Here’s to a fresh, and ideally fun, weekend for us all. Do you need me to enable any purchases from the Nordstrom anniversary sale? Because I can do that for you.

We had a fun chat about what we’d do if we won the Lottery.

There’s timely stuff in our archives for you: Today in 1998, There’s Something About Mary premiered, and today in 1988, Die Hard debuted, and we’ve covered both those classic premieres.

Happy Birthday, Diane Kruger! She turns 45 today, and we’ve written TWO whole fugtrospectives on her: The Early Years (as in, pre-GFY and just generally stuff we hadn’t covered before), and then a more general, up-to-the-present endeavor.

This is one of the juiciest things I’ve read recently: Inside the Broadway Blow-Up Over Lea Michele Replacing Beanie Feldstein in ‘Funny Girl’. [Daily Beast]

Related, at Town & Country: Lea Michele, Fanny Brice, and the Art of Trying Too Hard

Bradley Cooper is now dating Huma Abedin and Anna Wintour set them up?!?! This is NOT what I expected when he was trending on Twitter earlier this week. [Lainey]

This is good: The NYT reports that Jim Thorpe Is Restored as Sole Winner of 1912 Olympic Gold Medals, a story based on a scoop and original reportage from Indian Country Today.

A really good read: The solution to pandemic stress: Enter the dragon boat. [LA Times]

This headline is wild and fascinating, at ArtNews: The ‘Indiana Jones of Art’ Receives Priceless Lost Relic Containing Jesus’ ‘Blood’ in Package On Doorstep

Just please trust me when I tell you that you want to see these photos of Chris Pine in a silk robe. [Lainey]

So interesting: How Josephine Baker Learned to Hate the Nazis Before Most of America [LitHub]

I’m not mad about this: David Beckham documentary series in development at Netflix [Socialite Life]

Fascinating! How the Colorful Costumes of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Were Made [NYT]

Defector reports: Adam Silver Is Full Of Bad Ideas Nobody Wants

At Bustle: When A Reality TV Villain Becomes An Actual Villain. It’s really something that the Housewife in question is not immediately obvious from that headline.

Really enjoyed reading this, at The Stripe: 3 Really Common Art Questions.

At The Ringer: The ‘Ms. Marvel’ Season Finale Is a Landmark Moment for the MCU

This is good coverage of some of the more obscure Emmy nominations. I LOVE seeing what got nominated for best credits sequence. [Pajiba]

Oh, Khloe: Khloe Kardashian is expecting a second child with Tristan via surrogacy [Celebitchy]

These photos of space from the James Webb telescope are SO AMAZING! [WaPo]

An important question: Is Jane Austen Just a Vibe Now? [Vulture]

Interesting: Doombingeing: Why Dark TV Helps Us Cope With a World of Real Terrors [Vanity Fair]

Lily James is UNRECOGNIZABLE in these ads. [Tom and Lorenzo]

Good intel: How to Successfully Smash Your Face Against a Tree. (This is about woodpeckers.)  [The Atlantic]

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