Keep hanging in there, y’all. I hope your weekend is delightful. Do you need new sandals? We rounded some up. We also had a fun chat about, yes, housekeeping tips.

Do I need this????? I think I need this! The Ridiculous Egg Machine That Changed My Breakfast Game. [The New Yorker]

Do you like space? Do you like logistics? BEHOLD: Space shuttle Endeavour is getting its own grand museum in L.A., displayed in launch position. I CANNOT wait for this and also how they plan to do this is going to be fascinating. I hope they get a web cam. [LA Times]

I think I missed that Katie Holmes has a new boyfriend (or forgot it!) and she does look VERY happy. [Lainey]

This is SUCH a great idea for a feature, and this is a really good piece: Whoopi Goldberg, Martha Stewart, Matthew Broderick, and Lauren Hutton revisit New York City apartments they once lived in. [NY Mag]

Love this: Unraveling the “Aspirational Aspect of the Save”: Pocket V.P. Matt Koidin on the Art of a Good Recommendation. Pocket is literally the only way I am able to write this very feature every week! [Vanity Fair]

This is SO interesting: “Even if her husband was a murderer, a woman in a bad marriage once had few options. Unless she fled to South Dakota.” [Smithsonian]

Of great import to us all: “In the eight-part series, “The Italian Job”, hosts Alan Carr and Amanda Holden will purchase a ‘One Euro’ home in rural Sicily and embark on the task of renovating the neglected structure. ” [Apartment Therapy]

This seems important: ABBA reunite for the first time in over 40 years at launch of ABBA Voyage. [Socialite Life]

INTRIGUING: Jodie Foster will try to revive True Detective. [Lainey]

Interesting, at Vulture: The Spring TV Avalanche Wasn’t Good for Anyone.

At last, my time has come!!!! Why a New Generation Is Obsessed With Vintage China [Eater]

This reminds me, I have to watch season two of The Flight Attendant: Kaley Cuoco: there’s probably not going to be a third season of The Flight Attendant. [Celebitchy]

This is a great round-up of chic graphic tees, at Girls of a Certain Age.

Wild: Tim Hortons coffee app broke law by constantly recording users’ movements [Ars Technica]

Ah, the NYT has discovered LA’s famous Jet Rag sale. (One of the things I truly missed most during the pandemic was digging through ranks of vintage clothing.)

Wow: The Black Hole in the Middle of our Galaxy Looks like This [Scientific American]

Relevant to our collective interests: The Blockbuster Jewels at Cannes [The Adventurine]