Happy Friday! I hope you are thriving — or at least hanging in there. ICYMI, we rounded up some cute adult backpacks, discussed what we’re in the market to buy, and shared all our current obsessions. Also, a bit of housekeeping: We know there is an issue with pop-ups obscuring the bottom of slides in slideshows right now, and the ad tech team is working on it. I guess it’s tricky? But it should be fixed soon! Thanks for your patience.

We  said goodbye to Olivia Newton John.

At Harper’s Bazaar: Remembering Issey Miyake, Pioneer of the Nonconformist’s Uniform

And this is such sad news about Anne Heche. I also feel terrible for the woman who lost her house in this accident! It’s just awful all around. [People]

This seems bad!!!!!!!! FBI searched Trump’s home to look for nuclear documents and other items, sources say. [WaPo]

THIS is interesting: The Golden Globes won’t die. Some of this sounds….unsurprisingly shady. [Lainey]

This is so, so great: It’s Never Too Late to Take Up Water Polo: “Mark Braly, 86, has spent the last decade playing a particularly challenging team sport. Is he good? No — but that’s not the point.”  [NYT]

A great piece from Clinton Yates at Andscape: The state of Black baseball slowly shifting from acceptance to belonging. 

Amazing, at Eater: “Coca-Cola Please Calm Down: I do not need soda that tastes like “surrealism of the subconscious”!!”

This looks like it’s gonna be a WORLD OF YIKES: Armie Hammer’s dirty laundry is getting aired out (again). Also, members of his family are involved? Wow. [Lainey]

Fascinating: Inside the Big Business of Sponsored Weddings. [Town & Country]

This is turning into a bit of a mess, I fear: “Olivia Wilde says Jason Sudeikis wanted to ’embarrass’ and ‘threaten’ her by serving her in public.”  [Socialite Life]

Speaking of a mess and also a yikes: Various Actresses Speak Up After Sean Bean Derides Need for Intimacy Coordinators on Set [Pajiba]

This is a GREAT interview with Kaley Cuoco. [Variety]

OMG like sands through the hourglass: Angelina Jolie helped Zahara move into Spelman College this week [Celebitchy]

Ooh, I kinda love this: Denée Benton and Louisa Jacobson were on the cover of Tatler [TLo]

And this is so great: In promoting ‘A League of Their Own’ reboot, Maybelle Blair finally embraces her truth. [LA Times]

EXCUSE MEEEE? The Most Refreshing Ice Pops Are Made With Pickle Juice.  I guess I trust Bon Appetit!

Speaking of food: The 15 Best-Designed University Dining Halls Around the World [AD]

FINALLY: The Bennets’ house in the 1995 Pride and Prejudice is for sale! Fug Nation retreat??? Honestly, it’s lovely – although I want us to put in a pool.