Fug File: Fugs and Pieces

Fugs and Pieces, October 2nd, 2015

How is it already October??? While you reflect on the ever-quickening passage of time, please enjoy the following.

– At Book Riot: 8 Classic Novels Retitled As Clickbait

– Love this chat with the costume designer for Girls, over at Design*Sponge.

– Blake Lively is closing Preserve. Here’s the take on Lainey Gossip.

– This is neat! From Mode, 100 years of wedding gowns in 3 minutes. (You Tube)

– You guys, Keanu is aging SO HANDSOMELY. (Lainey)

– The New York Times did a whole piece on how fashionable Pacey is now.

– OBVIOUSLY you want to read this recent, and dishy, interview with Christine Elise — or, as you may know her, 90210′s Emily Valentine. (Complex)

– This is a great chat with Ruth Reichl (who has a new cookbook out!) at Cup of Jo.

– And if you enjoyed that, you might want to read this (longform!) piece about Ina Garten at Eater. It’s fascinating and good. (I love Ina; I have literally all of her cookbooks.)

–Pajiba suggests some creepy podcasts for October. (I swear, podcasts are the only way I get any housework done at all.)

– Also at Pajiba: Anne of Green Gables Is a God Damned Fashion Icon. TRUE.

– I hope to master The J Crew Roll on all my sleeves this fall! (College Prepster)

– At Refinery29, I LOVE this piece about the power of the black turtleneck, which is one of my own personal favorite items of clothing.

– Your recipe link for the week is near and dear to my heart. At Camilla Styles, maple molasses donuts. I LOVE YOU DONUTS.

– Did you know that, per Refinery29, You Can Eat A Holiday Feast In The Great Hall At Hogwarts???!?!?!?!?! At least until the Dementors show up and ruin everything.

– This is fascinating, at Lapham’s Quarterly: When Women Ruled Fashion.

– And, at All Things Georgian, a look at Georgian era bling.

Tim Gunn DOES NOT like Anna Wintour. By the way, the story that he tells about her being carried down stairs, which Anna’s people deny? I heard it far before this all came out, and from a very reliable source. ALSO, the stairs down which she was allegedly carried ARE TERRIFYING so I understand the thought process. You know, kinda.  (Celebitchy)


Fugs and Pieces, September 25th, 2015

It’s finally autumn here in the Northern Hemisphere, and though it’s HOT AS CAN BE in Los Angeles and will be through, like, October, I wish you all mulled wine-y and pumpkin-spiced weekends. While you wait:

– ALERT: You have less than a week remaining to snag The Royal We e-book for $3.99! Pick it up now or…well, pay more for it later! I’M TRYING TO SAVE YOU MONEY!

- We did a lot of writing for Cosmo that ran over the weekend that you may have missed. For example

– We were delighted to be the guests on Tom and Lorenzo’s Pop Style Opinionfest podcast this week, talking about The Royal We, fashion criticism, and EMMYS FASHION.

– At Fashionista:  How the ‘Empire’ Costume Designer is Dressing the Lyon Family in Season 2. Spoiler: DRAMATICALLY!

– Speaking of autumnal booze, here’s your Recipe of the Week: Spiked Apple Cider. I LOVE. (The Stripe)

– I think this will appeal, from Vulture: This BBC Promo Has Benedict, Idris, and Tom Speaking in Their Real British Accents (Swoon)

– Over at Girl of a Certain Age, Kim France picks out some new sneaks for fall, all under $100.

It sounds like Robert DeNiro is being a little jerky to Anne Hathaway, and although I am not a huge Hathaway fan, HIM being jerky to her makes me like HER more, so maybe this is actually just a brilliant PR ploy they cooked up together. (Pajiba)

– This is amazing, at Atlas Obscura: How a Fake Typhus Epidemic Saved a Polish City From the Nazis. The doctors who came up with this didn’t even reveal that it had happened until 1977.

Vanity Fair‘s Kanye interview is Peak Kanye. “Sportswear is less than 100 years old, so we are in the middle of the expression right now for what this will say for human existence. There’s something that the Romans, they presented, that the Egyptians, they presented. With us, we have a time now that’s a mix between music, the advent of rock ’n’ roll to hip-hop, the 808 drum machine, the concept of tennis shoes or the sweatshirt. Where can that go?” That is one of those sentences where I think, Kanye is obviously really smart and super creative and sometimes everything he thinks comes out of his mouth AT ONCE. (Which interestingly does not happen in his music, which is probably because he has years to work on an album and one minute to answer an interview question.)


– I really liked this interview on ESPN with Lena Dunham about how running and exercise is changing her life.

Amy Poehler and Nick Kroll are dunzo, opening the door for her to get together with Jon Hamm, which is all I want for Christmas. (Celebitchy)

– At The Millions: Scenes From Our Unproduced Screenplay: ‘Strunk & White: Grammar Police.’ This is so great. For example: “STRUNK: Unless you mean you’re sickening to contemplate, you mean ‘nauseated.’ Now get out of  my crime scene before you puke all over it.”

– We are so sad that Jackie Collins died. This tribute from The Economist (I know!) is great: “She lived life on her terms, absolutely. Her schooldays had come to an abrupt end when she was expelled for slipping off to bars in Soho. Every sexual position and practice she wrote about—in taxis, in elevators, off dinghies, en plein air or, best of all, tantric—had been personally researched. Her heroines were insatiable. They also had balls of fire, as they never did in fiction before she got started. They kicked ass, and so did she.”

At Open Culture, David Bowie paper dolls!

– I love this, at Buzzfeed: 24 Books That Perfectly Match New York Fashion Week Looks

– Also at Buzzfeed: If Nancy Drew Had Instagram.


Fugs and Pieces, August 28th, 2015

Summer’s almost over here. And yet it still feels as if I am living on the surface of the sun. Sit in front of your AC and read the following:

– This is a fascinating piece about what Spotify can teach us about the relative timelessness — or otherwise — of music. Spoiler: “No Diggity” holds up. But anyone who’s heard it recently knows THAT. If you like music or data or graphs, this is totally for you. (Poly-Graph)

– I love Robin Givhan’s writing, and this piece about the three Americans who recently stopped that would-be shooter on a Paris train is some of her best. (Washington Post)

– This piece in Marie Claire about the crazy stuff stylists do in order to get the shots they need for hair product ads is an interesting, quick read.

– I enjoyed this piece in Slate about trends in book covers — and not just because The Royal We was included!

– Speaking of, we were delighted to be included in MM.LaFleur’s end of summer book picks!

– Heather wrote a piece for BabyCenter about her family’s decision to delay her twins starting kindergarten.

– If you haven’t read this week’s Afternoon Chat, about everyone’s weirdest date, YOU HAVE TO READ IT. I am not kidding. It has everything: Nazis! Vampires! ATTEMPTED MURDER.

Behold Seinfeld recut as a cheesy, serious movie. It’s gold, Jerry. Gold! Also I swear I’ve linked to this before but ENJOY IT AGAIN if that’s the case. Elaine’s credit is particularly amazing. (Vox)

– You’ll enjoy this piece in praise of Nellie Bly. (The Daily Beast)

– In your F&P Recipe for the Week, let’s just eat a whole bowl of Grilled Jalapeño Popper Dip for dinner!

–A journalist at Buzzfeed asked five different personal shoppers to find her something “flattering.” Let’s just say that results varied.

– At The Toast: Things I Believe With Perfect Trust And Perfect Faith Drake Did Over The Last Three Years To Become Worthy Of Serena Williams. To wit: “Casually looked up tennis scoring names on his phone just before starting conversation with her, clenching his fist and muttering to himself, ‘It’s love, fifteen, thirty, forty, game, you can do this, Aubrey.’”

– Speaking of, Claudia Rankine’s piece about Serena for the New York Times magazine is well worth your time.

– Oh man. Gary Marshall is making a movie called Mother’s Day. You may remember that he also made Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve and YOU GUYS, I CALLED THIS. I called it in 2011! WHERE IS MY CHECK??? (Lainey)

– Over at Pajiba: This Target ad for Star Wars is SERIOUSLY great.

Bring It On is fifteen years old. The choreographer, Anne Fletcher, and director Peyton Reed talk to Entertainment Weekly.

– Speaking of seminal films of that era, Susan May Pratt — the best goddamned dancer in the American Ballet Academy — chatted with Buzzfeed about her career: “It’s kind of disappointing to have one’s career peak in your mid-twenties and have it be a downhill slide since.”

– Brangelina is moving to London, presumably to be closer to their besties Wills and Kate. (Celebitchy)

– Finally, you know how they’re making a musical of The O.C? You want to hear their rendition of “California.”


Fugs and Pieces, August 14th, 2015

FRIDAY AT LAST. Los Angeles is like A BOILING VAT OF LAVA right now; wherever you are, I hope it’s temperate and perfect. To the links!

Here’s your Hiddleston update, and it includes A GIANT HAT. (Lainey)

– At Pajiba: Pop-Culture Inspired Fantasy Football Team Names For Those Uninterested In Brady Ball Puns. I like anything with a That Thing You Do! reference.

– On the sports tip, I LOVE Grantland’s coverage of HBO’s Hard Knocks.

– T Swift is obviously buying this amazing Scottish castle. (Lonny)

– At the Washington Post: How the Brat Pack got its name — and spoiled celebrity journalism forever.

– How does Josh Jackson feel about Dawson’s Creek being in re-runs now? Let him tell you himself. (Video) (TV Guide)

– At Smithsonian: Teenage Girls Have Led Language Innovation for Centuries.

– It’s possible that Britney has been secretly rehabbing her knee all along?!?!? Because her dancing is way, way better all of a sudden. (Buzzfeed)

– Oooh, I love a Beauty Routine article and this is LUPITA’S. YES. (Harper’s Bazaar)

– Also right up my street, at Elle: The Best Celebrity Airport Looks.

– The winners of the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest — in which writers compete to write the worst opening sentence for a book that they can come up with — have been announced. FWIW, I’d probably read all of those books.

And your weekly Cumberbatch! I will note that the one time we’ve interacted with Cumberbatch (Heather interviewed him at the Emmys), he was totally a delight. (Celebitchy)

– This piece about crinolines on Mashable is fascinating.

Totally relevant to our interests: how 8 fonts got their names. Surprisingly, the Garamond origin story we invented for The Royal We isn’t on there….(Quick and Dirty Tips)

– I LOVE what Keira Knightley named her baby. (Lainey)

Heather and I were on the Extra Hot Great podcast this week, where she presented the best episode of Melrose Place ever for induction into their Hall of Fame, and we took part in a real nail-biter of a Game Time.


Fugs and Pieces, August 7th, 2015

Happy Friday, everyone! As a reminder, all of Fug Nation currently gets 15% off sitewide at GiGi New York with the coupon code GFY15, through 8/10. Go buy yourself something pretty.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux got married! (Lainey)

Buzzfeed wants to know if you can ID a Channing Tatum movie from just a screengrab. (I scored an awesome 10/12!)

– Oooh, here are some inside shots of that Idris Elba Maxim shoot. (Lainey)

Heather and I were asked about our favorite summer reads, and the one’s we’re most looking forward to in the last few weeks of this summer, over at Conde Nast Traveler.

– Check out WWD’s salute to Arnold Scaasi, who died this week.

– The Economist looks back at one Jacob Fugger, AKA Jacob The Rich.

– Can I interest you in this Guide to Pride and Prejudice retellings? (Book Bub)

– Speaking of, The Telegraph wonders, could Mr Darcy afford a stately home today?

– Enjoy this oral history of Bring It On! (MTV)

Vanity Fair presents a Brief History of the International Best Dressed List…

–… and this year’s list.

– The recipe of the week is for a Watermelon Martini. YES PLEASE. (The Stripe)

– The nanny implicated in the Ben Affleck/Garner split is, I think, kind of loving this. (Celebitchy)

– Cosmo brings us 11 “Empire” Guest Stars and What They’re Doing on the Show This Season. I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS THE FIRST I AM HEARING THAT COMMON IS GOING TO BE ON EMPIRE!

– BookRiot presents 5 Classics That Should Definitely Become CW Shows, and it is amusing.

– The headline of this Pajiba story is so poetic: Henry Cavill on Sex Scenes: ‘All You’re Doing is Smacking Your Nuts Against Someone’

– Fascinating: What It Was Like to Seek Asylum in Medieval England (Atlas Obscura)

– Let’s enjoy British Vogue‘s Emma Watson lookbook!

– I enjoyed this Diablo Cody interview over at Refinery29.

– Shall we see how well the cast of Wet Hot American Summer has aged? (Vulture)

PBS is rounding up Instagram shots of the last shooting days of Downton Abbey. Noooooooo, don’t leave me, Lady Mary!

– This is funny, at Racked: Ex-Boyfriend Book Blurbs

Listen to Kelly Clarkson cover “Wrecking Ball.” IT’S SO GOOD. That song is on the playlist I listened to the entire time we were writing The Royal We and it brings me all kinds of feelings. (Entertainment Weekly)

– This is relevant to our interests: Favorite Travel-Sized Beauty Products! (Wit & Whimsy)


Fugs and Pieces, July 17th, 2015

First! The Royal We is now available in English in e-book in many many MANY MANY countries, one of which is probably yours!  And, in most of these places, it’s currently on massive (massive) sale, so snap it up while you can — it should be on all platforms that you use for your e-book reading, from Kindle to Kobo to iBooks, but here are the Amazon links for those of you in the countries where GFY has the most readers, just for ease of use:

Thanks so much for all of your support of our book; we appreciate it more than we can say. AND NOW, to your weekly linkage!

– This is a great article, in the New York Times, about Tay Hohoff, who edited To Kill a Mockingbird. I love this anecdote: “One winter night, as Charles J. Shields recounts in Mockingbird: A Portrait of Harper Lee, Ms. Lee threw her manuscript out her window and into the snow, before calling Ms. Hohoff in tears. ‘Tay told her to march outside immediately and pick up the pages,’ Mr. Shields writes.” It is amazing to read that someone as brilliant as Lee wanted to throw her manuscript out the window; apparently that really is a universal feeling for writers of all skill levels.

– Further, on the Mockingbird/Watchman front, this is a very sobering piece from Bloomberg about whether or not its publication is truly at Lee’s behest. I personally decided not to read Go Set a Watchman a couple of weeks ago — before the reviews — because it seemed to me, from what I had read, that its publication was likely not actually her decision, and I didn’t feel comfortable reading what was a first draft being posited as a sequel. I am interested in the book as a historical artifact — my degree is in English literature, and I specialized in the American novel of the 20th century, so this is really in my wheelhouse, academically speaking — but not like this. I totally understand if other people feel differently, though.

– This is an autoplay video, FYI, so turn down your sound if you are at work, but Daniel Radcliffe sat in as the receptionist at Nylon this week.

– Pajiba tackles the Emmy nominations. To wit: “2. The Award for “Shouldn’t That Nomination Have Gone To Timothy Olyphant” Goes to: Jeff Daniels for Newsroom.”

– This is a fascinating and sad piece from Anne Helen Peterson at Buzzfeed about Clark Gable, Loretta Young, and date rape.

– We were really excited to be on Jess Lively’s podcast this week, talking about The Royal We, our work progress, what we’re working on now (you’re reading it) and all kinds of things!

– I’m just leaving you this amazing headline from The Telegraph: Drunk squirrel wreaks havoc at private club

Buzzfeed looks back at the Clueless premiere. There are very few, like, totally important designers being worn!

– This is really neat: The Diaries of Miss Fanny Chapman, “detailed diaries about the fascinating day to day life of a single, 30 something woman who lived with her aunt during the Regency period,” now online.

This is a very interesting bit about a rumor in Star this week about a Jennifer Aniston/Leblanc hook-up, and why the source in question is less than reliable. (Lainey)

– Speaking of hook-ups, also over at Lainey, there is chattering that there may be a Sienna Miller/Affleck thing in the works. I feel like that couple would be a potentially fascinating trainwreck.

– At Maclean’s, this is a wonderful piece about the man who discovered Pluto, and whose ashes just whizzed past it.

– This is a very interesting piece at Eater about food radio.

– On the topic of food, this Jezebel headline says it all: Britney Spears Grocery Shops Like a Teen Whose Parents Are Out of Town

– Do you love Jane Austen? Do you like The Onion? This piece on The AV Club is for you.

– And this is great, at The Toast: The Sequel To Rebecca The Second Mrs. de Winter Deserves

– Jesse Eisenberg needs to…maybe not really talk to people that much. (Celebitchy)

– A PSA from Elements of Style: That is a Shirt, Not a Dress.

– On the topic of shirts, Kim France picks out ten perfect white ones at Girls of a Certain Age.

Esquire brings us the best beards of the All Star Game.


Fugs and Pieces, July 10th, 2015

Happy weekend!

– The Wall Street Journal talks Wimbledon’s strict dress code.

– And the Visit Britain blog has a good post on the history of ladies tennis ensembles.

– Grantland’s Wimbledon coverage continues to be divine. To wit, of today’s Murray/Federer corker: “12. You know how Murray’s wife, Kim Sears, is a professional pet portraitist? This is unquestionably the greatest fact in tennis. I’ve gotten into the habit of charting Murray’s matches based on the pet portraits Kim Sears would paint to capture their emotional turning points. So, like: Murray loses the first set, 5-7: A cocker spaniel is wearing a fireman’s helmet, yet it is raining.

- You want to see this Newsies/”Uptown Funk” mash-up.  JUST TRUST ME. (Cosmo)

- This piece from Lainey about Jennifer Aniston’s new fragrance — NEAR DUSK! Her third! Who knew? — amused me. Also, I have a subscription to People and I was totally unaware of any of these perfumes, which makes me concerned for my own reading comprehension.

– I enjoyed — and did terribly one — this quiz at Eater: Is This a Real Cookbook?

– As Heather said, this story at Blind Gossip IS OUR FUTURE.

– News you can use, via Cup of Jo: How to Keep Wine, for a Day or a Decade

– Huge thanks to Glitter Guide for putting The Royal We on its Must Read list for July!

– The Toast explains how to tell if you are a Mitford sister. (Spoiler: lots of Hitler)

– Also at The Toast: 15 Years of Center Stage: A Personal History

– Relevant to your interests: How To Get The Jane Austen-Inspired Room Of Your Dreams (Literally, Darling)

– The rumor is that Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt have broken up…because he’s in love with Sandra Bullock. I am sad for the demise of a long-term relationship, but I am there for Hamm Sandy (a moniker I read at Jezebel). (Celebitchy)

– Pertinent, over at The Cut: A Celebrity Divorce Expert Tells All!

– This is nifty, at My Modern Met: Photographer Expresses Himself through Creative Suit Combinations. (That’s their headline and it seems very vague. Just click on it!)

– Pajiba says: Laura Prepon’s Scientology Interview Is A Total Bummer

– Ooooh, these are one of my favorite things: 10 Time Capsule Rooms Left Untouched for Decades. (Mental Floss)

– You’ll enjoy this, via Slate: The BBC’s Hilarious 1948 Style Guidelines “On Matters of Taste”