We’ve arrived at the weekend again, somehow! I hope yours contains all manner of delights. While we’re here, do you need a new weekend bag? And speaking of bags, we’re talking about a weird stuff you’ve found in yours.

The news about Shinzo Abe’s assassination is shocking and horrible. [NYT]

If you, like me, had a moment this past week where you realized you needed someone to explain to you what was happening with Boris Johnson, this CBS piece lays it all out. (Although my understanding, via my British Consultant [my friend Eliza] is that there are also more personalities/grudges at play and that it’s karmically delicious because BoJo previously had a hand in similarly pushing out Theresa May.)

At the LA Times: The last abortion clinic in Mississippi closes its doors

This is a really good piece: The crack-of-dawn call to Larry Doby that changed baseball. [MLB]

At the NYT: When Paying Dues Doesn’t Pay the Rent, How Does the Theater Survive? 

Aw, Damian Lewis has found love again. That’s wonderful news. [Lainey Gossip]

A sincerely happy anniversary to Posh and Becks! [Lainey Gossip]

At Longreads: The Women Who Built Grunge

This is a fun read: A Lookback at Ali MacGraw’s Cool Jewelry Style [The Adventurine]

Very funny: Collegiate Punctuation Marks Trying to Be the Next Oxford Comma [The New Yorker]

While we’re talking about celeb relationships: Chris Rock and Lake Bell are dating. WHO KNEW. [Celebitchy]

At Tatler: The hidden secrets of Wimbledon you’ll only discover from inside the gates

Really interesting: How Ann Getty Built the Look of American Money [T&C]

Pajiba asks: Has the Netflix Algorithm Finally Eaten Itself?. My guess is yes.

Related, at Vulture: “‘I Don’t Know How My Show Is Doing’ Streamers run on data, but that doesn’t mean they’re sharing it with showrunners.”

WELL NO DUH: Getting ‘Hangry’ Is Real, Science Suggests. [Smithsonian]

Related? Which Chain Makes the Best Fried Chicken? [Eater]

OMG why am I not eating this right now? The Big Italian Sub Salad, at Bon Appetit. (I guess I AM hungry.)

Finally, speaking of BoJo, this is genius:


(Photo by Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)