It’s June! And ergo, it is unofficially summer in the United States — I don’t know how the rest of the Northern Hemisphere feels about it! — and thus time for you to get your sandals on. Even if you live somewhere that’s still a little chilly (I was in Santa Monica on Saturday and needed a scarf, but also I have very thin blood).  I do not make the rules. This also seems like the best place to remind you that J.Crew has a LOT of Birkenstocks right now, if you need a pair. I got a white set last summer and have worn them MUCH more than I thought I would, although I do still love the metallic ones. I also got a pair of the plastic Freedom Moses Birks-esque sandals and I LOVE them, especially for when I’m gardening and I want shoes I can get dirty and just wash off with the garden hose. I don’t strictly NEED another pair…but I do want one. Anthro has them in polka dots!!

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