Happy weekend! I hope you have some fun stuff on the docket. If you’re prepping for future fun at the beach/pool/river, we rounded up a bunch of stuff this week! Also — we had sponsored Instagram post/Tweet thread with Acorn TV this week, and there were some issues with the promo code. But it’s fixed now! You can get 30 days free with the code FUGGIRLS30. (This mention is NOT sponsored, just a heads-up because I know some folks had problems.) While we’re talking about deals, I also noticed that The Heir Affair is currently $2.99 on Kindle — I don’t know why or for how long, but if you’re in the market!

At the NYT: She Wrote ‘How to Murder Your Husband.’ Did She Do It? 

I didn’t notice this at the Billboards and it’s interesting. (I ALSO thought she was a PR person, though! To the point where this piece taught me that I was wrong.) What’s going on with Cara Delevingne? [Lainey]

This is a great list, at The Cut: 18 Book Recommendations Celebrating AAPI Month

A life well-lived and one of my favorite writers: Roger Angell, Who Wrote About Baseball With Passion, Dies at 101 [NYT]

This is such an interesting piece from the makeup artist on the new Downton Abbey movie. [Town & Country]

Very interesting: Why Are We So Obsessed With The Staircase Murder? [Pajiba]

J Lo has a documentary coming out? I….will watch this. [Lainey]

Vanity Fair reports: The Future of the Golden Globes Is Total Madness Right Now

NOT NOW, CREEPY TOYS: Why Do Creepy Dolls Keep Washing Up on Texas Beaches? [Smithsonian]

Fascinating: In a massive Chinese sinkhole, scientists find a secret forest [WaPo]

I love seeing inside Emma Straub’s house at Cup of Jo! (I just got my copy of her new book, This Time Tomorrow!) It is so charming and she has so many books!

Sigh: Peacock is making a ‘reimagined’ series based on Gen X classic ‘Reality Bites’ [Celebitchy]

At the LA Times:  How Ellen DeGeneres won, and then lost, a generation of viewers

This is wild: The Pet Spider Black Market Is a Sprawling and Dangerous Web [Daily Beast]

Amazing! Zeus the Great Dane Is Officially the World’s Tallest Living Dog in the Guinness World Records [My Modern Met]

Rumor has it that Charlize Theron and Gabriel Aubry are seeing each other. That is a good-looking couple! [Socialite Life]

If you haven’t seen this, you have to see this: