Fug File: Fugs and Pieces

Fugs and Pieces, November 7, 2014

Let me direct you to the words of others, in hopes that you can procrastinate for a wee bit until it’s time to really go home for the weekend!

– This, on Vulture, is great. Let me just share the lede: “For the latest edition of ‘Life in Pictures,’ photographer Henry Leutwyler followed [Wendy Whelan], the 47-year-old former New York City Ballet principal dancer, on October 18 after her farewell performance at Lincoln Center.”

– File this under THE BEST: Women Rejecting Marriage Proposals in Western Art History. It is peerlessly funny. (The Toast)

– This is a FASCINATING piece from The New York Times, about how Jessica Chastain is contractually prohibited from doing much PR for one of her movies — out this next month — in favor of doing it for Interstellar.

– Because he’s CLASSY AS HELL, Bendywinks Cumbervixen announced his engagement in the London Times next to the obits and births. (BBC)

– From The Cut: The 6 Weirdest Oprah’s Favorite Things.

This week would have marked Vivien Leigh’s 101st birthday. Marie Claire tells her life story in pictures.

– The Guardian ranks the 10 Best Female Power Dressers.

– Spoiler: Umami’s Pumpkin Spice Latte Burger is DISGUSTING, “like a strangely savory meat-flavored cupcake.”(Grub Street)

The Greatest Sandwiches in MOVIE HISTORY! (Slate)

You probably want to eyeball Alexander Skarsgard, right? Right. (Lainey Gossip)

– This is a hoot, from Mental Floss: 50 Old British Dialect Words to Incorporate into Conversation. Personally, I really like “crumpsy.” As is, “you’re terribly crumpsy again today, Mr. Darcy.” Also, I’ve just realized that my apartment is completely shackbaggerly and if I don’t get to titty-toiting, it’s only going to get worse.

– Look at these AMAZING VINTAGE HOTEL INTERIORS! The one with the pool in the lobby! (Curbed)

– This is right up your street, from Entertainment Weekly: Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Alums: Ranking Achievements Three Years Later

– Also at EW, the Mean Girls reunion where Lindsay’s skirt is SO SHORT you can tell that Tina is just biting the inside of her cheek not to turn to her and say, “TOO MUCH CROTCH.” (That said, the interviews are really good; Lilo is kind of funny in hers. COME BACK TO US LINDSAY. [I guess I still love her, you guys.])

– This is very amusing, from The Hairpin: The Worst Time Kris Jenner Taught Me To Make Pumpkin Bread

– Allegedly the world’s catchiest song is…. well, I don’t want to spoil it. (The Science of Us)

Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn are getting a divorce! I admit that this surprised me. I don’t know why. (Celebitchy)


Fugs and Pieces, October 31, 2014

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Hope it’s full of treats and no tricks.

– I know you’ll want to read Elle‘s interview with Josh Jackson.

-- Vogue celebrates the best of Winona Ryder, on the occasion of her 43rd birthday this week. WINO FOREVER!

Amy Poehler’s AMA is great. (For example, someone asks, “How do you treat yo self?” and her response is “fine leather goods.”)

– I love this: 10 Sexy Vintage Halloween Costumes. Spoiler: SEXY EBOLA is not one of them, but they’re quite awesome. (Retroette)

– This feels thematic: Glamour and grieving: How the Victorians dressed for death. (CNN)

– The Telegraph tells us how to recreate the most iconic wedding looks of all time.

– This is the sort of thing Vanity Fair does so well: The 50th Anniversary of New York’s Most Sensational Jewel Heist

– I know this is right up your street: A Visitor’s Guide to Jane Austen’s England (All Things Georgian)

– Oh god. The Peter Pan Live! promo. This is going to be a thing that happens to us.  Although Allison Williams looks kind of weirdly cute in that hair. (Jezebel)

– Here’s Eddie Redmayne, if you found yourself wishing for him. (Celebitchy)

– Lainey takes on the rumors that Jessica Biel is pregnant (in short: she doesn’t know one way or the other).

– Have you seen DanRad rapping? He’s GREAT. (Gawker)

Cosmo brings us many gifs of many braids. Braids!

Helen Mirren is the new face of L’Oreal, which is just perfect. (The Cut)

– Also at The Cut, Rebecca Harrington attempted to “waist-train,” a la Kim Kardashian, with hilarious results.

– Look at this amazing cocktail menu/pop-up book! (Fast Company)

– This is interesting: A Visual History of 150 Years of Image Manipulation Before Photoshop. (Brain Pickings)

– I KNOW some of you will want to read this from our friends at Pajiba: A Quick Primer on What ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ Gets Wrong About Law School. Um, ALL OF IT?

– And the New York Times talks about red wine on Scandal and The Good Wife.



Fugs and Pieces, October 24, 2014

Can I interest you in some delightful reading material?

– Sarah Jessica Parker wrote a WONDERFUL tribute to Oscar de la Renta. (The Hollywood Reporter)

– I think you’ll be interested in this take on 18th century cosmetic enhancements over at All Things Georgian. I personally could use a “false rump” myself at times.

– You will also love this, I think: Saving an English Country House. (Two Nerdy History Girls)

– Related! And so, so so good:  The resurrection of Grey Gardens. (I did NOT know that Ben Bradlee, who died just this week, had bought Grey Gardens.) Via Gardenista.

Glamour ranks all Mr Darcys. (Spoiler: Number one is who you think it is.)

– Amazing: In 1938, L.A. woman went to jail for wearing slacks in courtroom. (Los Angeles Times)

– ALSO AMAZING, and also from the LA Times: Sphinx unearthed from 1923 Cecil B. DeMille movie set. !!!!

Dawson’s Creek, but with dachshunds. Yes.

– Given the season, you may want to know How to Grow a GIANT PUMPKIN. (Smithsonian)

– How DID Allison Janney become “that actor in everything”? She talks to Buzzfeed, explains, is awesome.

MORE pictures of Taylor Kitsch and Josh Jackson. MORE (Lainey)

– I enjoy the Ask A Literary Lady series over at Barnes & Noble, and this week she tackles what to read after a break-up.

– Pajiba suggests Tina Fey take over for Lorne Michaels at SNL, ASAP.

– This video, on YouTube, is a fascinating look at the making of a couture collection (in this case, the 2011 Spring/Summer Dior.)

– Rumor has it that George and Amal are having another big huge wedding party this weekend. We will be on alert. (Celebitchy)


Fugs and Pieces, October 17th, 2014

I literally just dated this “2016,” so that’s a thing that happened. Hello from the future! I guess I’m still wearing these same J Brands in two years. Price per wear FULLY JUSTIFIED, then.

– The GFY Book Club is currently discussing their options for December! Join! Chat! Read!

– If you’ve never cried at a story about the importance of voicemail, it’s just because you haven’t read this article. (Gizmodo)

– SWINTON is the new face of NARS, and the ad is GREAT. (Refinery29)

– You obviously are going to want to read about All 118 Sweaters on Twin Peaks, ranked. (The Cut)

“Wannabe,” by the ladies of Spice, turned 18 this week. CONGRATS, YOU’RE OLD. (Into the Gloss)

– You definitely want to see Emma Stone as Sally Bowles. (Elle)

– Cosmo wants to help you figure out which “illogically sexy” Halloween costume you are. I am a sexy lobster, you guys. I’m YOUR sexy lobster.

– Blake Lively’s — well, Preserve.Us’s — ode to the antebellum South was, uh, misguided at best. (Refinery29)

Jamie Dornan is looking pretty hot, yet again. (Lainey)

– Once upon a time, hatpins were also weapons. (Ravishly)

– Here’s your Weekly Cumberbatch. (Celebitchy)

– This Pajiba headline really makes me laugh: Television’s 7 Biggest Blandy McBlandersons. Why? Because a hundred years ago I worked with a dude that my friend Katherine and I called Blandy McBlanderson (or, for short, “Blandy”) despite the fact that I totally had a crush on him. I LOVE a Blandy, and it’s born out by the list, which includes Colin Jost AND Ben McKenzie, both of whom I am totally hot for. Vanilla dudes, call me!


Fugs and Pieces, October 10, 2014

FRIDAY AT LAST! As a point of housekeeping, because Canada celebrates Thanksgiving on Monday (happy Thanksgiving, Canadians!) and many of us in the United States have Monday off for Columbus Day, Monday probably will be a light posting day unless a crazy amount of wacky stuff happens over the weekend that demands satisfaction. We’ll definitely be back, extra strength, on Tuesday. Happy weekend, everyone!

– Lena Dunham interviewed Judy Blume and it was basically totally great. (Which Way, LA?)

In Defense of MuuMuus! (Elle)

Tippi Hedrin and Melanie Griffith and family lived with a lion in the early 70s. No. Literally. The pictures are AMAZING and INSANE. This seems ILL ADVISED. (Mashable)

People’s coverage of their 40th anniversary is SO GOOD. Look at the covers on this timeline!

– Their infographic of who’s got the most covers is also really interesting (and illustrative, once again, of the fact that many Americans are extremely interested in British royals. Guilty as charged.)

– This piece in the New York Times about what kids eat from breakfast all over the world is so good.

– So is the newly discovered oldest known piece of art in the world. It’s haunting, truly. (The Atlantic)

– I want to go to every single one of these amazing British bookstores. TWO of them are on boats. (Buzzfeed)

– You for sure want to read Michael Musto’s piece for Paper titled “Someone Had Just Died on the Dance Floor:” True Tales of ’80s Nightlife Insanity

– I think that all I need to give you is this headline: More Secrets of the Big Hair of the 1770s. (Two Nerdy History Girls)

– Refinery29 gives you a good list of this fall’s excellent non-fiction books by women.

– The Fashion Spot’s report on diversity on the runways this past fashion month proves that, yeah, still not that diverse. Do better in February, everyone. Come on.

–  There’s a rumor that they’re doing a third Sex and the City movie, to which I say PLEASE DON’T, YOU GUYS. (Lainey)

– The Frisky takes us through the ridiculousness that is the Neiman Marcus holiday catalog.

– You can eyeball the menu for every Nobel Prize banquet.

– Here’s one of our favorite topics! Into the Gloss lists their 15 favorite red lipsticks.

– I love this convo on Pajiba: What TV Shows Have You Decided To Quit This Season? (I quit Revenge in the middle of last season, ditto New Girl, and I’m still out on both, and I’ve quit Homeland, too.)

– I will TOTALLY watch Scarlett Johansson in an adaptation of Edith Wharton’s The Custom of the Country. I might not LIKE HER in it, but I will certainly watch it. (Celebitchy)


Fugs and Pieces, October 3, 2014

Let’s just get right into this:

– YES: Vulture has a quiz solely based on Nic Cage’s hair. I know some people who will ACE THIS.

Vulture also brings A SALUTE TO MURDER SHE WROTE. If you follow us on Facebook — you should! -- you know that Jessica Fletcher in a turban is currently our profile picture WITH GOOD REASON.

– Obviously, our friends at People have a TON of good Amal/George coverage, like this post about her jewels.

– This is a fun post over at Girls of a Certain Age: Your makeup bag only has room for three items. What are they?

– Over at Cosmo: Meet the Guy Who Owns the World’s Biggest Collection of Harry Potter Stuff

This Day in the Life of Julie Plec (the EP of Vampire Diaries and The Originals, among other things) is so good. She’s so likeable, and it also very nicely demonstrates a lot of the writing guidelines that make TVD SO SATISFYING. (Buzzfeed)

– You have got to see these CRAMAZING knitting patterns of the 70s. (Collectors Weekly)

– Don’t mind if I do: Peering into the Secret Diaries of American Artists (Smithsonian)

– The Hairpin has a first person account from Speed The PlowTo wit: “Everything is going swimmingly: I haven’t plunged to my death and Lindsay is wearing the best turquoise heels in the world. But then I notice the script. It’s covered in pink highlighter and tucked between Linds and the couch cushion.”

– From Pajiba: Gilmore Girls Fans, Look Out For These 16 Pre-Fame Stars During Your Binge Watch.

– Refinery29 brings you a very interesting look at Gone Girl SPOILERS AHOY.

- I did not realize that the paparazzi got a shot of Amal’s Post-Wedding Dress (or maybe she wore it to the reception? Or for part of?). It’s SHIMMERY. There’s a better picture of it in this week’s People, but until you get home to the mail….(Lainey)

- This interview with Benedict Cumberbatch in Time Out is enjoyable (no surprise).

– Speaking of Benderwinks Cumbymuffins, here’s a peek at him in his Richard III costume. (Celebitchy)