Lili Reinhart is out and about promoting her newest project, Look Both Ways, as well as the final (I think?) season of Riverdale and this is the most reasonable place for me to note that every time I’ve read about Riverdale recently, it just sounds like it is even more off the rails than before — which is truly saying something, given that the last time I watched, people were worshipping (???) a cave god (maybe????) they spoke to using a board game (or something???) and Jughead was selling drugs (possibly????) named after a Trader Joe’s snack (that part I’m sure of). ANYWAY, everything else I’ve read has implied that the kids on the show are all very ready to move along to new projects and I’m excited for them! Looking at Lili in New York making the rounds does remind me that THIS is what New York Fashion Week really used to do well (other than the clothes, of course): Give CW stars the opportunity to wear stuff and be photographed and remind everyone that they’ve got a new season of that show coming out! I totally get why it fell off — these things are cyclical — but maybe we should bring back the front row insanity of the mid-aughts, just for fun.

[Photos: Robert Kamau/GC Images, MediaPunch/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images, Raymond Hall/GC Images]