I have nothing to add to this other than: He is real handsome, this is quite soothing, please enjoy this dapper dreamboat in Paris. And click through to the profile if this doesn’t adequately scratch your Henry Golding itch; the interview is quite enjoyable (and I think Persuasion fans will Have Thoughts). This bit made me chuckle a bit:

 “I think it’s sacrilege to say,” the actor says carefully, “but I really like modern takes on period dramas. I love the fact that we have the choice of whether to watch the classics or more contemporary takes on these stories.

In other words, “please don’t at me, Austen purists.”

There are also some gifs of him over at T&C that I think you will appreciate. To quote Bridget Jones: Ding dong!

[Credits: Text and interview by: Adam Rathe; Photographed by: Cyrill Matter; Styled by: James V. Thomas III]