Do I sometimes wear workout clothing even if I have not and do not plan to exercise at all? Yes. Do I sometimes buy cute clothes to exercise in as a way to literally bribe myself to exercise? Also yes. Do I sometimes like to look like I’m off to play tennis even though I am really, really, REALLY bad at tennis? Surely. (My main form of exercise is walking around my neighborhood on what I call my Nosy Neighbor Walks, because I like to see what people are doing to their landscaping and also drop off books at the local Free Little Library, and that’s fine! If I win the Lotto and get a house with a pool, though, it’s on.) Anyway, the point remains: Whether you are sweating it out at Orange Theory, or just want to look like you’ve played 18 holes but in fact are just at the course for a club sandwich, there ARE cute things to wear to do it in. BEHOLD:

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