I am sure many American readers are not feeling the most patriotic they’ve ever been this 4th of July weekend, but I hope you manage to have some fun regardless. We are taking Monday off for the holiday and will be back on Tuesday. Speaking of holidays, it is also Canada Day, so our Canadian readers also have a long weekend. And I just remembered: GFY is 18 years old today! We can finally vote. Thank you all so very much for being here, and for your amazing support over all these years. We could not do it without you — and we definitely wouldn’t want to. Drinks on us — and a big group hug — at the next Drinks With Broads!

Do you need workout clothes, or at least clothes that you COULD work out in, if you wanted to? We rounded them up!  We also had a rollicking chat about our favorite summer recipes.

This was a good roundup, at Jezebel: Where to Send Your Money (That Isn’t Planned Parenthood)

Some good news: Ketanji Brown Jackson sworn in as first Black woman on the Supreme Court.  [NPR]

Do you want to see shirtless, surfing Andrew Garfield? [Lainey]

This is a truly wild story (of special interest to those of you who, like me, watch Vanderpump Rules): The man who played Hollywood: Inside Randall Emmett’s crumbling empire. [LA Times; this was subscriber only earlier this week but I believe is not anymore. Regardless, the LAT is very cheap right now, and, as ever, I encourage people to support newspapers if it’s in your budget! Also: Many major papers are free to read with your library card.]

This interview with Taika Waititi is a good read. [NYT Magazine]

Wow, Zendaya looks AMAZING on the cover of Italian Vogue. [Lainey]

This piece at the NYT is SO interesting and juicy: The Wild History of the Real ‘Only Murders’ Building.

Really interesting: Ahead of Tour de France, Black cyclists remain rare in the sport [Andscape]

This story is much wilder and more interesting than the headline would imply: Medieval Times Workers Will Vote On Forming The Company’s First Union [HuffPo]

Amy Odell reports: How Nike, Gap, and Victoria’s Secret Profits Indirectly Support Anti-Abortion Politicians

Interesting: ‘Rust’ Rallied Hollywood, But Has Spurred Limited Action So Far [THR]

Let’s make a huge tonal shift for: Channing Tatum’s Himbos, Ranked [Vulture]

An interesting question: Why Are We Seeing So Many Images From the Production of ‘Barbie’? [Pajiba]

It’s true: Romance Novels Are Increasingly Getting Hot and Heavy in the Kitchen [Eater]

Amazing: The World’s Oldest Pharmacy, Still Selling Potions for Graverobbers and Queens. I own some of their perfume but sadly did not get it at this outpost. [Messy Nessy Chic]

I have my doubts about this….but also the Top Gun sequel slapped, so: A Romy and Michele sequel might finally be in the works. [Socialite Life]

Related! A ‘Who’s The Boss’ sequel starring Tony Danza and Alyssa Milano is coming. WHERE IS ANGELA?!?! [Celebitchy]

LOGISTICS! At the New Yorker: The Weird, Analog Delights of Foley Sound Effects

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