Fug File: Fugs and Pieces

Fugs and Pieces, July 11, 2014

THANK GOD IT’S THE WEEKEND. Read this stuff while I start drinking heavily:

– In this week’s Vanity Fair WHO WORE IT BEST?! Heather and I make Brooke Shields and Joey Potter wrestle. Um, figuratively.

– In Unsurprising News of the Week: Lindsay Lohan Issued Final Warning Due to Poor Behavior on SPEED THE PLOW?. (Broadway World)

– Sooooo, the Scottish uniforms for the Commonwealth Games are….not great, Bob. (Telegraph)

People StyleWatch has a wonderful tribute to Eileen Ford, who died this week.

A Belated Tribute to Meshach Taylor and His Groundbreaking Designing Women Character, via Vulture. Well worth your time to read.


– Over at the Archives of American Art, this is awesome: “The Archives of American Art’s current exhibition Artists and Their Models considers the important role of models in the artistic process. A model’s distinct characteristics help bring life and personality to an artist’s idea. Yet being an artist’s muse requires both muscle and moxie. Live models have to ignore their aching limbs and maintain dramatic gazes for hours at a time. They must comport their bodies into awkward positions, often while wearing little or no clothes. Original photographs in our collections offer a glimpse into the work of models. Of these images, I wonder, which of these posers is premier? I have channeled my inner Tyra Banks to rank the top artist’s models in the Archives of American Art.”

– I ASSUME you’ve read the new Harry Potter tidbits, but you will also want to read Margaret Lyons’s take on it in Vulture.

– THIS is my kind of quiz: Which Ryan Gosling Movie House Should You Live In? (Lonny)

Lo “The Hills” Bosworth did the Grub Street Diet this week and I found it charming (and full of food). It reminded me why I always liked it when Lo showed up on the The Hills to tell L.C to Get A Grip.

– Allegedly Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are dating (she just broke off her engagement, so perhaps they’re just hooking up; either way, good for both of you) and I totally support this, actually. They’re both hot and they both seem likeable and entertaining, so way to go, you two hot likeable people. Get it on. (Lainey)

‘The Giver’ Gets a Nail Collection. Which Children’s Book Should Be Next? asks Elle.

– Justin Theroux gave an interview in which he says he hates sweatpants AND mandals. You’re hired! (Celebitchy)

– You guys may not know this, but I am secretly obsessed with articles about how best to pack one’s luggage, and this Cosmo one has some legitimately good tips that might change my life.

– I love this headline: The 25 Most Egregious Emmy Nomination Snubs Of All Time (According to Me, At This Particular Hour, Based on my Current Mood). (Pajiba)


Fugs and Pieces, July 3rd, 2014

First of all, thanks for celebrating our tenth birthday with us earlier this week. It’s quite a milestone, and we owe it all to you, Fug Nation — you are so precious to us, as David Silver will hopefully sing to you at the beach club this weekend. Speaking of: Happy 4th of July weekend, American readers! (Happy Weekend, almost, in general, non-American readers!) We’re taking tomorrow off to celebrate the holiday, but we’ll have light posting over the weekend, as usual and be back with the VENGEANCE on Monday. Until then!

– Our friends at Tomato Nation are doing the important work: ranking the hotness of tennis players, just in time for Wimbledon.

They discovered five hundred new fairy tales in Germany!! WHEN DO WE GET TO READ THEM? (The Guardian)

– Speaking of books, the Barnes & Noble book blog has a feature I greatly enjoy called ASK A LITERARY LADY.

– YES. Josh Charles talks about Dead Poets Society, 25 years later. I remember once  worrying to my mother, about 25 years ago, that when I was “old” (so, like, my current age) I would not think “old guys” were cute and I’d be a creepy perv trolling for teen boys, and she assured me that generally people’s taste matures along with them AND THIS JUST PROVES IT. 14 year old me thought that Josh Charles was hot, and DO THE MATH year old me thinks current Josh Charles is hot. Phew. (Entertainment Weekly)

– Vulture lists the cringe-iest lyrics from the new Robin Thicke album, so we don’t have to. ARGH SHUT UP ROBIN THICKE.

– I know you will want to join The Toast in celebrating Murder, She Wrote.

– Refinery 29 has an excerpt from the new Joan Rivers book, Diary of a Mad Diva.

SWINTON did an AMA. (Reddit)

– Now you can play Tetris on a tee shirt! (Time)

– This Mark Ruffalo/Jen Garner/Ben Affleck stuff that’s going on seems weird. (Lainey)

Fifteen movies inspired by artworks. (Flavorwire)

– NOW Lohan is suing the makers of Grand Theft Auto. I cannot with her. (Celebitchy)

– Pajiba’s Five Best TV Episodes of the Year So Far. Spoilers on Game of Thrones, Mad Men, True Detective, and Fargo.


Fugs and Pieces, June 27th, 2014

Happy Friday!

As a reminder: There is now a GFY Book Club on Goodreads! You should join.

– Over at Vanity Fair we wonder, Who Wore It Best: Luis Suarez or Hannibal Lecter? Two cannibals enter, ONE CANNIBAL LEAVES.

– I know you. And I know you will want to watch Daniel Radcliffe sort celebrities into Hogwarts houses. HE PUTS KANYE IN SLYTHERIN. (Buzzfeed)

– Speaking of: Holy Neville! See Harry Potter Star Matthew Lewis’s Hot Transformation. So many readers find GFY searching for “Hot Neville.” They find friends here. (People)

– I am ashamed to say that I did very, very poorly on this quiz: TENNIS PLAYER OR CHEESE?  And I watch a fair amount of tennis. (Telegraph)

– I also did poorly on Can You Match Tilda Swinton’s Hair to Her Films? (Vulture)

– Racked examines the relationship between fashion and the NBA, just in time for the draft.

– Let’s examine fashion’s deadliest trends. No, LITERALLY DEADLIEST. Arsenic is involved. (io9)

– AT LAST, science has investigated why Everyone Looks Hotter In Sunglasses. I’ve only been saying this for years. (The Science of Us.)

That Thing You Do! is eighteen years old this week. Let’s celebrate it. I do wonder whatever happened to The Oneders. (Pajiba)

There’s going to be a Scandal clothing line and all I know is, there better be some wine cardigans up in that thing. (Fashionista)

– Enjoy a great Q&A with the wonderful Kim France over at Bitch. It’s so damn good.

Carlos Pena hit a home run into a tub of brisket. That’s not a Mad Lib. (Deadspin)

– You’re probably going to need this: 5 Tips for Discovering Great Beer While Traveling. (The Kitchn)

– You’ll definitely need the beer if you’re going to read the new book about The Bachelor. Per Buzzfeed: 60 Times I Laughed And/Or Gasped In Horror While Reading The “Bachelor” Book.

– I am just going to leave this headline here: Liberace’s Legendary Car Collection May Soon Come Out of the Closet. (Los Angeles)

– I enjoy this feature in Entertainment Weekly and I especially enjoy this: I’m Still Not Over: Dan Scott’s ridiculous heart transplant on ‘One Tree Hill’.

Lohan IS going to do Speed the Plow in the West End and I NEED ONE OF YOU TO GO AND REPORT BACK. (Vanity Fair)

The yadda yadda about wherever Intern George shall wed continues apace. He never tells me anything.(Lainey)

– Everyone loves a good chat about buyer’s remorse. (Design*Sponge)

HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY to Pajiba! We are very nearly twins (GFY’s 10th birthday is coming up next week, in fact).

– Here’s your Weekly Update About Whatever’s Going On With Tom Hiddleston. (Celebitchy)


Recent Fugs but Mostly Fabs: Zendaya

Zendaya here just landed the part of Aaliyah in an upcoming Lifetime movie that I think we all agree will very possibly be a hot mess, although hopefully in a good way. (Sorry, Lifetime: I hate-watch you with so much love. I once lost an entire Sunday to eight straight hours of Menendez brothers programming and it was one of the greatest days of my life.) Between that, and her omnipresence at last February’s Fashion Week, I think someone is Trying to Make Zendaya happen, and it may well work: She looks pretty great when she’s out and about, and that is really half the battle.

[Photos: AKM/GSI, Pacific Coast News]


Fugs and Pieces, June 20, 2014

All you need to know about me this week is that (a) I thought yesterday was Wednesday literally until one of you told me otherwise, and (b) I just dated this post “2016.” I NEED A NAP. Read this while I get more wine:

IMPORTANTLY! Fug National Kristabelle is awesome and put together at GFY Bookclub on Goodreads, and you should totally join it! Code Name Verity will be discussed beginning August 1st.

– I love this kind of thing: “A previously unknown portrait has been discovered hidden beneath an early painting by Pablo Picasso — and now experts are trying to figure out who the mysterious figure is.” Dum dum dum! (Los Angeles Times)

Kanye spent his entire honeymoon photoshopping Instagrams and blames Annie Leibovitz. (People StyleWatch)

– You will enjoy this: Bard garb: dramatic Shakespeare costumes – in pictures! (The Guardian)

– It’s the 20th anniversary of OJ’s white Bronco chase, and it makes sense that Los Angeles would cover it. Behold, The Chase of the Century: Where We Were When O.J. Fled. (I was in my parents’ den, having just gotten home for the summer, like, the day before, after my first year at UCLA. I spent that entire summer stripping wallpaper from my parents’ bathroom and watching the trial on TV.)

– This is neat: photos from inside Yves St Laurent’s first and last shows. (The Cut)

JK Rowling apparently went on a Twitter run this week, and people freaked out. (With good reason!) (Buzzfeed)

A Dubs had some STUFF TO SAY to young designers this week, including “I was just recently at the Tony Awards in New York, and, God, they need your help. Let me tell you, it was a disaster.” (Racked)

– This is awesome. It’s a guide to all the books people are seen reading on Orange Is the New Black this season. (Spoilers, obviously. Not just about the books.) (Vulture)

Clooney’s aunt is running around telling people that Brad is going to be the best man. I love her. I hope she and George came up with a HUGE list of crazy things for her to float to the press. (Lainey)

– Obviously, we’re bringing you the oral history of The Mighty Ducks. (Time)

– Oh God. Lifetime is making an UNAUTHORIZED behind-the-scenes Saved By the Bell movie. (Pajiba)

Lilo claims she’s doing Speed the Plow in the West End. I’ll believe it when I see it. Like, when I literally see it. Like, you can tell me it’s happening and there might be photographic proof but I feel like I would need to actually get tickets, go to London, sit in the theatre, and witness it. (Celebitchy)


Fugs and Pieces, June 13, 2014

Happy Friday the 13th! I hope it brings you luck. As for me, I bring you the following:

– You may have seen this photo set of re-constructed D-Day photographs that went around last week (we retweeted them), but the Wall Street Journal actually talks to the photographer to find out how he did them.

– This article was MADE FOR ME: 50 Ways to Wear Breton Stripes. (Never Underdressed)

Dan Kois went an entire month without sitting down and it’s very funny. I’m going to stand up right now. (NY Mag)

Time has a Political Memoir Title Generator, and mine was: Jessica Morgan: Sincere Moxie, which I fully endorse. What’s yours?

– You will love this essay about what it’s like to re-read the Ramona Quimby books at 40. Beverly Cleary forever! (I visited friends in Portland a couple of years ago, and we drove past Klickitat Street and I screamed.) (Avidly)

Ten important lessons from 10 Things I Hate About You, which is 15 years old this week. ARGH. (Who What Wear)

– And it’s the 20th anniversary of Speed! This is a great piece talking to all the OTHER actors on the bus. (HitFix)

– AND Vanity Fair has revisited all of their Young Hollywood picks from 2003 and it is A BLAST FROM THE PAST. Aaron Carter is involved.

– Did you see the thing about the dude who MASS-TEXTED 32 of his Tinder matches? It’s kinda great. PS: I’m too old for Tinder. (Elle)

Colin Firth is in a spy movie and it’s inspired a whole line of (very pricy) menswear. It DOES look chic. I love you, Colin Firth, just as you are. (Pret-a-Reporter)

– Lainey has LOADS of pics of soccer players arriving for the World Cup en masse, many in suits. YOU’RE WELCOME.

– I’m just going to overload this F&P with pictures of hot dudes. Like Paper’s Tournament of Hotties, which aims to pick the hottest dude at the World Cup. I wish WE did a Tournament of Hotties.

– Grantland looks at World Cup Songs. SPOILER: Some of them are HORRIFYINGLY BAD.

– And here’s a bunch of pics of young Marlon Brando for you. (You forget how dishy he was.) (Buzzfeed)

– And Harper’s Bazaar UK has put together a whole post of Posh British Actors. You like most of them. I promise. (Kit Harrington is related to Charles II via his grandmother. Her name is Lavendar.)

– Another work from the brillz Anne Helen Peterson that’s well-worth a read is this long and fascinating look at what she calls “The tortured history of Entertainment Weekly.” (The Awl)

– I’ll just leave this headline here: Boy drama: Kanye West omits Jay-Z’s name from all of his lyrics during a show. #ALLDISRESPECTOJAYZ (Celebitchy)

– YAY: LeVar Burton Announces Several Generations of Star Trek Actors Will Kick Off Reading Rainbow. (Pajiba)