Fug File: Fugs and Pieces

Fugs and Pieces, August 15th, 2014

Newsflash: The Emmys are a week from MONDAY. That makes me feel more like it’s almost fall than anyone going back to school, let me tell you. While you think about the unrelenting march of time, distract yourself with these:

– This is a video from Radio 1 but you probably want to watch it, as it’s Matthew Lewis acting out fanfiction about himself.  Well, technically about Neville and Harry. It’s quite, quite funny (and somewhat naughty, as you can imagine). Matt Lewis is VERY VERY CUTE. (YouTube)

– While we’re talking about Harry Potter, Book Riot has a great round-up of the new covers, and HP covers around the world.

– Do not pretend you don’t want to see Idris Elba shirtless in Details. (Lainey)

– Here’s a headline for you: Attic that inspired Jane Eyre’s ‘madwoman in the attic’ Bertha open for public tours. Reader, I loved the gift shop. (The Independent)

– Russell Brand’s piece on Robin Williams is wonderfully eloquent and beautifully done. (The Guardian)

– This is a fascinating conversation with the casting director for Orange Is The New Black. (Buzzfeed)

– All I want in this world is for Kanye to wear this tee-shirt covered in images of Kim crying. (People StyleWatch)

– Ten years later, Paper catches up with the cast of Napoleon Dynamite.

– In case you fall into a hole in the fabric of space and time, here are 9 Tips for Avoiding London Pickpockets from a 19th Century Guide, via Mental Floss.

– Also from Mental Floss, and in honor of back to school — also, making kids go back to school this week is insane to me. In my day, you didn’t go back to school until after Labor Day! Get off my lawn! Etc — The History of the Trapper Keeper. Oh god, I love school supplies. This article also just taught me that Pee Chee folders were only here on the West Coast! LEARNING.

– Apparently the new DanRad/Adam Driver/Zoe Kazan movie is GREAT and I am delighted because I like those people and also because I laugh in the ads every time DanRad inadvertently pushes that dude out the window. (Pajiba)

Lauren Bacall’s enduring style. (The Cut)


Harper’s Bazaar celebrated Audrey Hepburn’s birthday with 15 rarely seen photos.

– I should have shared this two weeks ago, but you’ll still live it: 82 of Oscar de la Renta’s best looks. (Elle)

The Fashion Spot talked to little kids about the new Fall fashion ad campaigns and the results are very amusing. For example, “I do like that the other girl is like, ‘Do I look bored to you? I’m just going about my day. Don’t think I’m boring like the other girl.’ And she’s not having a good day. I don’t like the clothes. ”

–It’s the 30th birthday of the PG-13 rating and Flavorwire looks at 10 times the MPAA screwed it up.

Lifetime is making a movie-of-the-week about Brittany Murphy and although her father (with whom, I believe, she was not close in life) plans to sue, I must admit that I will totally watch this movie on Sunday while I’m doing laundry. There is some uproar about it, but this is exactly Lifetime’s bread and butter. Mysterious death based on a true story? That is LITERALLY what a Lifetime movie is. (Celebitchy)


Fugs and Pieces, August 8, 2014


– I know you. I know you want to see a shirtless and buff Dan Stevens. COUSIN MATTHEWWWWW. (Lainey)

– This is a super interesting article about the benefits and drawbacks of complaining. (The Science of Us)

– I’m going to complain right now. The Lifetime Saved By The Bell movie looks TERRIBLE. (Vulture)

The Dress Down looks at the hows and whys of the way Keri Russell is so awesome and well-dressed now. 

– The Telegraph has this insanely interesting piece, looking at the military kit British soldiers carried into battle over the last thousand years. Men were given cheese to carry into the Battle of Waterloo, which seems like the least any army could do for its men.

– Speaking of war, this is ALSO very interesting: Bra History: How A War Shortage Reshaped Modern Shapewear. (NPR)

–Relevant to our interests, the BBC looks at the world’s most influential pointing finger. (I had no idea, even, that UK military recruiting posters used the iconic “I want you” pointer finger, as we also do here in the US. LEARNING.)

– The Hairpin looks at The Tragic History of Fallen Teen Magazines. Bop just folded THIS WEEK. RIP, Bop. I’m sure I bought you for pictures of River Phoenix.

– Oh, Cosmo. You had me with this headline: 12 Ways to Make Bagels Even Better. OKAY!

– You know what? Weird Al should be the Superbowl Halftime performer. (Ravishly)

– MAC is releasing THE MOST AMAZING line of make-up based on romance novels. I hope my beloved Smart Bitches, Trashy Books weighs in! (Refinery29)

– I have long opined that it is the great tragedy of my life that I am not married to Stephen Colbert, and his Ask A Grown Man for Rookie only proves it. He is the most wonderful.

– I LOVE paper dolls, and I was sad to read that Tom Tierney — THE KING of good paper dolls — died last week. His obituary is fascinating and wonderful. I had SO many of his works: the Princess Diana ones (which actually came up in Royals Round-Up today), the Vivian Leigh ones, and probably a bunch I can’t even remember. (New York Times)

– This is a delight: I Tried Living Like Blake Lively, and It Was Nerve-Racking, yet Triumphant. “To start my day, I tore the T-shirt, which unarguably resembled a dirty kitchen rag, out of its packaging. “This single piece of cotton is meant to be lived in, loved in, tattered, worn in, sworn in, destroyed, sweat in, slept in. let it become you,” I was instructed, via a small note card. I let the shirt become me, and felt immediately like an extra in a Mumford & Sons music video.” (Vanity Fair)

I dunno that I think Nine West’s new ad campaign — in which they call one pair of their shoes ripe for “starter husband-hunting” (what if you already HAVE a husband or don’t want one?) — is going to work out all that great for them. (New York Times)

Posh Spice is auctioning off 600 (!) items from her closet, for charity. (Elle)

– Also at Elle, Sally Holmes tried gym-going the way Taylor Swift does it. It’s not as easy as it looks.

– Breckin Meyer HATES Dustin Diamond  — on Zach Morris’s behalf, I’m pretty sure — and he is NOT pulling punches. (Pajiba)

Lucky gives love to Marissa Cooper’s style. Aw, Coop. We knew you well.

– Here’s your Hiddleston for the week! (Celebitchy)


Fugs and Pieces, August 1, 2014

IT’S HOT HERE. Read these things:

– This week, we pitted Kiki Dunst against Christy Turlington in the Battle of the Faux Marie Antoinettes for Vanity Fair.

– Did you know there’s a Go Fug Yourself Book Club on Goodreads? There is! This month’s selection is Code Name Verity, so get talking!

VINTAGE WEDDING GOWNS. Cornelia Vanderbilt looks amazing; one bride is wearing “a giant crocheted condom.” Must see. (Retroette)

Paper runs down the best, worst, and weirdest celebrity cookbooks. This is where I confess that the Gywneth Paltrow cookbooks are kinda good. I own both of them. I also (obviously) happen to own the Miss Piggy one in question.

– Thank you, Elle, for The Best Beach Reads to Transport You Around the World. I need transportation.

Book Riot has curated a bunch of book-inspired shoes. We love books AND shoes!


– They played New Girl‘s True American over at Entertainment Weekly! It ended with a hangover.

– I appreciate Lucky‘s salute to Mindy Kaling’s Instagram.

Benedict Cumberbatch, pointing at things. (Vanity Fair)

Allison Williams is going to play the title role in NBC’s Peter Pan and I am actually totally fine with this. She can sing and she might be good. (I like Peter Pan, but it’s not HOLY TO ME the way Sound of Music is, and besides, what we’re all REALLY excited about is the possibility that the flying mechanism will malfunction.) (Lainey)

Adam Driver and DanRad in the same movie? I might be in, you guys. (Pajiba)

– I love this: If MORE Famous Literary Characters Had Online Dating Profiles. (Barnes & Noble Book Blog)

– From Mental Floss, 31 Adorable Slang Terms for Sexual Intercourse from the Last 600 Years. I’m bringing back “horizontal refreshment.”

– Buzzfeed made a whole bunch of snap judgements on the upcoming batch of pilots.

– Here’s a whole bunch of Lee Pace pictures for you. (Celebitchy)

– Just gonna leave this here: British Men Romp Nude in Beautiful Homoerotic Glory. (Um. Not safe for work.) (The Cut)


Fugs and Pieces, July 25th 2014

I feel like the entire world is out of town. Keep yourself company with the following:

– This montage of all — ALL, not just clothing — the brands ever mentioned on Sex and the City, in alphabetical order, is amazing and also surprisingly really funny. (Who What Wear)

– I have THOUGHTS about the 50 Shades of Grey trailer, and they’re many and varied and confused. Like, “Jamie Dornan is so hot,” This looks ridiculous,” “I really LOVE ‘Crazy in Love’,” and “I really can’t stand this shit where Dakota Johnson’s character is so mousy and sad. I prefer my heroines sassy and strong.” (The AV Club)

Anne Helen Peterson’s History of TMZ is one hell of a good read. (Buzzfeed)

The Hollywood Reporter is doing a feature called 5 days of Shoes, and it’s fun. SHOES!

Britney has a lingerie line now, which seems like a good way for her to keep making money without actually having to get off the sofa (NO SHADE: THAT IS MY DREAM.) (Cosmo)

– We talked about Legos a bit in this week’s Royals Round-Up, and here’s some more of them. GOLDEN GIRLS LEGOS. IF ONLY. (Hello Giggles)

–Here’s the trailer for the Cumberbatch movie about Alan Turing. Cumberbatch! Knightley! Matthew Goode! BRANSON. (Vulture)

Elle looks at the on-screen style of one Ms Lisa Turtle.

– Grantland presents a 30 for 30 short about the inventor of the high five. I love a good high five.

– I also love this sort of thing: 11 Actors Who Amusingly Referenced Their Past Roles (Pajiba)

– Let’s read about the history of centerpieces! (Chairs & Buildings)

– This is good: 21 Actors Offer Their TV Characters One Piece Of Advice. Here’s what Nina Dobrev tells Elena Gilbert: ““Run. Like the wind. Get the f*ck out of that town.” (Buzzfeed)

– Caity Weaver over at Gawker took TGI Friday’s Unlimited Appetizers offer to the limit of her own sanity.

– How are they seriously making ANOTHER Pirates of the Caribbean movie?! (Lainey)

Would You Wear A Dress Made Of Condoms? Would you? (The Frisky)

– This Town & Country headline makes me laugh: The Most Ridiculous Names For Your Beach House. I secretly love “Vitamin Sea.”

– I love love love Summer Reading Lists. Glitter Guide has a good one.

– Did you know that Nordstrom has been featuring disabled models in its catalogs — with zero fanfare — since 1997? (Glamour)

– Hilariously, the National Enquirer claims that (a) Brad Pitt has a psychic and (b) Angie made him dump the psychic. It IS a slow news week. (Celebitchy)


Fugs and Pieces, July 18, 2014

It’s a good thing this week is over. I just tried to date this, “19-something.” UM. NO.

– Our intern’s bride-to-be takes on the father of our country in a WHO WORE IT BEST BATTLE FOR THE AGES. (Vanity Fair)

The New York Times hails The Return of the Scrunchie. AAAAAAAH. (They surprisingly do not mention Cressida Bonas.)

Who What Wear swears they have SOLVED HIGH HEEL FOOT PAIN with this trick. I haven’t tried it, but I’m going to. WE ALL SHOULD.

– I mean, OBVIOUSLY I’m going to direct you to a slideshow featuring The 50 Most Iconic Sunglasses of All Time. (The Cut)

– You WILL want to read the History of the Caftan. (Collectors Weekly)

– Vulture spent four days with Solange, and took pictures of all of it.

– Over at Elle, Sally Holmes lived by her horoscope for the week. For example: “when my doctor called two weeks after the initial appointment to check in, I told him that yep, it looks like I am in fact allergic to that toothpaste. I decided not to tell him my horoscope thought so too.” It’s very funny.

– Sally ALSO wrote a great post about another Sally’s style, in honor of the anniversary of When Harry Met Sally.

– Have I mentioned that I am obsessed with baking things in muffin tins? I am. And here are a bunch of muffin tin recipes, if you are like me. (World Lifestyle)

–In light of recent convos, I think we’re all going to enjoy the following: 10 Characters Who Ended Up With The Wrong People. (Barnes and Noble Book Blog)

– OMG, Pajiba live-blogged I Know What You Did Last Summer.

– Weird Al’s pro-grammar “Blurred Lines” parody, “Word Crimes,” is unsurprisingly great. (Vulture)

— This is awesome. The Cut chatted up the costume designer who works on Masters of Sex.

– The snaps from Novak Djokovic’s wedding, sold to Hello!, are so dorky (in a heart-warming way) and sweet at the same time. I have great fondness for him. (Celebitchy)

– Here are some amazing celebrity pools. Did you know Drake has a swim-up bar?! (Curbed)

Blake Lively’s new lifestyle site is going to be called…PRESERVE. I guess nothing is really worse than GOOP? (Lainey)


Fugs and Pieces, July 11, 2014

THANK GOD IT’S THE WEEKEND. Read this stuff while I start drinking heavily:

– In this week’s Vanity Fair WHO WORE IT BEST?! Heather and I make Brooke Shields and Joey Potter wrestle. Um, figuratively.

– In Unsurprising News of the Week: Lindsay Lohan Issued Final Warning Due to Poor Behavior on SPEED THE PLOW?. (Broadway World)

– Sooooo, the Scottish uniforms for the Commonwealth Games are….not great, Bob. (Telegraph)

People StyleWatch has a wonderful tribute to Eileen Ford, who died this week.

A Belated Tribute to Meshach Taylor and His Groundbreaking Designing Women Character, via Vulture. Well worth your time to read.


– Over at the Archives of American Art, this is awesome: “The Archives of American Art’s current exhibition Artists and Their Models considers the important role of models in the artistic process. A model’s distinct characteristics help bring life and personality to an artist’s idea. Yet being an artist’s muse requires both muscle and moxie. Live models have to ignore their aching limbs and maintain dramatic gazes for hours at a time. They must comport their bodies into awkward positions, often while wearing little or no clothes. Original photographs in our collections offer a glimpse into the work of models. Of these images, I wonder, which of these posers is premier? I have channeled my inner Tyra Banks to rank the top artist’s models in the Archives of American Art.”

– I ASSUME you’ve read the new Harry Potter tidbits, but you will also want to read Margaret Lyons’s take on it in Vulture.

– THIS is my kind of quiz: Which Ryan Gosling Movie House Should You Live In? (Lonny)

Lo “The Hills” Bosworth did the Grub Street Diet this week and I found it charming (and full of food). It reminded me why I always liked it when Lo showed up on the The Hills to tell L.C to Get A Grip.

– Allegedly Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are dating (she just broke off her engagement, so perhaps they’re just hooking up; either way, good for both of you) and I totally support this, actually. They’re both hot and they both seem likeable and entertaining, so way to go, you two hot likeable people. Get it on. (Lainey)

‘The Giver’ Gets a Nail Collection. Which Children’s Book Should Be Next? asks Elle.

– Justin Theroux gave an interview in which he says he hates sweatpants AND mandals. You’re hired! (Celebitchy)

– You guys may not know this, but I am secretly obsessed with articles about how best to pack one’s luggage, and this Cosmo one has some legitimately good tips that might change my life.

– I love this headline: The 25 Most Egregious Emmy Nomination Snubs Of All Time (According to Me, At This Particular Hour, Based on my Current Mood). (Pajiba)