I feel like every time the Nordstrom Anniversary sale rolls around — as it has today! The same week as Amazon Prime day; are Jeff Bezos and Mr. Nordstrom gonna arm wrestle???? — I make some joke about how it’s one of the most reliable signs of the passage of time. The swallows return to Capistrano! Salmon swim upstream! We restock on sunscreen when Nordstrom marks it down! Or save some money on what is admittedly my own holy grail dry shampoo, and that cult favorite (expensive) deodorant. (I regret to note that I actually really like that deodorant and would not have recently bought it at Sephora if I’d known Nordstrom would have given me a better deal.) Or decide maybe we need to go back to using Nars Orgasm blush, which IS a classic. Or save some actual money on a Wacoal strapless bra that I hear does not fall down, although I have not tried it myself. Or boots that I am fairly sure were literally once featured on Buffy, The Vampire Slayer. Or splash out for this:

I REALLY want that Clare v. tote. Do I need it….? Debatable. (As a note — the widget here had some tech issues yesterday; most of the prices are correct but that Coach piece is not one dollar, sadly.)

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