Fug File: Fugs and Pieces

Fugs and Pieces, August 30, 2013

Happy Labor Day Weekend, Americans! I hope it’s full of delicious cocktails and fabulous BBQ. We will be posting our usual Casual Fuggerday posts tomorrow — don’t forget to check GFY on the weekends now, for a dose of celebrity candids madness — but otherwise , we will return with regular postings on TUESDAY. Until then:

– A reminder that our annual Summer Red Carpet Report Card is up at The Cut. Who nailed their press junkets this year? Find out! (The Cut)

Josh Jackson — I’m sorry, PACEY — has a new job! On Showtime, about cowboys, and also starring Dominic West, so let’s at least hope for some partial nudity from someone. (Lainey)

Jackie Collins does a dramatic reading of Cher’s latest. A WORLD OF YES. (Idolator)

– There’s a Royal Wedding in Monaco this weekend  — it’s going to be private, so boring for us, but let’s celebrate by looking at all these Well Dressed Royal Ladies. (Socialite Life)

– This interview with X-Files creator Chris Carter is interesting, thoughtful, and involves Mulder and Scully in a Cialis ad. (Vulture)

– I tweeted about the awesome Tumblr Sassy Scans a few weeks ago, now read this interview with its founder. (LAist)

– It’s the 100th birthday of the face of Buckingham Palace — the actual face of the building, not, like, her Majesty — and this is a very interesting look back at the building’s history. (Royal Collection Trust)

– Speaking of, there are some pretty strong rumors that Andrew and Fergie might get REMARRIED. (Socialite Life)

–Anne Helen Peterson smartly examines why so many of us aren’t that crazy about Olivia Wilde. (Anne Helen Peterson)

– French bakers would like Kanye West to understand that CROISSANTS CAN NOT BE RUSHED. (Time)

Domino magazine is RETURNING! This is very exciting. (Refinery29)

– I’m just going to leave you with this headline: Wall Street Guys Are Dropping $1500 for Burning Man Costumes at Screaming Mimis. (Paper Magazine)

Fergie and Josh Duhamel named their baby boy Axl Jack. That sounds a bit like a Guns ‘n’ Roses-branded breakfast cereal, but mazel tov, you guys! (Celebitchy)

– I LOVE IT when The Cut asks designers for the one word/phrase inspiration for their upcoming collections, because it’s often hilarious. This season, those one words include: “Gump” (please be Forrest, please be referring to Forrest), “One-a-Day Betsey” (that doesn’t mean ANYTHING, Betsey Johnson), “Zanzibar,” and “Bodega.” (The Cut)

– You probably want to read about how the coffee cup sleeve was invented. (Design Decoded)

Beyonce is VERY cute on a roller coaster. (Socialite Life)

– This is a very interesting interview with James Deen, the porn star who was in The Canyons. (Refinery29)

– I enjoy this headline and I hope it comes to pass: Rodarte Wants to Dress Vin Diesel (Fashionista)


Fugs and Pieces: August 23, 2013

As summer draws to a close, Fug Nation’s fancy turns to fall…and all the coats we get to buy. Unless you’re part of Fug Nation in the southern hemisphere. You guys are thinking about bathing suits and sundresses. Let’s all think about the following:

– If you’re in New York, and you are interested in being a fashion writer, it might interest you to know that ASME Next (the American Society of Magazine Editors’ organization for junior-level editors) is having a panel on Thursday, September 5th (the first day of Fashion Week) called “So You Want To Be A Fashion Writer?” and it is being moderated by yours truly. Fashion and beauty writers from Elle and Glamour will be on the panel, among others. If this appeals, check it out! (ASME)

Madonna, of course, has started wearing a grill. Sigh. (Lainey Gossip)

– You will want to read this profile of Victoria Beckham which opens with her placing daisies in Harper Seven’s hair. She sounds like a smart, hard-working woman and a hands-on mom. It’s a good piece. (T Magazine)

Cinderella re-imagined with Beyonce songs. Yes. (Lainey)

– Dear PeopleStyleWatch, thank you for bringing us shirtless photos of David Beckham. We love you. (People Style Watch)

– YES. Refinery29′s City Hall Weddings Slideshow is BACK. These are my favorites. (Refinery29)

– Pajiba’s list of 21 Random Celebrity Facts That Will Blow Your Mind DID IN FACT blow my mind. Claire Danes has a swing in her apartment! Damien Lewis is slowly driven insane by Phil Collins! Toni Collette faked appendicitis so well THEY TOOK OUT HER APPENDIX. (Pajiba)

– I just watched a three-minute video about monograms from J Crew and I’d do it again. It’s really charming AND educational. Also, I LOVE monograms. (You Tube)

It’s time for the 7th Annual Vogue Liveblog, over at Glossed Over. (Glossed Over)

– I DO want to be able to just spray caffeine right in my face DON’T JUDGE ME. (Time)

– This profile of US Weekly fashion editor Sasha Charnin Morrison is so fun. (Fashionista)

– After being invited to a film festival in St. Petersburg, Wentworth Miller declined and came out in an open letter decrying Russia’s shameful new anti-homosexuality laws. (A) Good for you, Wentworth, and (B) Wentworth Miller is NOT AGING. He might actually be hotter now than he was on Prison Break. (Celebitchy)

– Warby Parker is now selling…a monocle. It inspires greatness at Avidly. (Avidly)

– This is an awesome, and very smart, look back at the style of one Special Agent Dana Scully. She’s ALSO a medical doctor, I don’t know if you’re aware of that. (Dazed)


Fugs and Pieces, August 16 2013

First and foremost: TODAY IS HEATHER’S BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEATHER! I got you all these things to read:

– This is a lovely story about a community of nuns that also happens to be releasing an album. I find nuns very interesting. (NPR)

– You probably want to see Prince William giving a side-eye to a falcon. (Socialite Life)

– Or revisit some of these Kate Middleton looks. (Socialite Life)

– The wonderful Alamo Drafthouse in Austin has a new pre-film informercial in which Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller discuss what will happen if you text during the movie.Watch the whole thing. It’s worth it. (Vulture)

– Sandra Oh is leaving Grey’s Anatomy and we’re all unhappy about this turn of events. Pajiba does a great job explaining why Cristina Yang is the best. I mean, I think we can all agree that the one true couple we’re all really invested in on that show — if you, like me and Heather, are still watching it despite yourselves — is Cristina and Meredith. They do platonic love on that show so much better than romantic. (Pajiba)

– You’ve surely read some of the commotion surrounding the launch of Bustle — you guys, it’s a website for ladies! Because we don’t HAVE any! — but this was one of the smartest takes on what went wrong. (Flavorwire)

– Apparently, Gwyneth Paltrow was irritating in the Hamptons over the weekend. Color me stunned. (Lainey Gossip)

Fashion inspired by kick-ass lady heroines. In case you woke up this morning wondering where you could get oxblood Buffy pants or giant awesome Foxy Brown earrings, which, let’s be honest: you probably did. (Who What Wear)

The 90s are back. (Elle)

– The Huntington Library in San Marino, where I spent many an afternoon as a youth, found some cake. Some really old cake. Some REALLY OLD CAKE. Want a piece? (And an update on what they’re doing with it, and another places that also have ancient foodstuffs.) (The Huntington Tumblr)

– This dates from the beginning of summer and I was wrong not to bring it to you then: Famous People Wearing Sunglasses (hilariously, this slideshow refers to Phil Spector as “very cool music producer Phil Spector.” Um, and batshit crazy MURDERER, you guys). (Harper’s Bazaar)

– The folks at Previously.TV imagine what we may read in Jason Priestley’s upcoming memoirs. (Previously.TV)

Here’s Benedict Cumberbatch’s Vogue spread, because I know what you like. (Celebitchy)

– This dude in Japan made over 20,000 prank calls to the Japanese 911 before they came over to his convenience store and arrested him. (Time)


Fugs and Pieces, August 9th, 2013

Happy 10th Anniversary of The O.C, guys! I hope you all enjoyed our coverage. As a reminder, we brought you a look back at Peter Gallagher’s eyebrows, of the hotness of cagefighter Ben McKenzie, the wacktacular ensembles of Misha Barton, the cuteness that is Rachel Bilson, and everything that is Samaire Armstrong. STILL need stuff to read?

– We took a look back at Sharon Stone’s wardrobe over the years. YOU GUYS. IT WAS CRAZY. (The Cut)

– Yeah, you’re going to want to read about what Grantland calls “the most incredible photo shoot in U.S. soccer history.” Not for the reasons you think you’re going to want to read about it, though. Just trust me. (Grantland)

– Harper’s Bazaar took a look back at Princess Beatrice’s fashion, in honor of her 25th birthday. (Harper’s Bazaar)

– And Fashionista brings us the Banana Republic/Issa/Kate Middleton collaboration. (Fashionista)

– You will LOVE these watercolor portraits of fictional heroines. (Refinery29)

– Vulture’s coverage of the 10th anniversary of The O.C. has been awesome. They actually did a look back at all the lower-third promos that FOX ran during season one. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen the logo for COPS plastered across Barton’s cleav. (Vulture)

– They also did an O.C Superfan Quiz and IT IS HARD. (Vulture)

The full trailer of Naomi Watt’s Diana is here. Obviously, I am going to see it, but I have to agree that this trailer makes it look a bit Lifetime. (Lainey)

– Pajiba is so right that the title of the Sharknado sequel is AWFUL. Their suggestions are way funnier. (Pajiba)

– No big, just pictures of Tom Hiddleston hanging out with Cookie Monster. (Celebitchy)

– Remember the best ad of 2012? Yes, you do: THE WORLD TURNS. AND WE TURN WITH IT. Anyway, I think Christy Turlington and CK are trying to out-Brad Brad Pitt and Chanel. (People Stylewatch)

– Do I need to tell you any more than the title of this piece on The Hairpin: STONE COLD JANE AUSTEN. (The Hairpin)

– You saw the Stephen Colbert “Get Lucky” routine, yes? YES? (HuffPo)

– Virgin Atlantic is featuring live stand-up comedians and musicians on some of their flights in the UK. I love Virgin, but I can’t imagine anything worse than being stuck in the middle of an in-air stand-up comedy set or unwanted concert that I literally CANNOT ESCAPE. What if I just want to take a nap, you guys?! (Time)

- Also, just for fun:



Fugs and Pieces, August 2, 2013

How is it already August? Think about the unstoppable march of time, and then cheer yourself with the following:

–Did you hear? We’re on Pinterest! Our boards include “Everyone Looks Hotter in Sunglasses,” “Assorted Royals,” and, obviously, “Various Turbans of Note.” (Pinterest)

– At Girls of a Certain Age, everyone’s talking about the clothes in our closet that we don’t wear, but also just can’t get rid of. You guys know I’m a hoarder to begin with. (Girls of a Certain Age)

– Prince Harry, out and about in the blue beret you like so much. (Lainey)

– Speaking of the Royals, why doesn’t Kate wear Issa anymore? Because it’s now owned by an Al-Fayed. (Celebuzz)

– Fashionista takes a look at how September issues get made. (Fashionista)

UT Austin has an espresso robot. Austin seems like the best. (Time)

– You’re heard about Sean Parker’s TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL NUPTIALS. They were more out of control than you thought. (Valleywag)

This is a totally fascinating article about Stephen King’s family. I really do enjoy my Stephen King books. I find him quite underrated, honestly. Although the older he gets, the less his editor makes him cut anything out. Details, Stephen. (New York Times)

– In honor of the exhibit at Kensington Palace of a variety of royal gowns — Diana’s, Princess Margaret’s, and the Queen’s — Grazia put together a slideshow of some of Princess Margaret’s best. There are some HATS, you guys. (Grazia)

– The outfits in the American Hustle trailer are AMAZING. (Pajiba)

– This is fun: Guess the Rotten Tomato score. (Vulture)


Fugs and Pieces, July 26, 2013

Happy Royal Baby Week! Have a Pimm’s along with the following:

– You definitely want to watch this video of Prince Harry talking about Prince George. (Lainey)

– Speaking of George’s aunts and uncles, this is a fascinating piece about how the English press/public has turned on Pippa. (NY Times)

– Reading the new prince’s astrological chart. “This combination creates a superbly competent monarch indeed, but also a complicated personality: Under his coat of armor, he is in fact quite deep and emotionally intense. Growing up there will be inner conflict, as the Sun opposes the Moon at his birth. He will have difficulty satisfying both his need to be an individual and the responsibility of his birthright.” (The Cut)

– This is a very interesting article about the origins and references of Prince George’s name. Including “the first Prince George of Cambridge..was born in 1819 and refused to have an arranged marriage. He wed a commoner for love.” AW! Okay, I’m with you, I’m with you. Then, “despite his marriage, George had a wandering eye and soon after he wed he took up with mistress Louisa Beauclerk, who remained his lover for more than 30 years…He was said to have been a disciplinarian, who believed Army promotions should be based on social connections rather than ability.” And then you lost me. Here’s hoping the new Prince George of Cambridge is more awesome than that. (The Daily Mail)

Over on our Facebook, we’ve been playing with this for days: the Royal Name Generator.  All hail Empress Aquarius The Mostly Victorious! (USA Today)

Kimye have gone and (allegedly) bought gold-plated toilets. I can not stop laughing. (Celebitchy)

– I LOVE the feature on The Cut where Rebecca Harrington tries a variety of cracked out celebrity diets of past and present. This time, she tries Madonnna’s. Newflash: IT’S THE HARDEST.  Rebecca Harrington is extremely funny. (The Cut)

A British brewery has created a special beer for Prince George. I love all this varied baby swag. (Time)

Noah Wyle, 20 years later, can still recite his monologue from the ER pilot. I don’t remember what I had for lunch on Wednesday. (Pajiba)

Mindy Kaling’s super cute in this interview with Warby Parker (the also super cute glasses company). Anyone who loved Harriet the Spy is right with me. (Warby Parker)

– Wow, Lana del Rey does NOT like Lady Gaga. (Flavorwire)

Maclean’s did a whole piece on the upswing of the tiara! (In which I am quoted, sounding like quite the wordsmith, suggesting people “just stick giant diamonds in it.”) You’ll enjoy it; it’s very interesting. (Maclean’s)

– Speaking of tiaras, the Telegraph did a whole slideshow of terrible celeb wedding dresses, and while I disagree with a couple of them (Princess Diana’s was THE BOMB to me at the time; I was, however, 5 years old), you guys HAVE TO SEE Emma Thompson’s at her marriage to Branagh. IT’S AMAZING. (Telegraph)

– This “sandwich book” — actually a work of art, truly – is AWESOME. (Colossal)

– I love this! Curbed LA put together The Ultimate Clueless Map, including the stop sign where Cher totally paused. But hold the phone: Cher’s house is actually in…ENCINO? WHATEVER. (Curbed LA)

–You might want to watch the trailer for the Julian Fellowes Romeo and Juliet adaptation, starring Hailee Steinfeld as perhaps film’s first age-accurate-ish Juliet. It looks kinda good, you guys. And also a little bit like Old Timey SUPER High-Stakes Gossip Girl, although perhaps that’s just because Ed Westwick (and his SWOONY real British Accent) is playing Tybalt. I missed you, Chuck Bass. (Celebuzz)