Fug File: Fugs and Pieces

Fugs and Pieces, December 18th, 2015

Fug Nation: Christmas is a week from today. If you celebrate, you better start your list making! (I AM SO BEHIND!) While you procrastinate on that, though, please enjoy the following:

– Lainey is, of course, all over the current Josh Jackson/Diane Kruger drama.

GQ has compiled all of their Star Wars coverage throughout the years and it is pretty rad. Billy Dee Williams finger paints!

– On that topic, at Gizmodo: Star Wars Merchandising Is Even More Absurd Outside the US

– This is so wrong and so, so funny, at Pajiba: A Serious Discussion of Which Original Trilogy ‘Star Wars’ Character Is Best In Bed. “Rebecca: I mean, Lando owns a damn city. He has that sweet space cape. You know as soon as he joined the Rebel Alliance people were jumping all over him. You wouldn’t expect him to stick around the next morning, necessarily.”

– I love this British meteorologist who worked a LOT of Star Wars references into her forecast yesterday morning, all very straight-faced. (The Hollywood Gossip)

– And finally, if you haven’t seen Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, and the Star Wars cast sing various songs from Star Wars…just do yourself a favor. It’s even better than it sounds.

Can I interest you in Shirtless Sam Heughan? Thought so. (Celebitchy)

– At The Toast: Please Recommend Your Favorite Trashy Memoirs

– Let’s eyeball some 18th century shoes! (All Things Georgian)

– I really enjoyed this piece about the Ava DuVernay Barbie at Afrobella.

– This is a very moving essay about infertility and baseball, at Hazlitt: The Year in Coming Close.

– At Buzzfeed: Someone Drew “Hamilton” As A Disney Movie And It’s Amazing

– Also at Buzzfeed: Tina and Amy are perfect and wonderful.

– I love this, at New York: This 116-Year-Old Brooklyn Woman Is the World’s Oldest Person. She’s also sporting a turban and sunglasses.

– The Cut’s story about the first black, trans model is fascinating, and sad, and moving.

– Via Racked, we learned Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer Won’t Be Dress Twins Because Dior Has No ‘Sense of Humor’

– At this point, can’t Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx just confirm that they’re madly in love?!?!?! (Lainey)

– At Vox: On Clue’s 30th anniversary, an ode to the flames on the side of Madeline Kahn’s face

– Get cozy and get reading: Longreads Best of 2015: Crime Reporting

– We were delighted to be on Mom Advice’s Sundays With Writers series, talking about The Royal We — our process, research, themes, the movie, what’s up next, all kinds of stuff.


Fugs and Pieces: December 11th, 2015

IT’S THE WEEKEND! I have to get my Christmas tree, you guys. And make a list of stuff. Several lists. Hope your weekend is full of delights.

– Big thanks to Cosmo for naming The Royal We one of its Fifteen Best Books of the Year!

– I’m sure you want to read this, at the New York Times: A Night Out With Solange Knowles at Art Basel

– I’m really sad I didn’t see Justin Timberlake at the Grove, because what is he wearing?!? (Lainey)

– It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s time for The 2015 Hater’s Guide To The Williams-Sonoma Catalog. And it is, as ever, a brilliant work of genius. To wit: “Behold hand-crafted teacups, and copper mugs filled with hot mulled wine, and very tiny candies with even tinier bits of candies sprinkled upon them, and jolly wreaths, and big hunks of imported bleu cheese that will help distract EVERYONE from the fact that Mumsy and Dudsy are still waiting for their divorce papers to finalize! You’ll gather round the hearth and drink fizzy punch while a gaggle of homeless orphans stand outside your window in the freezing cold … staring. LONGING. Aching to be taken in so that they might know the touch of your jingle-bell napkin rings.”(Deadspin)

I love this very angry review of Joy, which does look bad. I love you, Jennifer Lawrence, but maybe take a break from working with David O Russell for a little bit. (Pajiba)

– Over at The New Potato, in News You Can Use: How To Avoid a Hangover. SEASONAL!

– Can we interest you in some candy cane-coated caramelized white chocolate pretzels? (Good. Food. Stories.)

– You should know that Joan Collins is auctioning off some of her stuff (for charity? For money? So she can move into a Tiny House? I don’t know) and the lots include TURBANS!

– At The Toast, Charlotte Brontë’s Most Inexplicable Denominational Burns. Ahem: “She was so judgmental, and there are few things I love more than a judgmental prude who is too dead to disapprove of me personally.” INDEED. I’ll see you in hell, Brontë!

– Speaking of, the BBC has chosen the 100 Greatest British Novels.

– This huge back tattoo on Bffleck is fake…right?? Rumor currently has it that it’s real, but…that seems like…a lot. (Lainey)

The Downton Abbey stars performing DA scenes with American accents is jarring! And pretty funny — Lady Mary sounds like a total Valley girl and I laughed out loud at Branson. (The Hollywood Gossip)

– I can leave this right here:  Chris and Liam Hemsworth bring cheeky sibling rivalry to Instagram (Celebitchy)

– This is interesting, at Grub Street: Meet the Kleptogastromaniacs, Customers Hooked on High-End-Food Theft


Fugs and Pieces: December 4th, 2015

What a week; I think I can speak for a lot us when I say that it was exhausting, emotionally and otherwise. I hope some of these links will bring you a small bit of entertainment, or, at the very least, are useful procrastinatory tools.

First, if you missed Fug Nation’s Brag Post on Monday, I really really recommend that you read it — the comments, specifically. You guys are amazing. We’ve got Fug Nationals who’ve swum the English Channel, who’ve helped eradicate Ebola, who are prosecuting war crimes for the UN. So many of you have been on Jeopardy! We’ve got lots of Fug Nation babies on the way! It’s just a really heart-warming and wonderful read, and a much needed one at the moment.

And, in case you missed it on Tuesday, all Fug Nationals can get 15% off everything at GiGi New York with the code GOFUG15. This deal, and a variety of others, are rounded up here.

Also, we did several things for Cosmo this week:

1) The 20 Best Red-Carpet Looks of 2015

Please note! These are not in any order. (We’re also going to cover Best and Worst Looks of the Year Here At GFY Closer To The Holidays, and, yes, I just got carried away with the capital letters.) Go visit and see if your favorites made the list! I am SURE one of them did.

2) 20 Celebrity Breakups of 2015, Ranked From Least to Most Heartbreaking

WHY GOD WHYYYYYYYY? I am sure you can guess whose breakup broke us up the most, but man, everyone broke up this year.

And — finally! — elsewhere:

You probably need a Hamilton Gift Guide, right? (Daisy Razor)

– Related, I loved this at Pajiba: In Defense of Benny from ‘Rent’

– This is very likely relevant to your interests, at The Telegraph:  ‘Carol’ costume designer on making Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara’s characters our new style icons

– This is amazing, at Jezebel: Elizabeth Taylor Ran an Underground AIDS Pharmaceutical Ring to Provide Drugs to Patients

– I LOVED this, at The Awl: A Guide to This Year’s Lifetime Christmas Movies. To wit: “This is the first of two movies in which two people sing a full-length Christmas carol while looking into each other’s eyes as everybody else in the room watches in silent admiration, and this is treated as romantic and fun.”

– This headline from Lainey says it all: Hollywood had a secret meeting about women which is not weird at all. (That said, the meeting itself seems like kind of a good thing.)

– I also enjoyed Lainey’s take on Sandra Bullock’s new daughter, and how good Sandy is at keeping things under wrap. (Also: Louis Bullock is SO CUTE on the cover of People).

– I thought this piece at Vulture, in which a variety of TV professionals talk about TV ratings and their relationship with them, was quite interesting.

– Also at Vulture, you NEED to see this supercut of ANTM where Tyra announces to which foreign country she’s sending the models. I laughed out loud.

– The Business of Fashion asks: What’s Going On at Conde Nast?

– Let’s not kid ourselves. You are going to read this: 21 things Michael B. Jordan looks perfect while doing (Fushion)

The New Potato gives us six ways to make French toast and I WANT THEM ALL.

– At Atlas Obscura: I Spent 4 Years Working at Drunken, Decadent Debutante Balls in New Orleans

– At Women in the World: These forgotten female crime writers had no time for femmes fatales or dowdy housewives

– I am INTO THIS: The Wonderland of Swedish Wooden Toys. That dollhouse! (Hyperallergic)

Just when you thought you couldn’t love Uzo Aduba more, she goes and reveals she used to be…A COMPETITIVE FIGURE SKATER. That, and more, in this charming short profile. (The New Yorker)

Here’s your Hiddleston for the week! (Celebitchy)


Fugs and Pieces, November 25th, 2015


No Royals Round-Up this week, because it’s only Wednesday and an insufficient number of them have left the house. That feature will be back in action next week — as will we! Heather and I are taking off the Thanksgiving holiday, and we will return to regular posting on Monday. Here’s to a healthy, happy Thanksgiving to our fellow Americans, and a glorious and swiftly-moving Thursday and Friday, and an awesome weekend, to the rest of you.

Until then, in case you need something to read:

–In case you missed it, the Fug Nation gift guide ran this week!

– I was very interested in this piece in Maclean’s: Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau’s shrewd style.

– Pajiba runs down 8 Magnificent Lead Actors We Need Back on Television Like, Yesterday. It’s a list with which I cannot disagree.

– I loved this piece, in the New York Times: Finding Alice’s ‘Wonderland’ in Oxford

– At THR: Asian Actors Onstage: Lea Salonga, Phillipa Soo Sound Off on Broadway Representation, Cultural Perceptions

I enjoy this list of “favorite things” from Claire Zulkey. It’s very much like Oprah’s.

– This is delicious, at Food52: Cook Like Hermoine Granger and 11 Other Ladies of Literature.

– At Mental Floss, very on topic: Who Invented the Turducken? (My guess was Martha. WRONG.)

– So, I’ve never been to an Automat (they were dunzo by the time I was old enough to be anywhere that had one), but I was always FASCINATED by them because I read a lot of books as a kid where people went to the Automat. Collectors Weekly goes deep into Automat history.

– At Buzzfeed, Anne Helen Peterson interviewed Enya. IN ENYA’S CASTLE. Of course, Enya has a castle.

– Ooooh, The New Potato has three hot toddy recipes. SOLD.

– Very on topic, and very funny, at Eater: Which Food Magazine Wins Thanksgiving?

– Let us peruse these many hair styles of the Georgian era. (All Things Georgian)

– Via Vulture: Jason Street Will Play Coach Taylor in the Unauthorized Musical of Friday Night Lights. I think I speak for us all when I say: !!!!!

– Bless Lainey for bringing this trailer for the Mariah Carey holiday movie to our attention. Mimi directed it AND is starring in it! She also looks like she’s been shot through the same lens and with the same backdrop they use for the Barbara Walters special. She never pans out for full-body shot! I CAN’T WAIT TO WATCH THIS. NEVER CHANGE, MARIAH.

– Allegedly, per Celebitchy, Kate Hudson dumped Nick Jonas because she ‘wants to pursue multiple people.’ And, I suspect, because people didn’t get THAT excited about her allegedly dating Nick Jonas.

–And, finally,  FYI in case you want to Treat Yo Self, The Royal We e-book is marked down to $3.99 basically everywhere for the next week:

Happy Thanksgiving, and don’t get your turkey stuck on your head! (Speaking of, if you haven’t read our post about Thanksgiving mishaps, it may give you a chuckle. People have set things on fire, and gotten limbs stuck in meals, and lost MANY items of food to dogs. It’s great…well, it’s great in retrospect.)



Fugs and Pieces, November 20th, 2015

Happy Friday, everyone!

First, a bit of news, and I apologize to those of you who’ve already read about this in Royals Round-Up. But! We are thrilled that The Royal We has made it to the final round of the Goodreads Choice Awards! Huge thanks to everyone who has voted for us throughout the competition! Voting closes on November 23rd, and you can vote for us, or for any of the other extremely worthy finalists, here.

– This piece, on the selfie, at Medium, is really, really interesting and well worth your time.

– Full disclosure: I haven’t had the time to read this very long Maureen Dowd piece in the New York Times about women in Hollywood yet, because it published this morning and I had to finish Royals Round-Up by 1pm PST. But I’m about to read it, and Twitter tells me I will be interested in it.

Do you want to look at some pictures of Idris Elba? OF COURSE YOU DO! (Lainey)

– Also, at Vulture, the most important quiz of our time: Can You Name That Shirtless Man? Reader, I can. Mostly.

– ALSO At Vulture, this piece about Hailee Steinfeld’s new musical career has all the thoughts I’ve also thought about said new career.

– Previously.TV imagines what the Mad Men telenovela that Rogelio came up with — and was sued for — on this week’s Jane the Virgin would look like, and it is funny.

– Women in the World talk to Jennifer Finney Boylan, who is on I Am Cait, and who wrote a best-selling memoir about being transgender in 2003. She has a new book out this week; her interview is thoughtful and smart. To wit: “I guess we can dive right into the question of identity with this because, am I really still a transgender woman? I mean, I went through the transition twelve years ago, so in many ways all the dust has settled in my life . Now I simply identify as a woman. I didn’t go through all of this to become a woman with an asterisk. At the same time my history is different from that of many other women, and it’s something that I’m proud to talk about,” and “I found [my first book] very difficult to write because I was also a young transgender-person at the time. But I was not out, not by a million years. It was a problem. How do you write about the world if you don’t really live in it? How do you tell a story if your own life isn’t true?” I could quote many things she says; you should probably just read the whole thing.

Cenedict Bumberbatch looks WACKY in Zoolander 2. I embrace that fur coat. (You know, in theory.) (Celebitchy)

New York has this amazing piece, part interactive, that looks at the history of one block in New York over the years, door to door. It’s very ambitious — I haven’t read the entire thing yet — and fascinating.

– At Book Riot: 6 Books You Can Discuss At Thanksgiving, By Wine Glass

– At Pajiba:  You Betcha, These Are the Most Troublesome Accents Currently Blasting From Your Television

– I think you’ll enjoy this, at Dazed: The hidden meanings behind the clothes in Cruel Intentions

Allure talks to Chewbacca about his beauty routine. Vodka is involved.

– Are you in a Maeve Binchy novel? How to tell, at The Toast.


Fugs and Pieces, November 13th, 2015

A Note from GFY HQ: I wrote this post before the absolutely horrible events in Paris unfolded tonight.  At the moment, The Guardian seems to be a good place for news and intel, but the New York Times has also temporarily lifted its paywall, so as to provide news to everyone. France24 also has had excellent (English) coverage.

Fug Nation Paris, I pray that you are safe and well. Please let us know how we can help.


We are lucky: The Royal We advanced one round, and is now in the semi-finals for the Goodreads Choice Awards — for Best Fiction of 2015 — and we’d love to get your vote to help us move into the finals. You can vote for us, or anyone, here. Thank you!

– As I mentioned in Royals Round-Up, Heather and I saw Hamilton this weekend when we were in New York for a quick business trip. It was awesome, and this is funny (and true), at Bustle: 16 Stages Of Becoming Painfully, Irrevocably Obsessed With ‘Hamilton’ On Broadway

– Speaking of Hamilton, we saw Lin-Manuel Miranda’s alternate Javier Munoz — who does every Sunday matinee, and who’s been working with LMM this way since In The Heights — and Vulture has a great interview with him about the experience of being LMM’s second in a color-blind musical about the Founding Fathers. For what it’s worth, Munoz was fantastic.

If you haven’t read these comments, wherein Fug Nationals talk about women in their lives who inspire them, you should. Your stories are amazing and touching and heartbreaking and awesome: Each of you knows (or is!) a woman who could be the heroine of an amazing book.

– I enjoyed this interview with Gabourey Sidibe at Buzzfeed. I also didn’t know she has a memoir coming out!

– At The Toast: Unsolicited Advice For The Six Wives Of Henry VIII, Working Within Their Social Parameters And Not Suggesting They Just Invent Feminism Because That’s Anachronistic

This Sports Illustrated piece about Michael Phelps — post-rehab — is really interesting, especially if you are (like me), a fan of swimming, the Olympics, and talented men with good abs who are beset by personal demons but fight through them to triumph. (Well, ideally.) It’s also fascinating to me to watch someone like Phelps go from wunderkind to adult athlete. I am a big fan of Phelps — I was ALWAYS Team Phelps when he went up against Lochte, for example — but one of my favorite things about sports is that they are, at their best, a story: There are underdogs, and triumphs, and coming from behind, villains and rivals and allies, heroes and weasels and romances.  This gives a fascinating insight to a lot of what we didn’t know was going on behind the scenes, and what might happen in the final chapter of his career.

– At Lainey, the latest on the Gwen/Gavin break-up — it seems that he was allegedly carrying on with the nanny for something like three years.  (However, since before that scoop broke, BlindGossip has been running items that COULD POTENTIALLY ALLEGEDLY be decoded to imply that Gavin had been planning to leak a major false story to try and defuse those persistent gay/bisexual rumors. So. The plot thickens?)

– This is great, especially for a native Los Angeleno like myself, at KCET: The 5, the 101, the 405: Why Southern Californians Love Saying ‘the’ Before Freeway Numbers

– At Celebitchy, a run-down of Cate Blanchett’s recent interview with Guardian Weekend.

– From Atlas Obscura: Secret Chambers, Grain Silos and the Long, Long History of Pyramid Conspiracy Theories. I love a good pyramid conspiracy theory!

Over at The New Potato, The 25 Best Holiday Drinks. Cheers!

– From our friends at Pajiba: 12 Years Later, Mary-Louise Parker Finally Opens Up About That Skeezebag Billy Crudup

The Atlantic is running a bracket to determine who on TV is THE ACTUAL WORST. (Fitz is clearly in the running to take it all.)

Shia LaBeouf is…screening all his movies in a row at some theatre in New York and is sitting through this himself, with a webcam on his face or something? PEOPLE ARE WEIRD. Anyway, Vulture sent someone to check it out in person, and it’s quite a good read.


Fugs and Pieces, November 6th, 2015

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has a weekend of thrilling positive life developments and snacks.

First of all, apologies if you’ve already read this in Royals Round-Up, or elsewhere, but Heather and I are thrilled that The Royal We is up for Best Fiction of 2015 Award in this year’s Goodreads Choice Awards. You can vote — for us, or any of the other worthy nominees — here!

Fashionista reports that J Law has left Rachel Zoe BUT! She’s sticking with two of Zoe’s former associates who, for all we know, were the ones dressing her all this time ANYWAY. Call me when she leaves Dior, y’all.

– I LOVE this piece on LitHub from a book cover designer, speaking specifically about redesigning paperback covers, even more specifically the paperback edition of Dept. of Speculation, which is a GREAT cover. It’s extra interesting to me personally, as I know the women at Grand Central who worked on the cover for The Royal We went through like 100 options before we landed on the right on. It is hard and fascinating work.

– At Celebitchy: Alicia Vikander might replace Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander.

– I was at this event! As you will see if you click through, as my tweet is quoted: Carrie Brownstein marries two fans at her L.A. book event.  You guys, it was AWESOME. (Jacket Copy)

– At Women In The World: How Ruth Bader Ginsburg became “Notorious R.B.G.” You guys, she can do more push-ups than I can.

– I really enjoyed this at Cosmo: Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became a College Professor. (The author, Aileen Gallagher, often edited my and Heather’s work when we wrote for New York, and she was [and presumably still is] a GREAT editor, who has become a college professor.)

– Allow me to quote our friends at The Cut: Say Bonjour to This Justin Trudeau Paper Doll

Refinery29 ordered from a variety of those vaguely sketchy-seeming, yet cheap and highly fashionable, Asian online clothing purveyors you may have run across in your shopping. I TOO once ordered from one of the sites mentioned and the dress was actually quite cute, but VERY short on me.

– Heather and I were some of the writers surveyed for this piece on Mental Floss, but it’s fun regardless: 20 Writers On Their Must-Have Desert Island Read. A LOT of us — including me — wanted to bend the rules to bring all the Harry Potter books.

– Always like to see SMG getting some love — here, from The New Potato.

– Like I wasn’t going to bring you this, from Pajiba: The BBC Just Gave Us the Best Ever Christmas Present: Idris Elba

- Lainey OF COURSE has thoughts about the Blake/Miranda/Gwen/Gavin of it all. (Including some dish that came pre-confirmation.)

– At Vulture: Kelly Clarkson and Josh Groban Destroy This Phantom of the Opera Ballad in Front of World’s Most Intense Audience

– I cried laughing reading this when it was happening on Twitter, like, literally tears running down my face. Don’t eat while you read because you might choke. At The Bloggess: Mortification is what bring us all together.