Another week, another Fugs & Pieces where I have to be like, “TERRIBLE THING X HAPPENED, here’s what you can do to help, now I’m gonna awkwardly segue to links about apple peelers.” This is a skill I did not ask to or want to have to acquire. So, yeah. Roe v. Wade was overturned this morning and although we knew this was happening, it is no less surreal or terrifying. And this week was catastrophic in terms of Supreme Court rulings already. Here’s a list of abortion funds to donate to, if you can, via The Cut, which wrote, “the best thing you can do, if you’re feeling terrified and want to take action, is donate to an abortion fund: an on-the-ground organization that helps arrange and pay for abortion care for patients who need it. These funds can help pay for transportation and lodging for patients who have to travel hours just to access health care.” I gave to Arkansas, because I have family there. Unfortunately, I think this is just the beginning. Get an IUD or a diaphragm while you still can.

Do you, uh, need to buy yourself a treat? I rounded up some cute little things you might like.

I guess this is something good: Have you heard about Cost Plus Drugs, Mark Cuban’s website that sells prescription drugs at more-or-less cost? Check it out — my asthma med that is $170 a month from Walgreen’s is just under $5 — YES, FIVE DOLLARS — there. I have to get my PCP to write me a new script for it — there doesn’t seem to be a way to transfer your prescription the way you can from, say, CVS to Rite Aid, I don’t think? — but for $165 a month, I’m gonna do it.

At the Washington Post: We need laws to protect election workers like ‘Lady Ruby’ Freeman. I don’t know if you saw the testimony of Ms Freeman and her daughter, Shaye Moss, during this week’s batch of January 6th hearings, but the way they were treated by Trump and his mob is absolutely infuriating and unacceptable.

Fascinating: John Franzese Jr. Flipped on One of History’s Most Notorious Mobsters—His Father—And Lived to Tell the Tale [Vanity Fair]

This is so interesting: Meet the Original Black Travel Influencer [Town & Country]

At the NYT Magazine: Inside the Push to Diversify the Book Business 

Fascinating: A Brief History of Women’s Eyebrows in Art. [Hyperallergic]

I thought this piece about the upcoming weekend at the movies was interesting and also I had no idea that Elvis wasn’t even open in America until this weekend. The way they rolled this out was curious. [Lainey]

The New Yorker asks: How did guns get so powerful?

And Slate explains: How OXO Conquered the American Kitchen

Fascinating, at the Atlantic: Fashion Has Abandoned Human Taste: “Four years later, the puff sleeve still has its boot firmly on the neck of the American apparel market. If you have tried to buy any women’s clothes this year, you already knew that—the sleeves are everywhere, at every size and price level, most of them stripped of the weirdness that made the originals compelling and ready to make you look like a milkmaid in the most boring way imaginable. At a time when most fashion trends have gotten more ephemeral and less universal because of constant product churn, some manage to achieve the opposite: a ubiquity that feels disconnected from perceptible demand.”

A really compelling interview with Laura Linney. [Vulture]

I loved this particular Week of Outfits at Cup of Jo.

Good for them: Why These North Hollywood Dancers Are Trying To Form The Only Union For Strippers In The US. [LAist]

I am amused: British Airways Lost Aisling Bea’s Luggage, So She Went To ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ In A Bathrobe [Pajiba]

Zoe Kazan is remaking East of Eden with Florence Pugh for Netflix, and this could be really good, honestly. [Lainey]

Important questions: Is Store-Brand Marinara From Grocers Like Trader Joe’s and Costco Good? A Blind Taste Test. [Bon Appetit]

This is good news: Quinta Brunson: season 2 of Abbott is being written, ‘We are so excited already’. ME TOOOOOO!

Finally, one of you emailed to ask us to remind everyone about this and I’m very happy to do so: On July 16th, everyone in the United States will be able to contact the the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline simply by calling or texting 988. (The current Lifeline phone number, which is 1-800-273-8255, is NOT shutting down and will always still work.) This is going to make it so much easier for folks to reach help and support.