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Grammys Fug or Fab Carpet: Rihanna in Giambattista Valli

Is it wrong that I found this hilariously entertaining and it filled me with glee?


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Fug or Fab: Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson

jamie dornan dakota johnson fifty shades of grey screening new york

JAMIE: Why do people think we hate each other?

DAKOTA: Can’t imagine. Why didn’t you button your shirt and wear a tie?

JAMIE: Why didn’t you brush your hair?

DAKOTA: It’s in a braid!

JAMIE: Not a proper braid. And my shirt IS buttoned.

DAKOTA: Not that it helps. God, you’re hairy right now.

JAMIE: Well, that sweater of yours is itchy.

DAKOTA: Who cares? You don’t have to wear it.

JAMIE: I’ll be wearing it all over my suit jacket. You’re like a cat.

DAKOTA: I hope so.

JAMIE: How do you mean?

DAKOTA: Cats have nine lives. And they always land on their feet.

JAMIE: And you think you’ll need both after this movie comes out?

DAKOTA: Bingo.

JAMIE: Me too. We’re in this together, I guess. Make the best of it.

DAKOTA: Deal. … Although why are you wearing brown shoes with that? It’s sort of distracting, and…

JAMIE: Hmm, why do people think we hate each other?

DAKOTA: Can’t imagine. Why didn’t….

JAMIE: Never mind.

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Fug or Fine: Jennifer Aniston

“Hi, how are you?”

jennifer aniston santa barbara film festival

“Me? Oh, just phoning it in now, thanks for asking. I have a ton of emotional rollover minutes.”

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Fug or Fab: Felicity Jones in Prada

The people behind The Theory of Everything are REALLY working for those Oscars votes: Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne are hitting approximately 76% more red carpets than usual. On the other hand, that’s giving us more to eyeball, so I can’t really complain:

AARP 14th Annual "Movies For Grownups" Awards Gala

I don’t think I’m going to complain about this that much, either. Sure, it looks a little bit like she’s accidentally tacked a black tablecloth to the front of her dress, but at least the dress is black too. If someone accidentally shows up wearing part of a tablecloth, you have to give her points for coordination! I also like the idea that she’s taking her Period Piece Face through a variety of periods. Over the weekend, it was the 1880s. today it’s like 1955. I really REALLY hope this means that her next outing has her go FULL 80S on us.


Fugs or Fabs: Marion Cotillard in Carolina Herrera

Heather and I were just talking about how we never would have put Marion in Carolina Herrera. Not because there’s something wrong with Carolina — on the contrary! — but just because it seems like an unlikely duo.

The Hollywood Reporter's Annual Oscar Nominees Night Party - Arrivals

On the other hand, of all the Carolina Herrera dresses in the world, this one might look most like what will happen when we all start using 3-D printers for our clothing. I don’t hate it, but that might be because it’s on her. If this were on, say, Jessica Simpson — aw, man, I miss Jessica Simpson — we might be having a different conversation.

How do you like it?

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Now that you’ve voted in the poll, I want to show you what she wore to the airport, later:

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Fug or Fab: Mila Kunis in Dolce & Gabbana

I have a lot of thoughts that don’t really have anything to do with her dress:


a) Her face looks GREAT! (Although her expression here is a little goofy; this was one of the shots I had where you could really see the dress.)

b) I can’t wait to watch Jupiter Ascending on a plane.  I asked Heather what was wrong with Channing’s face in it, and she said, so very calmly, “well, he’s part dog.” SOLD!

c) I have feelings for those shoes, although I’ve banned myself from buying any more ankle-strap shoes because I have too many of them. Because of THE FEELINGS.

d) Her boob really wants to make a run for it. Her boob has heard that she gets to hit the open bar tonight and it’s READY TO GET OVER THERE ALREADY.

e) The is one of those dresses that looks like she forgot the dress that goes on top of it, but that doesn’t necessarily make me enraged. In fact, I might kind of like it.


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