean-Luc Picard surely wouldn’t have cared for that. (io9)

This Tumblr points out which costumes get re-used in movies and TV shows, including a Downton Abbey dress that appeared on both Cora AND Aunt Rosamund. (Recycled Movie Costumes)

Zara Philips has named her baby and it’s a lovely normal name and not “royal” feeling at all. I always wondered if Zara was annoyed that Princess Anne made the executive decision to de-royal Zara, like, let me reject my own title, Mom. (Lainey)

– Speaking of potentially bossy royals, apparently Prince Charles has decided that his own press office will also be Harry, William, and Kate’s press office, because he wants to control their press coverage better, and he dislikes that — for example — Kate’s outfits get more press than his own charitable work with the sheep or whatever. For one thing, that is just the nature of the beast, dude: We don’t even get press releases about any Materials Royal, and we’re still covering the balls out of Kate’s wardrobes, because people are interested in seeing what female celebrities wear, especially when they are just flarging around on the internet eating their chopped salad during lunch on a work day. But also, if I were William and Harry, I would NOT be best pleased with this — like, back off, Dad, and let me release my own press releases. Jeez. (Celebitchy)

– Pajiba is right: Marnie’s hilarious Edie Brickell video was amazing on Girls last week. (Lena hates Marnie, right? Like, really hates her.) (Pajiba)

– The Olympics are coming, and so is curling, and so are the Norwegian curlers and their amazing pants! (New York Times)

– If you don’t introduce an oral history of Swingers with the phrase, “this is so money,” you don’t deserve to introduce an oral history of Swingers. It’s awesome. (Grantland)

– If you like Downton Abbey, you should read Anne Helen Peterson’s super-smart piece about it — and its ladies, and “having it all” -- over at The Hairpin. Although I disagree with her that no one cares about Isobel. I LOVE Isobel. (The Hairpin)

– Hey, they think they found the remains of Alfred The Great. I just love how all over the UK, they’re finding the bodies of super important historical figures random places (this is not as random as Richard III Under the Car Park, of course), because it’s always a story that contains things I’m interested in: history, royals, and archeology. Basically, if Prince Harry turned into Indiana Jones, it would be the best thing that ever happened, as far as I am concerned. (Royal Central)

– You know I love the New York Diet feature on Grub Street, and Chris Benz’s is the best. He is really amusing. Write a book, Chris Benz. Also, I miss your fashion show, so please start doing that again. I have a lot of demands for Chris Benz. (Grub Street)

– This is a thoughtful and wonderful essay by Kim France about how being fired from Lucky ended up being a good thing. (Babble)


Fugs and Pieces, January 17, 2014

As Globes week ends, so does SAGs week start! The Screen Actors Guild Awards are SATURDAY, that is TOMORROW, and we will be live-blogging E!’s red-carpet HERE AT GFY, starting at 3pmPST/6pmEST. So come on by! Until then:

I didn’t even know they WERE doing a Veronica Mars spin-off! Kinda. Anyway. Fun! (Pajiba)

– Speaking of, you’ll want to read this interview with Jason Dohring, wherein he admits he was madly in love with Kristen Bell. (Buzzfeed)

– Kim France takes us on a tour of 80s fashion. (Refinery29)

– Figure-skating fans, this is a great (and lengthy) piece on how US Figure Skating decided to go with Ashley Wagner this year for the Olympics, despite her total meltdown at Nationals. (I will get to the skating costumes soon! I promise!) (Deadspin)

– Relevant: 9 Figure Skating Scandals that ROCKED THE WORLD. Of figure-skating. (Mental Floss)

– Zara Phillips had her baby! (The Cut)

– You guys will enjoy reading about the 5 Best Punctuation Marks in Literature. (Vulture)

– Soooo, I’m pretty sure this Tom Hiddleston Jaguar ad is going to be awesome. Well done, Sterling Cooper Draper Price Holloway Campbell Olsen! Or whatever you’re called now. (Lainey)

– You’ll enjoy reading about Hart of Dixie costumer Cameron Dale in The Hollywood Reporter! Not for nothing, but she’s wearing the BEST BOOTS in this story. (THR)

Chiwetel Ejiofor’s sister Zain works for CNN and they talked to her about his Oscar nomination and it’s really, really sweet. I might have gotten a little misty at how misty SHE got. (Celebitchy)

Vulture talks Oscars snubs and surprises. I still can’t believe Bradley Cooper’s man-perm got passed over. (Vulture)

– All you need here is the headline: Incredible Homes With Secret Rooms and Passageways. (Flavorwire)


Fugs and Pieces, January 10, 2014

Greetings, Fug Nation! Are you aware of the fact that the Golden Globes are this Sunday, January 12th? They are.  We will of course be live-blogging them for The Cut (I’ll toss up a link on Sunday) and you should definitely follow us on Twitter for added fun and commentary. We are, now and forever, @FugGirls. Until then:

Clooney is auctioning off a date with him — for charity, and also you get to bring someone with you, so it’s more like a threesome — and it can be yours for all of $10. And yet he still won’t come to work. I have ten years of filing, George! TEN! (CBS)

Miley’s the new Marc Jacobs muse, and the ads are FULL OF FEELING. It looks like Morrissey art directed. (Lainey)

– Speaking of ads, Nicole Kidman looks VERY Photoshopped in the new Jimmy Choo ads. I feel like she probably didn’t need quite that much work; we all know she’s not 21 anymore (and that’s okay). (People StyleWatch)

– You’re going to want to read this article about the floorplans of various homes in your favorite books. Manderley! Castle Dracula! 221 B Baker Street! (Shortlist)

– This is probably my favorite listicle of the week:  Ten B*tchfaces We’re Most Looking Forward To Seeing This Sunday At The Golden Globes. (Pajiba)

– Although it’s hard to resist a compilation of the best drinking moments of Parks and Recreation. Obviously, my favorite involves Snake Juice. (Vulture)

– Or mug-shots of famous writers. (Flavorwire)

– Or 32 hats for Kate Middleton’s 32nd birthday. (Celebuzz)

– Here are your Cumberbatch stories for the week, Cumberbitches. They are delightful, all full of anecdotes of him being lovely to people in Oklahoma. (Celebitchy)

– Hah: Alexander Skarsgård Reenacted That Infamous True Blood Scene At The South Pole. He may be literally freezing his butt off, but anything for a gag. (Refinery29)

The Victorians were obsessed with seaweed, and that’s because it’s beautiful. (Collectors’ Weekly)

– I agree with Sarah that GOD PLEASE DON’T MAKE ANOTHER SATC MOVIE, YOU GUYS. (Previously.TV)


Fugs and Pieces: January 3rd, 2014

Hey guys!

Happy New Year! We are actually in London at the moment, doing book research, and having many many issues with our internet access, so please bear with us if there are random site issues that we don’t get to as quickly as we would otherwise do. That, in addition to the fact that nothing seems to be happening with celebrities right this second, is also why today’s Fugs and Pieces is rather short (and early). If you have London restaurant recommendations for us, please weigh in!

– I often wonder if I am in a Noel Streatfield novel, and now we can find out. (The Toast)

I agree with Pajiba that Shia LeBeouf needs to CHILL.Also, stop plagiarizing people. (Pajiba)

–Aw, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield spent NYE in Hawaii.(Lainey)

– Alyssa Milano totally served Jay Mohr. Who earned it. (Celebitchy)

– Clay Aiken is considering a run for Congress. You do you, Clay. (NY Mag)

– PLEASE buy a caftan from the Rue McClanahan estate sale!(The Estate of Rue)

– Let’s revisit this great post on The Hairpin: The 17th Century Breastoration: A TIME BEFORE BRAS.(The Hairpin)

–Vulture has a great refresher on what happened on season three of Downton Abbey and it will be useful for us all! Did I mention we’re going to start fug-capping it? It’s true NO SPOILERS. (Vulture)

Former Vikings punter (and fellow UCLA alum) Chris Kluwe believes he was let go from the Vikings because of his vocal pro-gay marriage stance. He talks to Deadspin about it. (Deadspin)


Fugs and Pieces, December 20, 2013

Happy almost Christmas to those of you who celebrate it! Happy almost The Week Where Traffic Is Super Light to everyone else! Because of the holiday, we are about to embark on a more relaxed posting schedule — not because we want to take time off to shove cheese balls in our faces (although obviously we do) as much as because we’re entering that brief period when NO ONE IS LEAVING THE HOUSE and ergo, material is light on the ground. We will be updating between now and 2014 — we’ve got all kinds of fun stuff planned, from Best and Worsts to the annual Vogue Predicta-Cover — so definitely pop back in between your own cheese balls and see what’s up. And rest your eyeballs while you can, because come January, IT IS ON: Awards season!

– Bored over the holidays? You may not have noticed that we updated our header to give you helpful links to stuff like all the movies we’ve covered, all the shows we fug-cap, runway shows, the royals, and Fug Madness — all kinds of good stuff, archived, and ready for you to rifle through this holiday season.

– You can also always keep up with us on Twitter and on Facebook and on Pinterest.

– It has come to my attention that some GFY readers didn’t hear our most recent exciting news, which is that we are working on a new book. Now you know! (I should be writing it right now, in fact.)

– Now that all the house-keeping is done, on to the good stuff, in the form of an extra-long Fugs & Pieces. Ahem: Cocktails Could Protect You From Getting Sick. I KNEW IT! (Mother Jones)

– This is very cool. Apparently, in Japan, it was tradition for parents and grandparents to create, by hand, balls made from scraps of old kimonos and give them to their children on New Year’s Day.  They’re called temari (which means “handball,” I believe). I’m not sure if this is still a tradition, and I hope someone with more knowledge about this will pop up in the comments to teach us more. At any rate, one such grandchild has been photographing all the temari her grandmother, who is now 92, has made since the 1960s and they are breathtaking. They are so beautiful. Go look. (Bored Panda)

– Let’s talk about the real Mary Poppins — the one in the books. Spoiler: She is no Julie Andrews.  I do love those books. (Although I also love Julie Andrews.) (The Hairpin)

– Vulture has been doing a series of Oral Histories and they are SO GOOD. You will want to read them all, but you will especially want to read The Oral History of the Clueless Party Scene and ‘You Waited’: The Oral History of Donna Losing Her Virginity on Beverly Hills, 90210. READ THEM.  (But also, read the one about Buffy. And “Baby Got Back.” And the episode of Sex and the City where Kristen Johnston falls out the window.) (Vulture)

– This is old, but I ran across it in a Best of Year round up and I had to share: Secret Fore-Edge Paintings Revealed in Early 19th Century Books at the University of Iowa. Secret paintings on books! YES. (Colossal)

– YES. You DO need to spend some time revisiting the Mitch Gaylord tour de force American Anthem. YOU DO. (Sports On Earth)

Martha Stewart has doubts about all these other “lifestyle” experts. I always back Martha. Always. (Celebitchy)

– This is interesting! 11 Badass Women Who Lived at the Chelsea Hotel. (Bookish)

– i09 clip-ifies some of the best and worst moments on TV this year. Spoilers if you’re not caught up on stuff, obviously, but I had to include this because the first clip is one of my favorite things that happened on TV this year as well. A hint: FAREWELL, YOLANDA. (i09)

– Ahem: Hot Men in Warm Sweaters. (The Cut)

–In case you’re cold, Refinery29 tracked down a bunch of actually cute puffer coats. (Refinery29)

– Hee. Cosmo envisions a wide variety of celebrity couples wearing the iconic Britney and Justin Matching Denim, and it is funny. (Cosmopolitan)

People gives us 12 Months of Royals in 2 Minutes. (It’s a video, and there’s sound, so watch at home with your cheese balls). (People)

– Speaking of, here’s Prince Harry’s giant polar beard, and also a slightly bearded Alexander Skarsgård. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

But wait. It is not officially the holidays until we all bask in the glory of George Michael’s hair and bunch of 80s sweaters…..after the jump:

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